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Bondage & Humiliation Phone Sex with Mistress Violet

Sexy Ms Violet ~ 1 800 574 1830

Bondage Phone Sex isn’t easy, but it can be done depending on your commitment to the experience. Don is very committed to making the experience as realistic as possible. He has many toys and tools for an effective session which include:  gags, hoods, clothespins, nipple nooses, corsets, tights/stockings, panties, chastity devices, cuffs, timer locks, butt plugs, and more. We had a serious, progressive session last week that was very entertaining.

The first phase of the session involved Humiliation Phone Sex too. I had Don put on the chastity belt, shibari liner(a corset liner that itches in all the right ways), nubby butt plug, lace thong, sports bra lined with sandpaper, control top pantyhose, and spandex tank top. Over the top of all that, he was allowed to put on his regular clothes. His assignment was to go out and purchase a chemise and panty set at Kohl’s department store. Then, go to the drugstore to purchase KY warming lotion. Can you imagine the discomfort and humiliation? I certainly enjoyed thinking about his shopping trip as I was taking mine.

Once Don completed his shopping assignment, he followed instructions to the letter and called me, his Phone Sex Mistress for the next phase. The second phase was all about being restrained.  We used a sponge gag, shibari corset, warming lotion, ginger root, inflatable butt plug, chastity panty, his new lace chemise and g-string, shibari bra liner, posture collar, and sponge gag soaked in urine. I had him cuff his ankles together and then cuff his wrists to the rings on his collar after climbing into a roof carrier to simulate a “coffin” sort of experience. Do you think that you could handle that for almost two hours? And there were two more phases to go.

Does the thought of being restrained and tormented for the pleasure of a sexy woman like me turn you on? How committed are you to real, but safe play? Call your Phone Sex Mistress and let’s play today!

Mistress Violet

August 2017
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