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I couldn’t help but laugh today when one of my little sissy phone sex sluts called me and told me that his ‘girlfriend’ of 6 months had put him in a ‘cock cage’. It’s most likely either a CB6000 or some variation. Poor little daniel woke up to find that his cock was encased in a plastic cage and his girlfriend had already left for her business trip and she won’t be returning for yet another week (it’s been 3 days since she left, LOL!)

Apparently, the night before she was to leave on her business trip they had a little “party” where he drank a little too much, perhaps with her insistence, and awoke from his drunken stupor the next morning in quite a fix. From his obvious distress, I would say that this was an unexpected event, being locked up in a cock cage with cute little brass locks! However, she was kind enough to leave him with an aneros to use on himself. So, after 3 days of not being able to stroke his cock, he called his Phone Sex Mistress, me, to help him with at little “release”. According to him, he was unaware of the fact that she had a cock cage for him. When I asked him if she was a “mistress” he had said that he wasn’t sure, but that she was more ‘dominating’ then he had realized … LOL! Well, apparently the little slut has hooked-up with just the right kind of woman that he needs. So, he contacted me to help him through ‘milking’ himself because she wasn’t answering his calls, how delightfully devious of her, I must say.

In this Sissy Phone Sex session, we did achieve the desired results and he did find them pleasurable. What I’m wondering and I told him to let me know, is whether or not this increases or decreases his personal ‘level’ of horniness because it can go either way. I’ve found that consistent milking when a ‘pet’ is caged will help them stay focused on other things besides their cocks but it can either increase their horniness over all to the point where it is necessary to “let them out” for a good non-stop ‘wanking session’ or it can take all desire for ‘stroking’ away, almost completely. And I’m just curious to see which way it takes poor little daniel!

Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Violet7Are you interested in Sensual Domination Phone Sex? Have you ever considered chastity and prostate milking? I’ve been asked by several submissives if I believe in and practice chastity and milking. Yes, I do believe in chastity and milking. I absolutely adore controlling a man’s cock, sexual urges, and orgasm. Men are such absolute sluts. I have adored teasing boys/men for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite ways to ‘tease’ is orally. I love to get a man to almost the point of cumming and then back it down. And that practice goes ‘hand in hand’ with chastity and milking.

For this type of Sensual Domination Phone Sex, I firmly believe that I should be in control of your orgasms and whether or not they are pleasurable or not. How I exert that control is through chastity. Now, if a submissive is obedient then a Chastity Device isn’t necessary all the time. However, during initial training, I prefer to use one. My favorites for day in, day out usage are either CB-3000 or The Curve. However, I do enjoy putting a little slut in this one, Locking Chastity Belt with Plug, when having them do “housework” or to show them off at parties, if they’ve been good. LOL

Now when it comes to Sensual Domination Phone Sex that includes milking … I prefer a “hands on” approach, however there is a very good tool that can be utilized even by the submissive himself. That tool would be The Aneros G-Spot Stimulator. The ad for this tool says that it can produce quite an intense orgasm and that is true, however, if used while in a cock-cage, like the CB-3000, well, a submissive can’t exactly get “erect” in that so, it’s more of a “pain/pleasure” sort of situation and it can be quite humiliating for a man, especially the 1st time, to cum with a flaccid penis! LOL I do enjoy that moment so very much because it prepares him for the strap-on training that I enjoy. I love getting a little slut to the point where I can fuck him in his cage until he cums!
But back to Milking … I also think that it’s only right that he consume his own cum. So, as I’d stated earlier, I prefer a more personal ritual that includes me using my fingers to anally stimulate while he holds or positions his cock into a cup or bowl so that he can then eat up his cum for me as proof of his obedience to me and to really show what an utter slut he is as well.

Chastity, milking, and tease & denial are practices that I find standard for any submissive/slave of mine. I fully expect a sub of mine not to cum without my express consent. And I do not expect him to cum in any other way then the way I direct. However, I am not cruel, hardly, I do enjoy allowing my pets enjoyable orgasms. If a sub is good and obedient, well then there is a world of possibilities available to him and of course, obeying me insures that my pets will experience intense orgasms when they’re allowed to enjoy their orgasm.

Hope that answers some of your questions, but if you have a more specific question, I welcome your comment here and I will address that specifically.

Also, a good site to look at in relation to Chastity & Milking is this site Chastity

Talk to you soon, pets!

Mistress Violet

An Update on daniel’s Milking …

I just had another session yesterday with daniel and he informed me that the milking increased his overall horniness. How delightful!

Aparently, his girlfriend had him in his cage for a sum total of 4 days. When she got back she let him out. However, she put him back in his cage, I believe, because she was going out of town again. The sneaky little slut was once again put in his cage in his sleep, however he did manage to steal the keys to his cage! LOL … my, my, my … I do believe he’s going to be in some trouble when his girlfriend returns home. However, due to his sheer boldness and craftiness, I did allow him out of his cage for his session with me. I found it quite amusing. Aparently his girlfriend has a thing or two to learn about caging up this naughty little slut!

I look forward to finding out how things progress … Don’t you?

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