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Erotic Stories

Happy Holidays from Your Phone Sex Mistress!

tease-and-denialHere’s your Phone Sex Mistress wishing all you bad boys a happy holiday season! I’m going to be away through the end of the year and I know you’ll be missing me. To tide you over thru the end of the year, take the time to read the Christmas erotic story I wrote a few years ago on this blog.

Here’s a little preview..

Chime go the bells! Tis the season to be jolly .. fa la la la fuck. All this contrived holiday joy just masks the incessant hustle, bustle, and frantic scrambling to and fro for just that perfect gift for that special some one, bah. These were Violet’s thoughts as she watched all the superficially “jolly” folk scamper about shopping at the mall. The Christmas cheer is all well and good for those whose innocence is still as pure as the driven snow, but for Mistress Violet, that fake sheen of innocence was as long gone as her girlish hopes and dreams, her belief in fairy tales or the mystery of magic. Now, she lived in the shadows at the edge of the abyss as the object of the dark desires of all male hearts.

Take this link, A Christmas Story, to read the rest of the beginning. Or you can use the search bar, but make sure not to skip to the end or you’ll miss all the fun!

Look for me next year!

Mistress Violet

Domination Phone Sex

As I enter the room for Domination Phone Sex, I take in a beautiful sight. My favorite submissive toy is kneeling in the middle of the room. His head is bowed, back straight, knees spread, and his hands are clasp behind his back. Of course, he’s completely naked as I like him. He’s ready for my inspection. Slowly, I circle him tracing my crop across his smooth, supple skin and firm muscles. I love to see him shiver in anticipation.

“Are you ready, slut?” I ask and he nods as he offers up his collar. I take it from him and fasten it snugly around his neck.

This isn’t our first Domination Phone Sex session. He knows his place and what is expected of him, but as always, he also knows that I will push him. Today, I am dressed in my leather corset with garter straps holding up my black fishnet thigh-highs. I am wearing my 5″ black spike-heeled pumps and nothing else. I walk over and sit down in my chair. Tapping the floor with crop is the signal for him to crawl over in front of me. I know that his eyes are on my shiny black heels that he loves so much. I reach forward running my red fingernail-tipped hands through his hair. Taking a firm grip on his hair, I yank his head up from my shoes to my face. I can see the mixture of lust and trepidation in his eyes and it please me.

I have all my favorite toys and tools laid out on the table next to me. I smile down at my favorite toy and tell him to assume the position. Eagerly he rises up and spreads himself over my knees, positioning his his cock between my thighs. As I run my red fingernails over his smooth, white ass, I tell him that he’s a good slut and he wiggles a bit in anticipation and pleasure. After a few firm smacks with my hand, I reach for the ‘slut’ paddle and let him have it. Oh, how I love the gasps and how he squirms on my lap!

As I paddle his slutty little ass, I can feel his cock getting harder and harder between my thighs. The harder I hit him, the more he squirmed. I tightened my thighs around his hard cock as I spanked. I could feel the pre-cum dripping down my thighs. Oh, how delightful! Sensing that he is close to cumming and not ready to allow that pleasure, I stop spanking and drag my long nails across his now inflamed, red ass.

I trace my nail down the crack of his ass causing him to wiggle and moan. Taking a moment, I tickle behind his balls before grabbing his balls, digging my nails into them and squeezing, firmly. He moans as I feel even more pre-cum leaking out of his dick.

Next in this Domination Phone Sex session, I have him slide off my lap and resume his position on his knees in front of me. I present him with on of my feet and as expected, he begins kissing my shiny black heels. After he has serviced both shoes, I allow him to remove them to service my fishnet-clad feet in the same manner. Lovingly, he holds and caresses my calves as he kisses, licks, and sucks each of my toes.

When I’ve had enough, I reach forward grabbing him by his hair and pull his face between my thighs. I hold him there for a moment allowing him to smell my excitement before shoving is face against my smooth pussy and grinding my hips. Greedily, he begins to devour my sweet pussy. He’s often told me that he would gladly spend hours worshiping my pussy, but for now, I only allow several minutes, only enough time for one good, juicy orgasm all over his lips and tongue. He doesn’t miss a drop.

The look of lust and hunger in his eyes drives me crazy and almost makes me cum again. As I caress his face, I say, “My slut is a good little pussy eater.” Then, I leaned down, kissing him, and tasting myself on his lips.

To finish our session, I lead him over to the bondage chair. Once I secure him to the chair, I slow stroke his extremely hard cock. I can sense that he’s close to cumming so I squeeze his balls. His cock explodes, but I continue to stroke his overly sensitive cock as he moans in pleasure with a bit of pain. He has one last duty to perform and does it eagerly, licking his cum from my fingers like a good horny little bitch. I release him from the chair and lead him to the bathroom where a warm jacuzzi bath awaits us both.

Mistress Violet

Strap-On Phone Sex – Erotic Story

Little did he know that he was about to experience Strap-On Phone Sex when her hand slapped his ass causing his cock to jump and leak even more precum. Then he felt oil poured into his ass crack and all over his hole. He felt her fingers against his ass hole, pressing against it, pressing harder until it slipped past his first line of resistance for his first foray into Anal Phone Sex.

It hurt; nothing had ever been in there before. He had touched himself there before while masturbating because it felt good, but he had never considered or had the courage to insert anything. Now, she was slowly twisting her finger deeper into his virgin ass. The more she moved it in and out, the better it felt.

Her hand was a blur now as she finger fucked his asshole. He was bucking back, wildly against her, wanting more. She slapped his ass with her spare hand. He was getting closer and closer to cumming, but somehow, he knew that couldn’t because of that fucking cock ring. He wanted to cum. His cock had never felt this kind of pressure before. It hurt but at the same time he wanted it to go on forever. His world faded in and out as  he was gasping for breath and his cock was pulsating and aching for release.

“Please Mistress I need to come.”

Suddenly, she snatched her fingers from his hole and he cried out in frustration and desire. As he was gasping and panting, he begged her again, “Please Mistress, I need to come. Please may I cum?”

Then he sensed her behind him again as something pressed up against his asshole. It was vibrating against his sensitive hole and then she was pushing it into his asshole for Strap-On Phone Sex. It was much bigger than her finger and it hurt again, but he was so insanely horny that he pushed back trying to take as much inside him as he could. Then she began to fuck him, moving in and out of his ass with long slow strokes. The more that he moaned and groaned, the faster she pumped his ass with that wonderful vibrating strap-on.

His cock and balls felt as if they would burst, yet he still couldn’t cum because of that damn cock ring. Then he felt one of her hands slide around to fondle his cock and balls. She was driving him completely insane. All of the sudden, he felt the cock ring release. Her hand was vigorously stroking his shaft as she pumped in and out of his ass. He couldn’t take it any longer and his cock exploded, shooting the biggest load of cum in his life. Still, she continued to fuck and stroke him and he shot load after load until he couldn’t shoot anymore and collapsed onto the bed.

“Thank you.” he whispered as he passed out and she walked out the door into the night.

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830

Spanking Phone Sex – Erotic Story cont.

He’d always wanted Spanking Phone Sex, but he’d never been fortunate enough to find a woman that could somehow sense what he needed without him saying anything. He knew that he could never ask a woman to do it. So, he thrust his ass even higher, hoping she would notice and smack him again.

She did and said, “Dirty, horny slut likes it doesn’t he? I wonder what else this red-assed slut would like? I know! Beg me to spank you. Beg me to lay my leather whip across your skin. Beg me to caress your skin with hard brutal lashes. BEG ME, NOW!!!”

“Please Mistress, whip me again, whip me hard. I need to feel the sting of leather on my ass.”

The precum began to flow freely from his cock the more she spanked him. It was driving him crazy and he wanted to cum. He knew that he would cum soon if she continued and she must’ve know too because suddenly it stopped. Still, his sore red-ass throbbed as if she was still spanking it.

He ached to feel her leather again, but then he felt light small touches on his ass. It took him a moment to realizing that she was kissing and lightly rubbing his red, throbbing ass cheeks for Anal Phone Sex. Then she was pulling his ass cheeks apart and surprisingly, her tongue was on his ass hole, flicking softly. OMG! How did she know? Again, something he always wanted but never had.

She continued to knead and pull his cheeks apart, tonguing his hole over and over again. His cock was aching, throbbing and needing a release. He moaned deep and low, “Please Mistress, let me cum. Let me cum all over your beautiful breasts.”

Her wonderful tongue was quickly withdrawn from his ass leaving him feeling empty and wanting more. He must have said something wrong.

“Please don’t, please come back it was so nice.”

To be finished … soon …

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830

Forced Fantasy Phone Sex – Erotic Story

Here’s an interesting idea for a hot Forced Fantasy Phone Sex call …

It’d been a long day and all he wanted was a shower. As stood in the shower and slowly lathered himself up, he felt the stress of the day leave his body. He heard a noise but dismissed it. A thunderstorm had been threatening all day. To confirm his thought, suddenly, the whole bathroom lit up with a crash. Yes, it’s only a storm he told himself.

As he continued to lather-up, he became aroused. It’d been so long since he’d seen any action. Suddenly, the lights went out leaving him in total darkness. “Just my luck!” he thought ruefully, the storm must have knocked out the power. He blindly stumbled from the shower looking for a flashlight or candle.

He sensed movement to his right and froze in terror. In an instant, a blade was pressed against his throat and a deep, but distinctly feminine voice said, Don’t move or you’ll regret it!”

“What do you want?” he asked, “I’ve nothing of any value in the house, my wallet is downstairs. Please, take it and leave me alone.”

“I’m not here for your money.” She stated, as she forcefully spun him around, shoved him into his desk chair, and deftly tied him to the chair.

As he tried to plead, she slapped him across the cheek, hard, and said, “Don’t speak!”

Scared out of his mind, he did as he was told. Not even questioning when he heard the sound of her undressing. In the brief flashes of lightening, he could make out her naked, sexy silhouette. What on earth was going to happen? Who was this gorgeous maniac and what did she want from him? Then a blindfold was slipped over his eyes.

As he heard matches struck and knew candles were being lite, he realized that he was completely naked and exposed for Humiliation Phone Sex. And strangely, he was still erect from his ministrations in the shower, maybe even more aroused. Then he felt her hands on him, applying some sort of oil. First on his chest, then his legs, and suddenly, on his painfully hard cock.

Without warning, he felt her nails dig into his thighs, scratching all the down to his knees. He couldn’t stop the moan of painful pleasure from escaping his lips. Out of nowhere, a hand connected with his cheek in a ringing slap. “You naughty, dirty boy! You’re getting all worked-up by a stranger and you like me hurting you. Don’t you?!” she said and laughed. Then another slap across his cheek and at the same time, he felt something cool and smooth placed around the base of his hard, cock.

“Now listen carefully my little slut. You will do exactly as I say and no questions. Otherwise you may not live to regret it.” She stated.

He felt her straddled him in the chair and nearly went insane with desire as he felt her obviously large breasts pressed against his face and her smooth pussy rub against his restrained cock. How much time passed? He didn’t know as he was lost in a fog of desire, desperate to cum. She pushed her erect nipples into his mouth and told him to suck. He gratefully did as he was told with relish. Then without warning she got off him.

Still in a fog, he did nothing as she released him from the chair. With his hands still bound behind him she pulled him to his feet and pushed him over the bed.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp stink to his ass cheek and he was shocked out of his fog.

“Ow that hurt!”

Then a flurry of spanks rained down on his bare ass as she said, “Quiet, you dirty, horny bitch! I know you like it! I know you want it! I bet your cock has never been this hard in your life! Look at that pre-cum!”

“Who was this woman? How could she know that he secretly desired to be used and abused like this by a beautiful woman? How could this sexy stranger know how much he longed for Spanking Phone Sex?” He thought as she continued to pummel his tender ass.

To be Continued …

Violet  1-800-574-1830

Submissive Slave Try-Out Erotic Story

Slave Try-Out

It was a good beginning when he arrived on my doorstep promptly at 2pm as I had instructed. He had said that he was 24 years old and his greatest desire was to be a slave, more specifically, My slave. I had been looking for a new live-in slave so I’d agreed to a try-out. I took a long look at him, from head to toe and back again. He was pleasant to look at, freshly shaven, and young. I told him to follow me.

I brought him into my dungeon room, told him to strip and indicated an open wooden box with padlock and key for his clothing. I stood back to watch. He gave me a nervous sideways glance and began to disrobe folding his clothing neatly piece by piece. After he was completely naked, he shut and locked the box then turned to me questioningly with the key. It seemed that he’d followed all my instructions to the letter. Not only was his face freshly shaven but so were his cock and balls. Good. I stepped forward and took the key from him, slipping it into my corset for safe-keeping. I got a new CB3000 off the toy shelf, turned and told him to spread his legs wide. He hesitated for but a brief moment yet I noticed and gave him a wicked grin. Then I knelt down and fitted him with his new chastity device locking it tight around his cock and balls. I stood back up and slipped that key into my corset. Then I reached up under my skirt and slid down the pair of lace-trimmed thong panties that I was wearing. I waved them at him giving him a brief smell and rubbed them against his face a bit. I tossed them to him and told him to put them on. Blushing brightly, he put on the tight thong panties. I circled him slowly and chuckled at how adorable he looked in my panties. I reached out and playfully slapped his ass cheek. I laughed when he jumped.

“Nice, very nice. Now listen to me and listen good. From this point on in my service, you will only be allowed to wear women’s panties, more specifically, my panties. While in service at my residence this is all you will wear or nothing at all. Is that understood?” and he replied, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good. Now, I’m sure you noticed that my panties were damp. Are you curious about that at all?”

“Yes, Mistress” he said.

“Since I knew you would be coming today, I invited one of my many studs over for a good fucking and had him fill up my pussy with cum. And now, pet, it’s your duty to clean my perfect pussy, isn’t it?” and with that I grabbed him by the hair, forcing him to his knees and ground my damp pussy into his face.

“Now, let’s see if you deserve to serve me!” He had no choice but to lick my pussy clean. After a bit, I pulled his head back and looked at him. How cute, his mouth and chin were glistening with cum and pussy juice.

“Lay down on your back” I said and then immediately straddled his face shoving my pussy down on his mouth hard.

“Lick it all clean! From my clit to my ass and do a good job!” I pressed myself down on his face as he eagerly licked and sucked the cum from my pussy. What a greedy little slut! In my excitement, I pressed down harder fucking his face and smothering him. I wanted to see what he could handle and was pleasantly surprised to find that he could handle it all as I ground down on his mouth and squirted cum down his throat. Good.

Abruptly, I stood up and he lay there panting with cum all over his face. He’d passed the first of many tests to come that weekend. I told him to take off my panties, wipe his face clean and stuff the panties in his mouth. I put a blindfold, bite gag, and collar on him. Then I attached a leash to his collar and had him crawl on his hands and knees to the kennel in the corner. I locked the kennel door. For now, he could rest in his ‘bed’ while he sucked the cum from my panties. Later, I had friends coming for a little visit and the next phase in the ‘try-out’ would begin.

Sissy Slut Seduction Phone Sex

One of my naughty little sissy sluts, “Kelly”, told me about a date ‘she’ had the other day with ‘her’ high school sweetheart, Kevin. 😉 They hadn’t seen each other since high school but fate brought them back together. ‘Kelly’ told Kevin all about how ‘she’ likes to dress-up in naughty lingerie and how sexy and submissive it makes ‘her’ feel. Apparently, this intrigued and turned-on Kevin so much that he asked ‘Kelly’ out on a date.
On the night of the date, ‘Kelly’ answered the door dressed-up all sexy for Kevin. He told ‘her’ how sexy and feminine ‘she’ looked and they started to make-out. Then ‘Kelly’ led him back into ‘her’ bedroom, got down on ‘her’ knees, and started sucking his cock. Kevin was loving it so much that he fucked ‘Kelly’s’ face and within 10 minutes, he blasted a hot load of cum down ‘her’ throat. That was only the beginning.
Apparently, they sucked and fucked the whole night away. For their next date, Kevin has agree to get on webcam with ‘Kelly’ and be naughty sluts at my direction for my pleasure.
This will be a good way for Kevin to thank me for training his little slut ‘Kelly’! 😉

Mistress Violet

“pussy andrea” ~ A Cuckold Fantasy (part 3)

“Please, Mistress Wife, may I ask you a question?” said ‘pussy andrea and since I was enjoying myself so much, I allowed it. “Please, what color panties are you wearing today?”
Immediately, I thought, ‘What a little slut!’ because I knew how much women’s panties turned-on my little bitch. I took a moment to reply then said, “Well, ‘pussy andrea’ perhaps I should ask our neighbor from across the street to tell you.” At which point ‘pussy andrea’ said, “What?! How would he know?”
Inwardly I chuckled, but calmly said, “Well, he is standing right outside watching me rub on my damp panties through the front window as we speak. Do you think that I should invite him inside so he can tell you what my panties look like?” While I had been torturing ‘pussy andrea’ on the phone, I had been enjoying myself and had noticed that our neighbor across the street had not only noticed me sitting in front of the window but had come closer and closer as he realized that I had my skirt up and was rubbing my pussy. Now, he was just outside the front window watching me and rubbing on his crotch and what was, quite possibly, a very large erection.
“Oh please, Mistress Wife, no, please, I’m begging you.” ‘pussy andrea’ said and I replied, “Oh, alright then, Do you really want to know which panties I’m wearing right now?”
“Yes, please, Mistress Wife” he said. The call had finally gotten to my favorite point, the point where my little cuckold husband had forgotten everything and everybody, but me. The point that I loved so much because now he would do just about anything to know the color and kind of panties that I was wearing. Of course, after I told him what he wanted to know, he would beg to be allowed to cum. So, I took advantage of his thoroughly aroused state by saying, “If you really want to know, grab your belt.”
“Oh no, please Mistress Wife, not that! Somebody might hear me!” he said.
“Do you think that I care if they hear you or not? No! It is up to you whether or not THEY hear you, but you know that I want to hear you spank yourself, strap yourself, on your bare ass cheeks five times and count it out!” I insisted firmly.

By this point, I had slid my panties to the side exposing myself to the neighbor and had started to finger my wet cunt. In reply to my display, he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock which looked to be at least a good nine inches long and quite thick. On the phone I could hear a loud smack as ‘pussy andrea’ began his punishment and breathlessly said, “ONE, Mistress Wife”

“Again, harder!” I said and increased the tempo of my fingers sliding in and out of my hot, wet cunt. I heard another smack that was much louder then the first and ‘pussy andrea’ let out a yelped, “TWO, Mistress Wife!” and I allowed him to continue until I knew that he was crying and sore.

“You may stop now, ‘pussy andrea’.” I said and he replied, “Oh thank you, Mistress Wife, you are so good to me.” His pain, tears, and relief was palpable.
“Your cock is still hard? Isn’t it?” I said and he said, “Yes, Mistress Wife.” I could hear the shame and humiliation in his voice. I instructed him to continue rubbing his cock, but not to cum.

“You want to know what panties I’m wearing, well, I suppose that you have earned that information. I am wearing that pretty, sheer, light pink thong with the matching sheer pink underwire bra and the neighbor seems to really like how I look in them.” I said and ‘pussy andrea’ started to moan like he was about to cum in his panties. So, I said, “Don’t you dare cum! I think that I will be entertaining the neighbor this afternoon and when you get home, you will undress and go to the bedroom and lay face down on the bed in only your panties until I have a use for you!”

“Please, Mistress Wife, may I cum? Please, I’ve done everything you asked.” he said and even though I knew that he was desperately horny and hadn’t cum in at least a week, I said, “No” and hung up the phone. Then I pointed to the front door, got up from the chair, and let the neighbor into the house. I was sufficently excited so, I just bent over the couch for my neighbor. He ripped down those lovely pink panties and slammed his big hard cock into my swollen pussy. I pumped back on that big, beautiful, bare-naked cock moaning, groaning and urging him to fill me up with his cum. I planned on fucking him as many times as I could before my husband came home from work so that my pussy would be stuffed with cum. I wanted to be able to really fill up little ‘pussy andrea’s tummy for dinner. Perhaps, I might even be able to persuade the neighbor to stay for ‘dinner’ and stuff his cock full of fresh spunk right down my little sissyslut/pantyboy husband’s throat?!?

( The End … For Now … 🙂 )

“pussy andrea” ~ A Cuckold Fantasy (part 2)

“Please Mistress Wife, please, not the closet.” little ‘pussy andrea’ begged. How I love to hear him beg me. Even though his begging was making my panties damp, I responded in a stern commanding tone, “In the closet now or pay the price!”
“Yes, Mistress Wife” he replied meekly
Once I had him in the closet I started to ask him a few simple yet humilating questions. I wanted him as uncomfortable and pliable as possible because I was really beginning to enjoy myself.
“How does it feel to be my cuckold husband?” I asked and he replied, “I adore you, Mistress Wife.”
I continued, “How does it feel to be wearing panties?” and he said, “I love wearing panties for you, Mistress Wife.”
“Rub on yourself through the panties.” I commanded
“Please Mistress Wife, anybody could walk into my office and look in the closet” he pleaded and I insisted, “Do you think that your secretary might walk in on you? Do you think that I care, no, now rub on your hard little cock in those panties. I know that you’re all hard and excited, so do it now!”
“Yes, Mistress Wife, I am excited. I can’t help it. I love you so much!” he stated fervently.
“How does it make you feel that your younger wife makes you wear panties?”
My panties were now so damp that they were sticking to my smooth shaved pussy lips. It was pussy andrea’s meek and pleading voice that was getting me more and more aroused. I knew that he was so humiliated by what I was forcing him to do right there in his office where he could get caught by any number of people if they just knew where to look for him. For a moment I had a very evil thought, I could use my cell phone to call his secretary and have her look for him. That thought had me rubbing myself through my skirt but I stopped just short of dialing the number. What would his secretary think if she found him in his office closet on the phone, down on his knees with his trousers off, wearing women’s panties, and obviously rubbing on his hard little prick?!? What a tantalizing thought, I had to share it with him and he pleaded, “Oh Please, no, Mistress Wife, please, please don’t call my secretary! I’ll do anything for you, anything, but please not that!”
I almost laughed out loud at his mewling pleas and said, “Rub that tiny dick harder, but don’t you dare cum. You are not allowed to cum!”
“Yes, Mistress Wife.”
I could sense the relief but utter defeat in his voice and I revelled in it, “Tell me precisely how you feel right now, pussy andrea.”
“I am at your mercy, Mistress Wife. I will do anything you ask of me, I love you. I feel so humiliated and small. It is such an honor to be your husband, to be allowed to service you however you see fit. I love you, Mistress Wife.” To think, it only took a few months for him to adapt and enjoy this new lifestyle. The power rush that coursed through me every time that I had him doing something new and humilating was unbelievable. Pussy andrea is definitely my “whipped puppy” slave husband. It was just about time for the next step in humilation. I was secretly hoping that what I was going to make him do next would finally attract the attention of at least one or more of his fellow co-workers.
(to be continued)

“pussy andrea” ~ A Cuckold Fantasy

I am an intelligent, attractive, and wealthy woman that has become a dominant wife. It only took one look at my husband’s pathetic, small dick on our wedding night for me to decide to cuckold my husband and take control of my marriage/my life. With about 6 months of planning and prodding, I turned my husband into a cuckold and now I have the life/marriage that I deserve. I have my boyfriends with nice huge cocks and I have a weak wimp of a husband that I call ‘pussy andrea’ and he adores me, of course. He calls me by nothing other then, Mistress Wife, his beautiful goddess/wife. We have been married for about a year and I have made ‘pussy andrea’ continue working despite my personal wealth. Also, when he is at home, ‘pussy andrea’ serves as a “house husband”, doing all house work and catering to my every need or desire!
One of my favorite games is to call my husband during his workday. I decided to call him a little after noontime making him think that perhaps he’d escaped being teased and tormented. Today I started out nicely saying, “Hello ‘pussy andrea’ how is work today? I decided that you needed a call.”
Little ‘pussy andrea’ replied, “Hello Mistress Wife, work is pretty busy today. I really don’t have time to talk.” Now, this curt response irked me. The sheer belligerence! Still maintaining my pleasant tone of voice I respond, “Are you wearing those pretty white silk panties that I laid out for you this morning?”
“Please, Mistress Wife, there are a lot of people in the office today, I can’t talk right now.” he replied in a stuttered whisper.
His response was the last straw and with a stern commanding voice I said, “Look here ‘pussy andrea’ I asked you a question and you know how much I dislike repeating myself. Are you wearing those panties?” With a tremor he replied, “Yes, Mistress Wife, I am wearing the white silk panties. Please, Mistress Wife, anybody could walk in on me at any time. Please, can I go?”
The tremor in his voice exhilarated me, but he needed to be punished for his attempt at disobedience. In a stern commanding voice I replied, “No, you may not go now. I have only just begun with you, ‘pussy andrea’. I think you need a little time in the closet. Go to your closet, now!”
(to be continued)
PS. These lovely panties pictured above can be purchased online here Satique

Christmas Story (the end .. or beginning, you decide)

Later, Violet woke alone. When she sat up for a second she thought she heard the chiming of silver bells from outside and when she glanced at the window she imagined she saw the Santa Claus fly by with his reindeer drawn sleigh. Shaking her head she laughed, “Good lord! That Mr. Santa dude sure was something else to make me think that I’m seeing things!” Still shaking her head and giggling about her childish fantasies she turned around and was just about to snuggle into the warm blanket again when she saw a note on the pillow next to her, “I will be back for my milk and cookie tonight, no need for stockings though. Love Santa”

The cold wind of the North Pole blew roughly into his face when he reigned his reindeers in a cloud of sparkling icy crystals. The workshop lay in darkness and he assumed that all the elves had already retired for the night. With his familiar “Ho, ho, ho” he opened the door to his house. Just as he had expected, the snide remarks from the kitchen didn’t take long, “Oh, look who’s finally come home! Did you get lost again? Well, anyway, did you bring the little slut to be punished? We are running late with this year’s schedule already.”

While he sat down on the bench in the hallway to take off his heavy boots he smiled, the memories of Violet filling his heart with joy. “No, I couldn’t, this girl is so hot, and she would have melted the polar caps in no time. I will have to take care of her punishment on site, personally!” An irritated grunt was all the response he got from the kitchen but actually, he didn’t really care. Santa started to whistle “Jingle Bells” and felt his balls tighten and when he looked through the window, dreamily staring into the dancing snowflakes he felt his cock twitch and he began to hum “Let It Snow”.

Finally, reluctantly, Santa entered the kitchen, feeling slightly irritated as he saw one of the younger elves scurry out of the room blushing when he entered. And he pondered, what was it that he seemed to be hiding behind his back, one of those buzzing plastic candy sticks, while his wife quickly straightened her skirts. He decided to take one of those sticks back to Violet the very next evening in hopes that she would like the thing as much as his wife seemed to like it. Maybe Violet would even tell him what it was meant for …  LOL

Mistress Violet

Christmas Story (part 8)

The only reply that Violet got to her question was a grunt. So, she finally loosened the bow and knot that had caused the necessary pressure to prevent his ejaculation. However, instead of taking his hard shaft back into her mouth again, she bent down and pressed her ample breasts firmly around his cock, rubbing and squeezing his cock between them. She looked up at Mr. Santa’s face intently scanning it for the ultimate signs that indicated an imminent explosion of his pent up lust. Soon she saw what she knew was cumming. He bite his lower lip and she then closed her hand around his now rock hard and swollen member in order to forcefully pump it. With her other, Violet reached between his spread and tied legs to fondle his full balls.

“Ho ho ho … ohhh … hooooooo …” his deep voice seemed to fill the room and explode through the walls. Certainly, she thought, the whole world must have heard his outburst of profound sexual pleasure that, to be honest, seemed to be somewhat different from the usual male grunting and barking behavior that she was accustom to hearing. Then his cock exploded spraying her chest with globs of his milky seed and in the dim firelight it reminded her of snowflakes. Snowflakes shimmering in a ray of moon light and the drops that had gathered on her still erect and pert nipples were looking like tiny icicles. What childish nonchalance, she thought.

So, she had gotten her Christmas present and so had he. After untying his limbs, Violet cuddled into his arms, sinfully whispering, “If ever you need someone to jingle your balls again, let me know. You can let it snow on me any time!” Then she felt his arms wrap around her, reassuringly, shielding her from all that was bad, dark and nasty, filling her with what she only could describe as “Christmas Spirit”.

(to be finished … tomorrow)

February 2019
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