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I’ve been having some hot, nasty 2 girl Sissy Phone Sex calls with that naughty, submissive Summer! She has this little ‘girlfriend’ by the name of Alli that is a total cum-whore. These two girls love to get-down together and act like total cum-sluts. I have to admit that it’s very amusing to me to feed these hungry, horny bitches!

Today, I caught the submissive slut and her sissy phone sex slut friend looking at bukkake

videos with big black cocks. Oh those 2 sluts were drooling and begging to suck-off those big black hoses. Those horny, little sluts were begging me to get a bunch of black guys to come over for non-stop circle-jerk. I honestly think they’re addicted to cum. Of course, nothing would give me more pleasure and amusement than to have to horny bitches as my little beck-and-call girls to service a gang of hard-pounding horny black guys.

I’d get them down to their teeny, tiny thong panties with their hands tied behind their backs so I could stand behind them and force their naughty cunt-mouths up and down on those big black cocks!

Are you looking for some hot, exciting 2 Girl Phone Sex with a dominant bitch like me and a submissive cum-slut like Summer? I’m sure that you’d enjoy every minute of it whether you were a sissy like Alli or a big stud-muffin like my well-hung black friends. We cater to all types of fetishes and fantasies and would love to include you in some of our slutty playtime fun! Give either of us a call!

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830

Summer  1-877-896-1086

Forced Fantasy Phone Sex

Are you looking for a strong, aggressive woman for Forced Fantasy Phone Sex? You need a Dominant woman like me to take you and make you my bitch. I had a very hot session today with CB. He wanted to be raped like a little slut and made to do nasty, dirty, and perverted things.

So, I gave him the rape and Strap-On Phone Sex that he so desperately desired! I put on my biggest, baddest strap-on. I bent him over and rammed it home, deep, but that wasn’t all! I invited a few of my friends to watch me rape and gape his tender ass, but they didn’t just want to watch. The women were laughing at him and bringing the other guys up to rape his face while I raped his ass with my strap-on. We were having a ‘free for all’ on this little slut!

CB was my little bitch for nasty Domination Phone Sex with serious pain and humiliation. The guys were shooting cum all over him and making him swallow it down. The women were shoving his head down on those cocks or making him tongue-fuck their assholes. The whole time, I was pounding his bitch-ass, making him take my strap-on in his ass, hard and deep.

Would you like to be my next bitch? Do you need your ass fucked or raped? Want me to force you to suck dick, drink piss, and lick ass like the dirty little slut that you are? Of course you do! Call me for the best ass-fucking of your life!

Mistress Violet


Forced Fantasy Phone Sex – Erotic Story

Here’s an interesting idea for a hot Forced Fantasy Phone Sex call …

It’d been a long day and all he wanted was a shower. As stood in the shower and slowly lathered himself up, he felt the stress of the day leave his body. He heard a noise but dismissed it. A thunderstorm had been threatening all day. To confirm his thought, suddenly, the whole bathroom lit up with a crash. Yes, it’s only a storm he told himself.

As he continued to lather-up, he became aroused. It’d been so long since he’d seen any action. Suddenly, the lights went out leaving him in total darkness. “Just my luck!” he thought ruefully, the storm must have knocked out the power. He blindly stumbled from the shower looking for a flashlight or candle.

He sensed movement to his right and froze in terror. In an instant, a blade was pressed against his throat and a deep, but distinctly feminine voice said, Don’t move or you’ll regret it!”

“What do you want?” he asked, “I’ve nothing of any value in the house, my wallet is downstairs. Please, take it and leave me alone.”

“I’m not here for your money.” She stated, as she forcefully spun him around, shoved him into his desk chair, and deftly tied him to the chair.

As he tried to plead, she slapped him across the cheek, hard, and said, “Don’t speak!”

Scared out of his mind, he did as he was told. Not even questioning when he heard the sound of her undressing. In the brief flashes of lightening, he could make out her naked, sexy silhouette. What on earth was going to happen? Who was this gorgeous maniac and what did she want from him? Then a blindfold was slipped over his eyes.

As he heard matches struck and knew candles were being lite, he realized that he was completely naked and exposed for Humiliation Phone Sex. And strangely, he was still erect from his ministrations in the shower, maybe even more aroused. Then he felt her hands on him, applying some sort of oil. First on his chest, then his legs, and suddenly, on his painfully hard cock.

Without warning, he felt her nails dig into his thighs, scratching all the down to his knees. He couldn’t stop the moan of painful pleasure from escaping his lips. Out of nowhere, a hand connected with his cheek in a ringing slap. “You naughty, dirty boy! You’re getting all worked-up by a stranger and you like me hurting you. Don’t you?!” she said and laughed. Then another slap across his cheek and at the same time, he felt something cool and smooth placed around the base of his hard, cock.

“Now listen carefully my little slut. You will do exactly as I say and no questions. Otherwise you may not live to regret it.” She stated.

He felt her straddled him in the chair and nearly went insane with desire as he felt her obviously large breasts pressed against his face and her smooth pussy rub against his restrained cock. How much time passed? He didn’t know as he was lost in a fog of desire, desperate to cum. She pushed her erect nipples into his mouth and told him to suck. He gratefully did as he was told with relish. Then without warning she got off him.

Still in a fog, he did nothing as she released him from the chair. With his hands still bound behind him she pulled him to his feet and pushed him over the bed.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp stink to his ass cheek and he was shocked out of his fog.

“Ow that hurt!”

Then a flurry of spanks rained down on his bare ass as she said, “Quiet, you dirty, horny bitch! I know you like it! I know you want it! I bet your cock has never been this hard in your life! Look at that pre-cum!”

“Who was this woman? How could she know that he secretly desired to be used and abused like this by a beautiful woman? How could this sexy stranger know how much he longed for Spanking Phone Sex?” He thought as she continued to pummel his tender ass.

To be Continued …

Violet  1-800-574-1830

Pushing Limits!

Now he wants to play some more … SHOULD I OR SHOULDN’T I LET HIM CUM TONIGHT???

Always looking to be teased, tormented, pushed, and helpless!
Then have him bring his webcam along for a COCKSUCKING, CUMSLUT WEBCAM SHOW!

Or maybe I should have him down a 1/2 bottle of barcadi and go to the park again in front of his headlights?
And TAKE PICTURES with his phone! LOL

orkut graphics, glitters, tricks, games and comments

Poor Horny Little Bitch

ee, k, you didn’t get any “tail” from your wife last night? aaaawwww, poor little slut! LOL!

Interesting situation with your ex-girlfriend, huh … and no more calling her? Remember k, you’re MY BITCH! Not the other way around … wonder what your high school sweetheart is up to this evening considering she probably didn’t get any dick from her husband last night and you didn’t get pussy from your wife … maybe I should have her cum over so you can service her pussy?!?!?? *wicked grin*

Well, it seems that Toni in Aurora, Illinois has some questions about you, k … lol!(See Comment Below)

  • In a way, yes this is a blackmail post. You see, k’s fondest desire is to not be in control and there are only so many ways it can be done long distance. Another turn-on for k is that I know EVERYTHING about him and I’m not afraid to use what I know to force him to do whatever I want.
  • I have k do whatever I choose. He uses a webcam so that I can be sure that he’s not cheating. He has cheated in the past and knows that I will not tolerate cheating anymore. I have him run around his neighborhood naked and stroking in the warm weather. In the cooler weather, I have him indoors doing self-bondage, cum eating, a little CBT, a little spanking, and whatever else I find amusing like last weekend’s “open-to-the-public” webcam show.
  • I have a picture is of his 1st girlfriend that he pointed it out one time when he was particularly horny. I As with anything he tells me or points out, I use it at my own discretion.
  • I have found that posts on my blog will arouse my little bitch. I use them to tease and torture him and yes, sometimes, to force him to do one thing or another.
  • As with any session, I am in complete control, but I am not a cruel Mistress. I do take into account what my submissive’s limitations might be and plan accordingly. I have been talking to him for a few years and know a great deal about him. I know what buttons to push and how hard to push them. He hasn’t gotten into any serious trouble with his wife or anybody else yet, and I do not intend for him to get into any trouble unless he truly pisses me off. Although, I do believe that these sort of “fantasies” do require a bit of realism from time to time, that is why I did call his ex-girlfriend last weekend. It was a bit of a sticky situation for k to get out of, but he did get out of it quite nicely.
    Thanks for your questions “Toni”.
  • Well, “Toni”, punishment is a whole other kettle of fish that k knows very well. Perhaps I choose to ignore him completely, making him even more horny and frustrated or I could call his wife again. Even the threat of the latter is like a nice cattle-prod in my little bitch’s ass. LOL! Punishment is determined by the offense and my mood. Enough said? Maybe k would like to comment about some of “Toni’s” questions?
    So, little bitch, are you consuming some liquid courage this evening? What do you suppose I should do with you tonight? Should you entertain me? me and my friends? the neighbors? public webcam broadcast?
    Decisions … Decisions … Decisions … LOL!

    Yes, toni, I have his wife’s name, cell number, and work number. As I said before, I know EVERYTHING about him and everything that I do know about him was told to me by him. Part of what turns his crank is me asking him questions and him having to answer me. Initially, there was some ‘volunteered’ information and from that little bit, I weened more and more from him. What you have to understand is that keith wants me in control. He wants me to use the information that I have. All of this turns him on, the horny little bitch!
    And for k, these posts (and there are several of these posts) I put up when I am teasing him to a session. That may not be the case for other blackmail/exhibitionist submissives. I treat each submissive/caller uniquely.
    Now, I have a question for you, toni … What has you so interested? Are you interested in blackmail fantasies?
    For k .. have ready your vibe, clips, handcuffs, and webcam too! Going to have you call soon!
    Well, toni, there are a few permanent posts about him and there are at least 3 “private” posts that I make public when I tease him. This particular post will become “private” once I complete the session with k tonight. The private posts have a ton of personal information about k and I only make them public for a certain period of time. It’s a tease for him and is quite arousing. That is how I work it with k, but as I said, I treat every submissive uniquely. So, with you, we would work together to see what amuses me most, what your limits are, and what turns your crank.
    toni … I published all of k’s posts for you to look at … they will be up for the duration of my current session with k … read at your leisure .. LOL!
    But since that session is over .. the posts have come down again .. but if you have more questions or would like to have a forced fantasy or blackmail session, CALL ME!

    Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

    Forced Fem & Sissy Slut Phone Sex

    Making you My little Bitch!
    The first step is to get your skin smooth, hairless, and soft. To that end, I will bath you, shave you, and rub sweetly scented lotion all over your body. When I say “all over”, I mean everywhere! I want you smooth and smelling like a girl.
    The second step is your lingerie. All pretty girls know that lingerie is key to feeling sexy. It’s like a naughty, little secret we have under whatever we’re wearing. So, I will pick out something suitable for you. Something silky-soft to the touch with plenty of lace. Perhaps a matching pink, underwire bra to go with some hi-cut lacy thongs. Then a pretty pink garter attached to some silky, lace-topped thigh-high stockings. Maybe a silky full-slip too!
    The third step is your hair and make-up. As much as I like my little bitches to be “au natural”, that isn’t always feasible. If that is the case, then I have various long-haired wigs in a variety of colors and styles for you. Now, for a pretty face, girls have to pay particular attention to their skin care so they have the softest, smoothest looking face. Pretty girls use facial cleansers, masks, anti-aging products, and moisturizers. Now, for the make-up. If you don’t have a decent canvas, why paint it? Well, I will give you a decent base with foundation and powder. From there, I will add a pretty pink blusher, long false eyelashes, dark eyeliner, sparkly, pink eyeshadow, and thick black mascara. The finally touch is hot, pink lip liner, pink lipstick, and cherry gloss for wet, sexy cocksucking lips!
    Now, you’re ready for a super-sexy, short dress and high-heels. I’ve got the perfect one for you. It’s a sexy, sparkly pink cocktail dress with spaghetti straps that barely reaches the tops of your silky thigh-high stockings. With your arms up, I’ll slip it over your head and then zip it up in the back. Then for the very last step, your platform, high-heeled strappy sandals. I know you’re going to teeter-totter a bit in these, but I love the way they make your legs and ass wiggle as you strut around for me.
    Now that you’re the perfect girl, I’ll make you My bitch. I’ll slip on my strap-on, grab you, and bend you over the bed. Slide up that pretty dress and pull those lacy thongs to the side. Don’t you feel like a little slut now with your pussy exposed? You want it, don’t you, baby?! Well, I’m just the Mistress to give it to you!
    Push my strap-on up to that hot, tight pussy and watch you eagerly push back to take it all! You’re My little bitch now, aren’t you? My little sissy slut that needs to get fucked and I’m going to fuck you good! Pump that tight pussy full of my big strap-on cock! Give it to you good and make you fill that lacy thong full of cum!
    Want to be My little bitch? Call Me, slut!

    Mistress Violet

    Amazing Mistress Violet for Domination Phone Sex

    Amazing Mistress Violet by K ~ Mistress Violet’s Exhibitionist Slut-Bitch

    I have been a phone sex junkie for the better part of 10 years or so and in that time, as one might imagine, I have talked to a great many different people from the random 800# and getting whoever is available to searching the internet for that right combination. Then about 2 years ago, I discovered Mistress Violet and haven’t been anywhere else since. She is truly amazing! imaginative! trustworthy! devious! and patient!
    Mistress Violet has all of the obvious skills but Her imagination and creativity are incredible. One of my fetishes is forced exhibitionism and as you might imagine that can be quite difficult to do over the phone but Mistress Violet came up with the idea of hooking up my web cam and watching me to make sure I follow Her directions to a tee from having me kneel at the front door wearing a blindfold to having me walk out that very same front door and stroke and cum right there on the front porch. No more faking it and pretending to go out! I had to do as I was told or face the consequences. She also used that imagination to come up with the idea of taking my picture using a screen shot of her computer while watching my web cam. So as you can see, Her imagination and creativity are wonderful.
    Two of the most important qualities She has are that She is VERY trustworthy and incredibly devious! I am not into the usual phone sex chat back and forth and pretending. I prefer it be as real as possible and to that end, I have had to share some very sensitive information with Mistress Violet. You see, forced exhibitionism isn’t that easy over the phone so it becomes a bit of a “fantasy blackmail” game and in order to do that well, She needs information. She knows where I work, my office phone number, my cell #, my wife’s cell # & work #, my ex-girlfriend’s cell #, my e-mail address and my home address as well as all of my deepest, darkest secrets and desires and She has used every bit of it! She’s used it to get me to obey. She’s called my wife at work, my ex-girlfriend, and posted all of my information on Her site including pictures. All is done to force me to do exactly as I am told. The calls to my wife were very short and did not reveal any information much like the calls to my ex-girlfriend but then she didn’t need to reveal any information. The mere fact that Mistress Violet would actually call them was more than motivation enough to do as I am told. I’m telling you all of this to show you just how trustworthy She really is. In all of this time, Mistress Violet has never once betrayed me or put me in a situation that endangered my home or work life in any way.
    Lastly, but most certainly not the least, is Her patience. I am for the most part, very shy and cautious. I am a whiner (I’m sure is what She would say) and I worry a great deal and can often be VERY needy. I crave attention and She has more than given it to me. Mistress Violet has been there for me thru thick and thin. She has been there for more than just phone sex. She has talked with me about my life and issues I have encountered. She has given me an amazing amount of help in these past couple of years. So, not only has Mistress Violet been able to quench my desire for fetish phone sex, She has also been there to give Her opinion and insight.
    In closing, Mistress Violet is a Hardcore Bitch of a Mistress, but she’s also a sensitive, imaginative, and trustworthy friend that has pushed and stretched my limits at just the right pace. So, if You are reading this wondering if Mistress Violet is right for you, the answer is YES! Regardless of Your need or desire Mistress Violet has the answer!

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