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Nasty Sluts

Jamie P ~ What a gross little nasty slut!

This little slut will do ANYTHING for my attention. He wants to be my human ‘toilet’ so he can drink my piss and eat my shit. He begs to tongue my ass and sniff it as well. He’s even offered to be a ‘toilet’ for a my parties servicing all my friends.

He will give my feet and toes a bath with his nasty tongue and loves to stick his head in my sweaty smelly armpit and sniff it while I spit down his throat. And if I let the nasty little bugger, he’d adore sucking the snot out of my nose! What a disgusting little slut, don’t you think?!?

I’m sure that he’d do just about anything that I wanted him to do, just to be my little nasty slut! I’m sure that he’d lap up his own sperm from his little doggie dish and wag his rear end with a nice doggie butt plug in it too!

Oh what fun!

So, commited to being my slut … this nasty boy wants to suck the toe jam from between my toes. He WANTS a funnel in his mouth so that I can piss down his throat and he won’t miss a drop as well as shit there too and shove it down his throat!


I now have a new ‘toilet boy’. JAMIE P! A nasty little slut that just gets oh so hard when his tongue is buried deep in my dirty ass. He also begs me to piss down his throat. What a nasty little shit eating toilet slave!

And he’s a dirty little booger eater too! Would love to lick the snot out of my nose! And then he wants lick my toes and have his nose buried in my smelly armpits while I spit down his throat. What a nasty boy!

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