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Spanking Phone Sex

Humiliation Phone Sex

He told me that he’d always craved Humiliation Phone Sex ever since he had been humiliated by a woman for premature ejaculation and a small penis. We chatted for a bit and the terms were set. We set up a role play where I was his sexy boss and I found out that he harbored lust-filled thoughts about me and that he had a secret stash of femdom porn in his desk. The game was on!

For a little extra fun with this new Phone Sex Sissy, I insisted that he give me all the particulars about his wife and his actual boss. Sometimes it’s necessary to use a little blackmail to insure that a naughty submissive stays in line. Of course, at the start, he begged me not to tell his boss or his wife about his kinky fantasies. I assured him that it would remain our secret so long as he was an obedient slave. I had him turn on his webcam and strip for me. Then I had him put on a pair of lacy, pink panties he’d managed to steal from his boss. Just the act of doing this on webcam for me had his little penis hard and dripping pre-cum. I was only getting started.

Violet21From this point, I knew that he was putty in my most capable hands. We began with Spanking Phone Sex. I had him bend over the table with his ass in the air and he picked up his newly purchased paddle and began to spank himself, but not hard enough for my tastes. I insisted he pull down those pretty panties, but only from behind. I wanted so see how red his ass cheeks could get. He began to paddle again, harder and more vigorously. Finally, once his ass cheeks were a bright, angry red, I decided that it was time for the big fat dildo.

I had him get down on his knees and show me how he’d worship my strap-on cock if I had been standing in front of him. I teased him and told him what a pretty sissy he was with that dildo in his mouth. I could see him down on his knees servicing not only my strap-on but perhaps servicing a number of real cocks as I fucked his little bitch-ass with my strap-on. This comment alone almost made him cum as he imagined sucking each one of his male co-workers’ cocks while his sexy boss fucked him with her strap-on.

Well, what would you do? Do you think you could hold-off until I allowed you to cum or do you think that you’d just squirt off in those pink, lacy panties while fucking yourself on webcam for me? Call me and let’s find out!

Mistress Violet

Your Mistress and Spanking Phone Sex

As a Phone Sex Mistress have a game that I love to play with naughty little boys. Bad little boys that “think” they want their cocks sucked and worshiped but secretly yearn for me to spank them for being bad little boys!
I recently had an encounter with this type of bad, little boy. It was one of those times that I decided to go out with a couple of friends for some drinks. As per usual, several men indicated that they’d like to “get to know me better”. Men can be so silly sometimes vying for my attentions. Well, the ‘lucky one’ this evening said something particularly enticing that indicated he’d be fun to ‘play with’.

“You’re so beautiful. I bet you would look even better down between my thighs.”

When he said that I laughed in his face and walked away but I kept tabs on this particular bad boy throughout the entire evening. Later in the evening, after having bought me several drinks, he approached again for a 2nd try figuring that I might be more receptive, perhaps. However, again, I just laughed in his face and that is when he said exactly what I’d been dying to hear.

“Please, you’re so beautiful. I really would do ANYTHING to get to know you better.”

Violet26And I replied, “Anything? Really? Well, why don’t you come home with me and let’s talk more.” So, I took this particular naughty boy home with me and talked to him a little more. Lulling him into ‘relax mode’ was incredibly easy. All I had to do was give him what he thought that he wanted, me down between his thighs. As he relaxed, I slowly tied up his ankles then came back up and sat on his lap smothering him in my tits giving me the perfect moment to quickly tie up his wrists. Before he was really aware of what had happened to him, I stepped off of him, took a long look at him and his ‘proud’ erect cock, laughed, and walked into the other room. His voice followed me asking, “What do you think that you’re doing tying me up? Get back in here?” along with several expletives.

When he finally became silent, this Phone Sex Mistress walked back into the room dressed to play in my black leather corset, black leather thong, and black thigh-high leather boots with 6″ spiked heels. In one hand I had a leather paddle with the word “SLUT” embedded in it and in the other I held my favorite flogger. The look on his face was priceless! Almost immediately he began to try to tell me ‘what for’ but after a couple of ‘stings’ from my flogger he was silent with a much better attitude. And that is when the real fun began … LOL!

And if you want to know what kind of naughty little girls I love to spank .. for 2 girl phone sex, why don’t you check out our main phone sex blog! Such succulent little treats with a creamy, white and deep, dark tushies just aching for a spanking!

Mistress Violet   1-800-574-1830

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

I recently had one of my little pets into Sensual Domination Phone Sex. It had been some time since our last session and he claimed that it was due to all the overtime that he was working. However, that is no excuse/justification in my book for neglecting, me, his Mistress. So, I put him through his paces to make sure that he understood that I come first and to punish him for not being attentive enough.

Violet 1I began our Sensual Domination Phone Sex session by having him strip naked for me, of course. And then I shackled him to my cross in the dungeon with his back to me. Now, I know that slight pain arouses him so I started out with a little flogging and that had his dick twitching almost immediately, the little slut! Well, I had only just begun with him so I fastened one of my many cock-straps snugly around his cock and balls to prevent him from cumming and ending the session before I was satisfied. Then I really started in with the flogging hitting his shoulders, lower back and ass with a lovely ‘criss-cross’ pattern that showed up on him like 3 broad “Xs”. Before I was finished, I had him moaning and his cock was dripping. I then took him down from the cross and draped him over my new spanking bench. I’ve been eager to try my new adjustable bench out and this was just the perfect opportunity.

Once his wrists and ankles where secured down, I gave him a couple of ‘playful’ spanks with my bare hands. I put a blindfold over his eyes and that is when I took out the piece of ginger root that I prepared for his ass before his arrival. I held the piece under his nose and almost immediately he started to beg me not to insert it. He knew what was coming. I just laughed and spread his naughty ass cheeks apart even as he tried to clench them closed. The ginger slid quite easily into his ass. I also had prepared a nice sliver for the tip of his cock which slid in just as easily. He’d never had it in the tip of his cock like a ‘sound’ before and he soon realized just how much more agonizing that sliver in the tip of his dick was compared to the ‘plug’ in his ass. I couldn’t help, but laugh. Then I started in on spanking him using my hands at first and then graduating to my favorite leather paddle with ‘slut’ embossed in it. When I was satisfied that he’d had enough I removed the now damp blindfold. The poor little slut had been crying. And I whispered in his ear, “Have you learned your lesson, now slut?” And he shakily whispered, “Yes, Mistress”

This Phone Sex Mistress was satisfied that he had in fact learned his lesson so I withdrew the ginger from his ass and cock and I laid him down on my bondage bed. I had his wrists together restrained above his head, a pillow support under his lower back and ass, and his ankles shackled to the lower corners of the bed then I straddled his face and asked him if he’d like his reward which, of course, he did want.

Now, I could tell you how I rewarded him, but I’m going to leave it to your imagination. Why don’t you call me and tell me what you might like for your reward? But of course, you still have to earn it!

Mistress Violet

Phone Sex Mistress Update

Sexy Ms Violet 1*800*574*1830Well, your Phone Sex Mistress had a nice, quiet, and relaxing New Year’s ever this year. I just kicked back and had a night all to myself with a good bottle of wine, some delicious shrimp scampi and soothing jazz on the stereo. The only thing that might’ve made it just a touch better would’ve been if Santa had dropped off a sexy submissive slut to feed me the shrimp.

However, as fate would have it … a gift for your Phone Sex Mistress arrived New Year’s day. Can you imagine my surprise when my doorbell rang  and on my front porch stood a very sexy, young man dressed in a white t-shirt and tight jeans with a bow around his neck, lovely! I’d never met him before but he was so deliciously cute with that bow, I couldn’t resist! Now, I’m sure it was a little gift from one of my friends but the tag attached to the bow read, “To: Mistress Violet to celebrate 2014” and no matter how much I spanked, flogged , or whipped the sexy little present he never told me either. Such stamina, he almost wore me right out. It’s a good thing that he was excellent at massage and had a naughty little tongue. I couldn’t help but reward him, he took one hell of a ‘lickin’ and begged for more.

What more could a Domme ask for except maybe more toys from my favorite store?!? ExtremeRestraints.com Take a look at some of the fun toys they have to use on naughty little sluts! I just love their floggers and paddles for some serious Spanking Phone Sex. Also, I wouldn’t mind some new bondage furniture either!

Mistress Violet

Domination Phone Sex

As I enter the room for Domination Phone Sex, I take in a beautiful sight. My favorite submissive toy is kneeling in the middle of the room. His head is bowed, back straight, knees spread, and his hands are clasp behind his back. Of course, he’s completely naked as I like him. He’s ready for my inspection. Slowly, I circle him tracing my crop across his smooth, supple skin and firm muscles. I love to see him shiver in anticipation.

“Are you ready, slut?” I ask and he nods as he offers up his collar. I take it from him and fasten it snugly around his neck.

This isn’t our first Domination Phone Sex session. He knows his place and what is expected of him, but as always, he also knows that I will push him. Today, I am dressed in my leather corset with garter straps holding up my black fishnet thigh-highs. I am wearing my 5″ black spike-heeled pumps and nothing else. I walk over and sit down in my chair. Tapping the floor with crop is the signal for him to crawl over in front of me. I know that his eyes are on my shiny black heels that he loves so much. I reach forward running my red fingernail-tipped hands through his hair. Taking a firm grip on his hair, I yank his head up from my shoes to my face. I can see the mixture of lust and trepidation in his eyes and it please me.

I have all my favorite toys and tools laid out on the table next to me. I smile down at my favorite toy and tell him to assume the position. Eagerly he rises up and spreads himself over my knees, positioning his his cock between my thighs. As I run my red fingernails over his smooth, white ass, I tell him that he’s a good slut and he wiggles a bit in anticipation and pleasure. After a few firm smacks with my hand, I reach for the ‘slut’ paddle and let him have it. Oh, how I love the gasps and how he squirms on my lap!

As I paddle his slutty little ass, I can feel his cock getting harder and harder between my thighs. The harder I hit him, the more he squirmed. I tightened my thighs around his hard cock as I spanked. I could feel the pre-cum dripping down my thighs. Oh, how delightful! Sensing that he is close to cumming and not ready to allow that pleasure, I stop spanking and drag my long nails across his now inflamed, red ass.

I trace my nail down the crack of his ass causing him to wiggle and moan. Taking a moment, I tickle behind his balls before grabbing his balls, digging my nails into them and squeezing, firmly. He moans as I feel even more pre-cum leaking out of his dick.

Next in this Domination Phone Sex session, I have him slide off my lap and resume his position on his knees in front of me. I present him with on of my feet and as expected, he begins kissing my shiny black heels. After he has serviced both shoes, I allow him to remove them to service my fishnet-clad feet in the same manner. Lovingly, he holds and caresses my calves as he kisses, licks, and sucks each of my toes.

When I’ve had enough, I reach forward grabbing him by his hair and pull his face between my thighs. I hold him there for a moment allowing him to smell my excitement before shoving is face against my smooth pussy and grinding my hips. Greedily, he begins to devour my sweet pussy. He’s often told me that he would gladly spend hours worshiping my pussy, but for now, I only allow several minutes, only enough time for one good, juicy orgasm all over his lips and tongue. He doesn’t miss a drop.

The look of lust and hunger in his eyes drives me crazy and almost makes me cum again. As I caress his face, I say, “My slut is a good little pussy eater.” Then, I leaned down, kissing him, and tasting myself on his lips.

To finish our session, I lead him over to the bondage chair. Once I secure him to the chair, I slow stroke his extremely hard cock. I can sense that he’s close to cumming so I squeeze his balls. His cock explodes, but I continue to stroke his overly sensitive cock as he moans in pleasure with a bit of pain. He has one last duty to perform and does it eagerly, licking his cum from my fingers like a good horny little bitch. I release him from the chair and lead him to the bathroom where a warm jacuzzi bath awaits us both.

Mistress Violet

Role Play Phone Sex

I had a very fun Role Play Phone Sex call today with JB. I was the Boss, of course, and he was my assistant and in-training to be my submissive slave. He’d already been treated to one training session and today, out-of-the-blue, I called him into my office for his second session. I wanted it to be a surprise, of course, because I wanted to see if he was still wearing the lacy thong panties I made him put on at the end of the first session.

I had him strip and found that he was a ‘good boy’ because he was still wearing my thong panty. Still, he was going to get some Spanking Phone Sex because I loved the sight of his tight ass in my panties, but I planned on rewarding him in another way. I had JB bend over my desk with his ass high in the air so I could spank those ass cheeks with my bare hand. In between spanks, I ran my finger down the crack of his ass. Then, I reached between his legs to squeeze his cum-filled balls and hard dick in the lacy thong.

After the punishment came the reward. I hopped up onto my desk, spread my legs, grabbed his head and shoved is face into my wet pussy. It was just what my little slut needed. JB devoured my pussy and I squirt down his throat. Next up for my little slut was Strap On Phone Sex because he so desperately needed to be fucked. First, he had to suck it and then I would fuck it! I got up behind him and made him prove how much he needed to be fucked by pushing back onto my big strap on cock. I made him take it, deep and hard, like a good little submissive slut. I fucked him hard until he came in those lacy thong panties.

I can’t wait for the next training session. I’m sure that he can’t wait either!

Mistress Violet

Spanking Phone Sex – Erotic Story cont.

He’d always wanted Spanking Phone Sex, but he’d never been fortunate enough to find a woman that could somehow sense what he needed without him saying anything. He knew that he could never ask a woman to do it. So, he thrust his ass even higher, hoping she would notice and smack him again.

She did and said, “Dirty, horny slut likes it doesn’t he? I wonder what else this red-assed slut would like? I know! Beg me to spank you. Beg me to lay my leather whip across your skin. Beg me to caress your skin with hard brutal lashes. BEG ME, NOW!!!”

“Please Mistress, whip me again, whip me hard. I need to feel the sting of leather on my ass.”

The precum began to flow freely from his cock the more she spanked him. It was driving him crazy and he wanted to cum. He knew that he would cum soon if she continued and she must’ve know too because suddenly it stopped. Still, his sore red-ass throbbed as if she was still spanking it.

He ached to feel her leather again, but then he felt light small touches on his ass. It took him a moment to realizing that she was kissing and lightly rubbing his red, throbbing ass cheeks for Anal Phone Sex. Then she was pulling his ass cheeks apart and surprisingly, her tongue was on his ass hole, flicking softly. OMG! How did she know? Again, something he always wanted but never had.

She continued to knead and pull his cheeks apart, tonguing his hole over and over again. His cock was aching, throbbing and needing a release. He moaned deep and low, “Please Mistress, let me cum. Let me cum all over your beautiful breasts.”

Her wonderful tongue was quickly withdrawn from his ass leaving him feeling empty and wanting more. He must have said something wrong.

“Please don’t, please come back it was so nice.”

To be finished … soon …

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830

Forced Fantasy Phone Sex – Erotic Story

Here’s an interesting idea for a hot Forced Fantasy Phone Sex call …

It’d been a long day and all he wanted was a shower. As stood in the shower and slowly lathered himself up, he felt the stress of the day leave his body. He heard a noise but dismissed it. A thunderstorm had been threatening all day. To confirm his thought, suddenly, the whole bathroom lit up with a crash. Yes, it’s only a storm he told himself.

As he continued to lather-up, he became aroused. It’d been so long since he’d seen any action. Suddenly, the lights went out leaving him in total darkness. “Just my luck!” he thought ruefully, the storm must have knocked out the power. He blindly stumbled from the shower looking for a flashlight or candle.

He sensed movement to his right and froze in terror. In an instant, a blade was pressed against his throat and a deep, but distinctly feminine voice said, Don’t move or you’ll regret it!”

“What do you want?” he asked, “I’ve nothing of any value in the house, my wallet is downstairs. Please, take it and leave me alone.”

“I’m not here for your money.” She stated, as she forcefully spun him around, shoved him into his desk chair, and deftly tied him to the chair.

As he tried to plead, she slapped him across the cheek, hard, and said, “Don’t speak!”

Scared out of his mind, he did as he was told. Not even questioning when he heard the sound of her undressing. In the brief flashes of lightening, he could make out her naked, sexy silhouette. What on earth was going to happen? Who was this gorgeous maniac and what did she want from him? Then a blindfold was slipped over his eyes.

As he heard matches struck and knew candles were being lite, he realized that he was completely naked and exposed for Humiliation Phone Sex. And strangely, he was still erect from his ministrations in the shower, maybe even more aroused. Then he felt her hands on him, applying some sort of oil. First on his chest, then his legs, and suddenly, on his painfully hard cock.

Without warning, he felt her nails dig into his thighs, scratching all the down to his knees. He couldn’t stop the moan of painful pleasure from escaping his lips. Out of nowhere, a hand connected with his cheek in a ringing slap. “You naughty, dirty boy! You’re getting all worked-up by a stranger and you like me hurting you. Don’t you?!” she said and laughed. Then another slap across his cheek and at the same time, he felt something cool and smooth placed around the base of his hard, cock.

“Now listen carefully my little slut. You will do exactly as I say and no questions. Otherwise you may not live to regret it.” She stated.

He felt her straddled him in the chair and nearly went insane with desire as he felt her obviously large breasts pressed against his face and her smooth pussy rub against his restrained cock. How much time passed? He didn’t know as he was lost in a fog of desire, desperate to cum. She pushed her erect nipples into his mouth and told him to suck. He gratefully did as he was told with relish. Then without warning she got off him.

Still in a fog, he did nothing as she released him from the chair. With his hands still bound behind him she pulled him to his feet and pushed him over the bed.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp stink to his ass cheek and he was shocked out of his fog.

“Ow that hurt!”

Then a flurry of spanks rained down on his bare ass as she said, “Quiet, you dirty, horny bitch! I know you like it! I know you want it! I bet your cock has never been this hard in your life! Look at that pre-cum!”

“Who was this woman? How could she know that he secretly desired to be used and abused like this by a beautiful woman? How could this sexy stranger know how much he longed for Spanking Phone Sex?” He thought as she continued to pummel his tender ass.

To be Continued …

Violet  1-800-574-1830

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Recently, I had a guy ask about Sensual Domination. He wanted to know what that meant and what types of activities it included. I believe that most of the phone sex domination sessions that I have tend to be Sensual Domination.
The Dictionary.com definition of Sensual & Dominate

1. pertaining to, inclined to, or preoccupied with the gratification of the senses or appetites; carnal; fleshly.
2. lacking in moral restraints; lewd or unchaste.
3. arousing or exciting the senses or appetites.
4. worldly; materialistic; irreligious.
5. of or pertaining to the senses or physical sensation; sensory.
6. pertaining to the philosophical doctrine of sensationalism.

Dominate–verb (used with object)
1. to rule over; govern; control.
2. to tower above; overlook; overshadow: A tall pine dominated the landscape.
3. to predominate, permeate, or characterize.
4. Mathematics. (of a series, vector, etc.) to have terms or components greater in absolute value than the corresponding terms or components of a given series, vector, etc.
5. Linguistics. (of a node in a tree diagram) to be connected with (a subordinate node) either directly by a single downward branch or indirectly by a sequence of downward branches.
–verb (used without object)
6. to rule; exercise control; predominate.
7. to occupy a commanding or elevated position.

I agree with definitions 1 & 3 when it comes to Sensual and definitions 1 when it comes to Dominate. So, my personal definition of Sensual Domination would be: Ruling or controlling the arousal of the carnal senses. Further, I believe that Sensual Domination is something that can be practiced whether or not you’re into BDSM. It can include pain, but it doesn’t have to include it. It’s generally much more sexually oriented than strict Sadio-Masochistic activities.
The activities that I would include in Sensual Domination would be almost any or all of the activities that I do over the phone. It all depends on what arouses your carnal senses. Some people are aroused by the contrast between pain and pleasure. For example, some men like to have their balls slapped and then caressed lightly because it stimulates them and amplifies the feel of the caress. For other men, the pain detracts, overwhelms, and potentially numbs the sensations.
If you’re new to D/s (Dominant/submissive) play, just asking for Sensual Domination isn’t giving me much to work with in a phone session. I need to know what you fantasize about when you think about having a woman dominate you. I need to know if pain arouses you and then I will test your limits to see how much or how little it takes. Perhaps, you can have your ass spanked for hours and enjoy it, but a slight graze of my nails to your balls will completely turn you off. Maybe, being “forced” to put on a pair of woman’s panties humiliates you but also mentally allows you to be taken by a woman. Maybe pain doesn’t arouse you at all and your fantasy is just to have a woman be the aggressor in bed, perhaps simply being “the one on top” or something as simple as being restrained on the bed while I do a sexy striptease, not allowing you to touch me or yourself. I would consider all of this in the realm of Sensual Domination.
Hope that answers your question.

Mistress Violet

Poor Horny Little Bitch

ee, k, you didn’t get any “tail” from your wife last night? aaaawwww, poor little slut! LOL!

Interesting situation with your ex-girlfriend, huh … and no more calling her? Remember k, you’re MY BITCH! Not the other way around … wonder what your high school sweetheart is up to this evening considering she probably didn’t get any dick from her husband last night and you didn’t get pussy from your wife … maybe I should have her cum over so you can service her pussy?!?!?? *wicked grin*

Well, it seems that Toni in Aurora, Illinois has some questions about you, k … lol!(See Comment Below)

  • In a way, yes this is a blackmail post. You see, k’s fondest desire is to not be in control and there are only so many ways it can be done long distance. Another turn-on for k is that I know EVERYTHING about him and I’m not afraid to use what I know to force him to do whatever I want.
  • I have k do whatever I choose. He uses a webcam so that I can be sure that he’s not cheating. He has cheated in the past and knows that I will not tolerate cheating anymore. I have him run around his neighborhood naked and stroking in the warm weather. In the cooler weather, I have him indoors doing self-bondage, cum eating, a little CBT, a little spanking, and whatever else I find amusing like last weekend’s “open-to-the-public” webcam show.
  • I have a picture is of his 1st girlfriend that he pointed it out one time when he was particularly horny. I As with anything he tells me or points out, I use it at my own discretion.
  • I have found that posts on my blog will arouse my little bitch. I use them to tease and torture him and yes, sometimes, to force him to do one thing or another.
  • As with any session, I am in complete control, but I am not a cruel Mistress. I do take into account what my submissive’s limitations might be and plan accordingly. I have been talking to him for a few years and know a great deal about him. I know what buttons to push and how hard to push them. He hasn’t gotten into any serious trouble with his wife or anybody else yet, and I do not intend for him to get into any trouble unless he truly pisses me off. Although, I do believe that these sort of “fantasies” do require a bit of realism from time to time, that is why I did call his ex-girlfriend last weekend. It was a bit of a sticky situation for k to get out of, but he did get out of it quite nicely.
    Thanks for your questions “Toni”.
  • Well, “Toni”, punishment is a whole other kettle of fish that k knows very well. Perhaps I choose to ignore him completely, making him even more horny and frustrated or I could call his wife again. Even the threat of the latter is like a nice cattle-prod in my little bitch’s ass. LOL! Punishment is determined by the offense and my mood. Enough said? Maybe k would like to comment about some of “Toni’s” questions?
    So, little bitch, are you consuming some liquid courage this evening? What do you suppose I should do with you tonight? Should you entertain me? me and my friends? the neighbors? public webcam broadcast?
    Decisions … Decisions … Decisions … LOL!

    Yes, toni, I have his wife’s name, cell number, and work number. As I said before, I know EVERYTHING about him and everything that I do know about him was told to me by him. Part of what turns his crank is me asking him questions and him having to answer me. Initially, there was some ‘volunteered’ information and from that little bit, I weened more and more from him. What you have to understand is that keith wants me in control. He wants me to use the information that I have. All of this turns him on, the horny little bitch!
    And for k, these posts (and there are several of these posts) I put up when I am teasing him to a session. That may not be the case for other blackmail/exhibitionist submissives. I treat each submissive/caller uniquely.
    Now, I have a question for you, toni … What has you so interested? Are you interested in blackmail fantasies?
    For k .. have ready your vibe, clips, handcuffs, and webcam too! Going to have you call soon!
    Well, toni, there are a few permanent posts about him and there are at least 3 “private” posts that I make public when I tease him. This particular post will become “private” once I complete the session with k tonight. The private posts have a ton of personal information about k and I only make them public for a certain period of time. It’s a tease for him and is quite arousing. That is how I work it with k, but as I said, I treat every submissive uniquely. So, with you, we would work together to see what amuses me most, what your limits are, and what turns your crank.
    toni … I published all of k’s posts for you to look at … they will be up for the duration of my current session with k … read at your leisure .. LOL!
    But since that session is over .. the posts have come down again .. but if you have more questions or would like to have a forced fantasy or blackmail session, CALL ME!

    Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

    Naughty Boys, Their Toys, & Fetish Fantasies – Phone Sex

    Are you looking for something new, different in phone sex? Do you fantasize about a Dominant woman taking control and making you … fuck your ass with a dildo? stroke your cock precisely as she tells you? being teased and not allowed to cum? being humiliated for having a tiny cock? being punished with nipple clamps and spanked? having your cock and balls tortured in a variety of ways? being a slut cuckold husband while your wife is fucked by a big, black cock? forced to be feminine and be a sissy slut?
    I love a variety of sensual to hardcore Domination Scenarios. I love naughty boys that want to explore their BDSM fantasies and kinky fetishes especially if they’re willing to get the toys to actually do it. I will talk you through a variety of activities. We can use role-play scenarios or it can be more instructional.
    If you’re looking for some fun toys to use I would suggest a few of my favorite sites:

    For BDSM Toys that include a lot of fetish equipment – Extreme Restraints
    For a good pussy for Guided Masturbation – Fleshlight
    For CD and sissy clothing – CrossDresser USA or Sissy Heaven

    So get your toys, naughty boys!
    Call Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830 , to play out all those hot BDSM and fetish phone sex fantasies!

    Mistress Violet is Your Valentine

    redmistress.gifHappy St. Valentine’s Day to all my good little sluts. I may not be around today because I’m being pampered by one of my personal ‘live’ slaves, but I will be here this weekend to be your Valentine Mistress. Perhaps, if you’re a good boy today, I’ll give you a special Valentine this weekend. If you’re a bad boy, I’ll give you an even better one!
    Enjoy your day!

    Sexy Mistress Violet
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