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Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830Do you have what it takes for 2 girl phone sex and satisfy two assertive, aggressive women? Are you an utterly submissive slut that is willing to be used any way our deviant minds devise? Dying to be teased beyond all things sane and rational?

If you said yes to any or all of the above, you must call me, your phone sex Mistress and one of my sexy dominant girlfriend, Mistress Sabrina. We have a rapport that is beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies. Whether you’re into sensual, seductive tease and denial, hardcore extreme discipline and pain, forced feminization, crossdressing, bondage, small-dick humiliation, strap-on/anal play, or simply a slut that yearns to please, you need to call for the “full-on” dynamic domination duo, Mistress Violet & Mistress Sabrina!

We will turn your world upside down and inside out. You will be enthralled with the first wicked chuckle and addicted from the start. We are truly dominant women that know your place is at our feet and your purpose in life is to service our every whim.

Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

Mistress Sabrina ~ 1-888-500-7551

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Your Mistress and Spanking Phone Sex

As a Phone Sex Mistress have a game that I love to play with naughty little boys. Bad little boys that “think” they want their cocks sucked and worshiped but secretly yearn for me to spank them for being bad little boys!
I recently had an encounter with this type of bad, little boy. It was one of those times that I decided to go out with a couple of friends for some drinks. As per usual, several men indicated that they’d like to “get to know me better”. Men can be so silly sometimes vying for my attentions. Well, the ‘lucky one’ this evening said something particularly enticing that indicated he’d be fun to ‘play with’.

“You’re so beautiful. I bet you would look even better down between my thighs.”

When he said that I laughed in his face and walked away but I kept tabs on this particular bad boy throughout the entire evening. Later in the evening, after having bought me several drinks, he approached again for a 2nd try figuring that I might be more receptive, perhaps. However, again, I just laughed in his face and that is when he said exactly what I’d been dying to hear.

“Please, you’re so beautiful. I really would do ANYTHING to get to know you better.”

Violet26And I replied, “Anything? Really? Well, why don’t you come home with me and let’s talk more.” So, I took this particular naughty boy home with me and talked to him a little more. Lulling him into ‘relax mode’ was incredibly easy. All I had to do was give him what he thought that he wanted, me down between his thighs. As he relaxed, I slowly tied up his ankles then came back up and sat on his lap smothering him in my tits giving me the perfect moment to quickly tie up his wrists. Before he was really aware of what had happened to him, I stepped off of him, took a long look at him and his ‘proud’ erect cock, laughed, and walked into the other room. His voice followed me asking, “What do you think that you’re doing tying me up? Get back in here?” along with several expletives.

When he finally became silent, this Phone Sex Mistress walked back into the room dressed to play in my black leather corset, black leather thong, and black thigh-high leather boots with 6″ spiked heels. In one hand I had a leather paddle with the word “SLUT” embedded in it and in the other I held my favorite flogger. The look on his face was priceless! Almost immediately he began to try to tell me ‘what for’ but after a couple of ‘stings’ from my flogger he was silent with a much better attitude. And that is when the real fun began … LOL!

And if you want to know what kind of naughty little girls I love to spank .. for 2 girl phone sex, why don’t you check out our main phone sex blog! Such succulent little treats with a creamy, white and deep, dark tushies just aching for a spanking!

Mistress Violet   1-800-574-1830

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

I recently had one of my little pets into Sensual Domination Phone Sex. It had been some time since our last session and he claimed that it was due to all the overtime that he was working. However, that is no excuse/justification in my book for neglecting, me, his Mistress. So, I put him through his paces to make sure that he understood that I come first and to punish him for not being attentive enough.

Violet 1I began our Sensual Domination Phone Sex session by having him strip naked for me, of course. And then I shackled him to my cross in the dungeon with his back to me. Now, I know that slight pain arouses him so I started out with a little flogging and that had his dick twitching almost immediately, the little slut! Well, I had only just begun with him so I fastened one of my many cock-straps snugly around his cock and balls to prevent him from cumming and ending the session before I was satisfied. Then I really started in with the flogging hitting his shoulders, lower back and ass with a lovely ‘criss-cross’ pattern that showed up on him like 3 broad “Xs”. Before I was finished, I had him moaning and his cock was dripping. I then took him down from the cross and draped him over my new spanking bench. I’ve been eager to try my new adjustable bench out and this was just the perfect opportunity.

Once his wrists and ankles where secured down, I gave him a couple of ‘playful’ spanks with my bare hands. I put a blindfold over his eyes and that is when I took out the piece of ginger root that I prepared for his ass before his arrival. I held the piece under his nose and almost immediately he started to beg me not to insert it. He knew what was coming. I just laughed and spread his naughty ass cheeks apart even as he tried to clench them closed. The ginger slid quite easily into his ass. I also had prepared a nice sliver for the tip of his cock which slid in just as easily. He’d never had it in the tip of his cock like a ‘sound’ before and he soon realized just how much more agonizing that sliver in the tip of his dick was compared to the ‘plug’ in his ass. I couldn’t help, but laugh. Then I started in on spanking him using my hands at first and then graduating to my favorite leather paddle with ‘slut’ embossed in it. When I was satisfied that he’d had enough I removed the now damp blindfold. The poor little slut had been crying. And I whispered in his ear, “Have you learned your lesson, now slut?” And he shakily whispered, “Yes, Mistress”

This Phone Sex Mistress was satisfied that he had in fact learned his lesson so I withdrew the ginger from his ass and cock and I laid him down on my bondage bed. I had his wrists together restrained above his head, a pillow support under his lower back and ass, and his ankles shackled to the lower corners of the bed then I straddled his face and asked him if he’d like his reward which, of course, he did want.

Now, I could tell you how I rewarded him, but I’m going to leave it to your imagination. Why don’t you call me and tell me what you might like for your reward? But of course, you still have to earn it!

Mistress Violet

Fetish Phone Sex

06As a Dominatrix/Mistress, I have a great deal of experience with a variety of Fetish Phone Sex and sexual practices. Some of these fetishes are more “mainstream” and others are not so widely practiced. A particular “fetish” that is more “mainstream” but also has many variations is Exhibitionism.

Wikipedia defines Exhibitionism as:

Exhibitionism, known variously as flashing, apodysophilia and Lady Godiva syndrome, [1] is the psychological need and pattern of behavior to exhibit naked parts of the body to another person with a tendency toward an extravagant, usually at least partially sexually inspired behavior to captivate the attention of another in an open display of bare “private parts”  i.e., parts of the human body which would otherwise be left covered under clothing in nearly all other cultural circumstances.”

Go here for Wikipedia’s full definition of Exhibitionism.

Many deviant fetish practices are about an additional adrenaline rush or thrill. Exhibitionism is about the thrill of either possibly being seen or purposefully being seen by one or more people, usually strangers. Now, I’m not talking about exposing one’s self at a public sporting event or concert when you’re drunk and carousing. For most people, that type of “flashing” is a one time experience while under the influence, but if the experience is sexually thrilling it can lead to the desire to be seen naked masturbating or to be seen in flagrante delicto.

The “flip side” of Exhibitionism is Voyeurism. Wikipedia defines Voyeurism as:

Voyeurism is a practice in which an individual derives sexual pleasure from observing other people. Such people may be engaged in sexual acts, or be nude or in underwear, or dressed in whatever other way the “voyeur” finds appealing.”

For more on Voyeurism.

When it comes to Voyeurism there are a variety as well. For some it is as simple as looking through a “Playboy” or watching a video. Then there are those men that like to go to the strip clubs or fetish clubs to watch the action. For others, it can get more complex. For instance, a married man who would like to see his wife with other men; specifically other men that are well endowed. This type of voyeurism can lead to cuckolding where men either accept that their wife “steps out” on them or even encourages them to have extramarital affairs. Then either asks the wife to tell him about it or asks to be able to be there and watch/participate in the act. And still others that want to observe people in their most intimate moments undetected as in what’s been called “a peeping tom” which is illegal and serious invasion of privacy.

I find that when it comes to this Phone Sex Fetish, most people can be a little bit of both but tend to lean one way or the other in varying degrees. Some people want to be seen and other people prefer to watch. Sometimes it can all hinge on their self-esteem and/or confidence level and other times it’s all a matter of what turns them on.

What turns you on? Do you want to watch or do you want to be watched? I like to watch, so if you’re an exhibitionist, I’d be more than happy to be your voyeur…just give me a call!

Mistress Violet

Phone Sex Mistress Update

Sexy Ms Violet 1*800*574*1830Well, your Phone Sex Mistress had a nice, quiet, and relaxing New Year’s ever this year. I just kicked back and had a night all to myself with a good bottle of wine, some delicious shrimp scampi and soothing jazz on the stereo. The only thing that might’ve made it just a touch better would’ve been if Santa had dropped off a sexy submissive slut to feed me the shrimp.

However, as fate would have it … a gift for your Phone Sex Mistress arrived New Year’s day. Can you imagine my surprise when my doorbell rang  and on my front porch stood a very sexy, young man dressed in a white t-shirt and tight jeans with a bow around his neck, lovely! I’d never met him before but he was so deliciously cute with that bow, I couldn’t resist! Now, I’m sure it was a little gift from one of my friends but the tag attached to the bow read, “To: Mistress Violet to celebrate 2014” and no matter how much I spanked, flogged , or whipped the sexy little present he never told me either. Such stamina, he almost wore me right out. It’s a good thing that he was excellent at massage and had a naughty little tongue. I couldn’t help but reward him, he took one hell of a ‘lickin’ and begged for more.

What more could a Domme ask for except maybe more toys from my favorite store?!? ExtremeRestraints.com Take a look at some of the fun toys they have to use on naughty little sluts! I just love their floggers and paddles for some serious Spanking Phone Sex. Also, I wouldn’t mind some new bondage furniture either!

Mistress Violet

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

blkdrsviolet-1I had a fun Sensual Domination Phone Sex session the other day that I wanted to share. It was a little fantasy about what it might be like to really meet me in person. There’s this semi-exclusive club that I enjoy, but it’s not for just anybody. It’s not quite a fetish club, but if you look in the right places, you can see or participate in some very kinky things.

Well, for this little Tease and Denial Phone Sex fantasy, I was dressed up in sparkly black dress. Under the top I was wearing a satin corset that pushed my ample breasts up and out and it clung to my hips then fell to the floor with slits up to my hips on both sides. I noticed him watching me and I knew what he was thinking. He wanted me in the worst possible way, but I was going to make him work for it just like every man should. After buying me drinks, dinner, and some polite chit-chat, I decided to cut to the chase.

In this Sensual Domination Phone Sex session, I had him rock-hard for quite some time before we even left the club. I’m very good with my feet and had been giving him a foot job under table. I couldn’t help but laugh when he got up to pay the bill with a nice, fat boner leading the way all the way out to the car and back to my place. I let him know over dinner that he could have everything that he saw but it would have to be my way. Well, what man in that situation would do anything but agree? Wouldn’t you like to know what I had planned for him? I love bondage and I spent quite awhile teasing him with more than just my body! Give me a call and I can tell you all about what I’d do with you once I had you in my dungeon!

Mistress Violet

Sissy Phone Sex

Watching you!

Sexy Ms Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

I couldn’t help but laugh today when one of my little sissy phone sex sluts called me and told me that his ‘girlfriend’ of 6 months had put him in a ‘cock cage’. It’s most likely either a CB6000 or some variation. Poor little daniel woke up to find that his cock was encased in a plastic cage and his girlfriend had already left for her business trip and she won’t be returning for yet another week (it’s been 3 days since she left, LOL!)

Apparently, the night before she was to leave on her business trip they had a little “party” where he drank a little too much, perhaps with her insistence, and awoke from his drunken stupor the next morning in quite a fix. From his obvious distress, I would say that this was an unexpected event, being locked up in a cock cage with cute little brass locks! However, she was kind enough to leave him with an aneros to use on himself. So, after 3 days of not being able to stroke his cock, he called his Phone Sex Mistress, me, to help him with at little “release”. According to him, he was unaware of the fact that she had a cock cage for him. When I asked him if she was a “mistress” he had said that he wasn’t sure, but that she was more ‘dominating’ then he had realized … LOL! Well, apparently the little slut has hooked-up with just the right kind of woman that he needs. So, he contacted me to help him through ‘milking’ himself because she wasn’t answering his calls, how delightfully devious of her, I must say.

In this Sissy Phone Sex session, we did achieve the desired results and he did find them pleasurable. What I’m wondering and I told him to let me know, is whether or not this increases or decreases his personal ‘level’ of horniness because it can go either way. I’ve found that consistent milking when a ‘pet’ is caged will help them stay focused on other things besides their cocks but it can either increase their horniness over all to the point where it is necessary to “let them out” for a good non-stop ‘wanking session’ or it can take all desire for ‘stroking’ away, almost completely. And I’m just curious to see which way it takes poor little daniel!

Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

Ask your Phone Sex Mistress

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830And for another addition of “Ask your Phone Sex Mistress with Mistress Violet. I was recently asked by one of my pets, let’s call him “tiny”, about cock bondage. For those of you that have had Phone Sex Domination sessions with me, you have probably had me talk you through a technique that is fairly simple and happens to be my favorite for the phone because it is easy enough for beginners.

Take a long shoestring or cord, center it underneath the ball sack and then bring it up and do a simple tie just tying the balls, then bring both ends back down under the ball sack and cross bringing the ends back up and then around the base of the cock and do a simple tie, then (if there are enough on the ends to continue) criss cross back and forth, front to back up the cock stopping just below the head of the cock and tying nice ( a ‘bowtie’ that is done when tying your shoes is fine and easier to undo if I decide to allow you to cum unrestrained)

With tiny’s obvious interest in exploring different techniques in cock bondage, your Phone Sex Mistress did a little exploring for herself to see what could be found for you naughty sluts. I was a little disappointed in my search. I only found one site that had any sort of visuals to assist, Rope Fashions, to download the 3 listed types of cock bondage instructional flyers you will need to become a member as I have already and have Adobe Reader, but it is a free membership and worth it if you would like to surprise me with a cock all tied up special for me.
Something that I would like to point out to my boys …CBT Phone Sex
When tying up your cock up nice for me, I need you to be careful. I know that I love to have you all tied up nice and tight, that is so delightful, but not too tight. Take a moment and look at this article Safety in Basic CBT and possibly this article as well, Basic CBT Safety. I point these articles out not to bore you to tears, hardly, but to make sure that you take the proper care. I hate it when my pets damage themselves. I much rather damage you myself! LOL
“Safe, Sane, & Consensual”


Nice job on that cock bondage pet!

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830

Strap-On Phone Sex

Ms Violet 1-800-574-1830

I love to take the time to turn naughty, little boys into my perfect little sissy-slut maids for some serious Strap-on Phone Sex. I have this sexy sissy that stands 6’2″ with natural long blonde hair. Boy is ‘she’ sweet! I have to tell you about the first time I got ‘her’ all dressed pretty for me and the “world” that it opened up for ‘her’.

The first thing that I did to “transform” sweet little ‘stephanie’ was to take ‘her’ into the shower and bathe her from head to toe. I washed her long beautiful blonde tresses and used sweet smelling body wash and scrubs to get her skin so fresh, smooth and sweet smelling. Then I took my favorite shaving cream and shaved all the pertinent areas; legs, groin, and underarms. Once stephanie was all smooth and smelling delicious, I toweled her off and applied floral lotion so she smelled even more like a girl then ever before.

Then it was time to dress my sweet Phone Sex Sissy. I had decided that the first outfit was going to be something to fit her sweet but naughty nature, so I went with the ‘innocent catholic schoolgirl’ look. I put on some silky white lace-topped thigh-highs, some pretty white silk and lace panties, and a silky lace-edged underwire with breastforms to give her a little something extra. After that it was time for the actual outfit that consisted of a short black pleated skirt with a mild plaid of red and yellow, a demure short-sleeved white button-down blouse, basic black snap bowtie and some low-heeled patent leather mary janes.

After getting stephanie all dressed it was time for the final touches which included doing her hair and makeup. I painted her fingernails with Red Hot, her lips with red lip liner, crimson lip color, and cream and sugar gloss, her eyes with spun silk, hazelnut, and vintage gold eye colors, charcoal eye liner, black mascara, and sunny spice cheek color. Then I took a spiral curling iron to those long blonde tresses giving her some adorable pipe curls that I pulled into to little ponytails with pretty red ribbons.

I wish that I had taken a picture, unfortunately, I did not. Perhaps next time I will so that I can show you all how very pretty she looked. So sweetly sexy! It was a definite overall transformation. She couldn’t believe how pretty and feminine she looked. I knew she had it in her. She just couldn’t contain herself and she started to prance around twirling so her skirt flared and giggling. So very enticing!

And then, this Phone Sex Mistress just had to have her. And, of course, my sweet little naughty girl wanted to be fucked just as much as I wanted to fuck her. I didn’t even tie her up. She pretty much dropped to her knees to suck my strap-on and then I bent her over and gave her what I knew she was craving, a good hard fucking that, eventually, had her cumming hard into those pretty silk panties. What a naughty little girl, I love it!

When am I dressing you up?! 😉

Mistress Violet   1-800-574-1830

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

One of my favorite activities has to be “tease and denial” coupled with Guided Masturbation Phone Sex. I have to say that the results can be explosive. I have one particular little pet that is a fiend for guided masturbation and lately, I have decided to incorporate some tease and denial into our sessions.

“MS” is actually a naughty boy that still happens to be a virgin. How novel and delightful! Of course, as his Mistress, I am in control of his cock, my cock actually. Our initial sessions centered around Guided Masturbation Phone Sex and various different stroking methods. Now, I’ve taken a slightly different tack with “MS”. Before our last session, I gave him a little assignment. I had instructed him to stroke a specified way without lubrication every hour on the hour for only 5-10 minutes and not to cum. I told him that if he came, then it was over and there would be punishment. Also, while he stroked he was to either be looking at pictures of me or watching some sort of porn. Then, if he’d been a ‘good boy’ and not cum yet, I would allow him to call me and stroke for me.


As it turned out, “MS” was a ‘good boy’, so I allowed him to call me. He admitted that he was incredibly turned on by his assignment (the duration was over the course of approximately 4 hours) and confessed that he’d gotten extremely close to cumming that last hour, but he’d managed not to cum. What a good little slutty boy! Since his cock was already ‘rock hard’ and oozing pre-cum, I knew that I was going to have some fun. I started him out massaging his balls and rubbing on the tip of his cock which I know is highly stimulating to him. Then, I had him stroke the length of the shaft with his left hand while he rubbed his thumb of his right hand back and forth across the tip. To add to his anxiety, I told him to get his cock really wet and slick with his lube, KY Warming Liquid. (I recommend KY Silk or KY Warming for lubrication being that the “Silk” doesn’t contain glycerine so it’s good for lubrication of the cock, vagina, or ass.) Well, that certainly ‘heated’ things up and soon he was ready to explode, however, I was not ready to let him. So, I had him switch his left had back to massaging his balls and instructed him to place the palm of his right hand on the tip of his cock and just press down in a circular motion slowly. Oh, how I delighted in his moaning, “God, that feels so good Mistress!”

When I was satisfied that he couldn’t take more, I told him to apply more lube and stroke rapidly up and down with his left hand on the bottom, right hand on the top in a full grip but with the thumb of his right hand closed so that when he went all the way down on his shaft the tip would be pressed hard against his thumb. He managed to stroke rapidly like this for the final 5 minutes of our session until his cock exploded. Of course, I encouraged him to continue to pump until his balls were drained. So much fun!

Think that you could satisfy me like that? Hhhmm, give me a call  for Guide Masturbation Phone Sex and we’ll see, perhaps!? Maybe if you’re a good little slut like “MS”, I will allow you to lick yourself off me?!?

Mistress Violet


A Question for Your Phone Sex Mistress

Watching you!

Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830


Interesting question from a submissive for a Phone Sex Mistress

Mistress Violet,

Hello. I read some of your blog. I loved reading about “figging” and would love to experience it sometime. I have a question for you. Have you ever heard of a Mistress using jalapeno or habanero peppers on a sub’s ass (“pussy”)? If so, do you recommend it?

Hello pet, as a Phone Sex Mistress, I have heard of a lot of different activities and am experienced in almost as many. I have heard of using jalapeno or habenero peppers on a submissive’s ass or rubbing the pepper on an anal plug intended for the sub’s ass. I have also heard of using the seeds that are in either type of pepper for urethra insertions.

As for this Phone Sex Mistress, these activities are not something I am willing to do with an inexperienced submissive over the phone. I would try it with a sub that has experience with figging, at least, and even then I don’t believe that I would recommend using a seed as a urethra insertion because it seems too risky.

I would most likely use the pepper to lubricate an anal plug as opposed to ‘peeling a pepper’ and inserting the pepper itself into a sub’s anus. Unlike ginger root which is a fibrous root, peppers are hollow and ‘flimsy’ for lack of a better term and I think that could raise issues and it’s not something that I would want to ‘dig out’ of a sub’s ass. As for some sort of urethra insertion, I wouldn’t be opposed to doing something like a Q-tip dipped in jalapeno juice, but not the seed. Using a seed just seems a little too dangerous.

Hope that answers your question, pet. I look forward to a fun-filled anal figging session with you and then perhaps a ‘peppering’ as well.

Ms Violet

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Violet7Are you interested in Sensual Domination Phone Sex? Have you ever considered chastity and prostate milking? I’ve been asked by several submissives if I believe in and practice chastity and milking. Yes, I do believe in chastity and milking. I absolutely adore controlling a man’s cock, sexual urges, and orgasm. Men are such absolute sluts. I have adored teasing boys/men for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite ways to ‘tease’ is orally. I love to get a man to almost the point of cumming and then back it down. And that practice goes ‘hand in hand’ with chastity and milking.

For this type of Sensual Domination Phone Sex, I firmly believe that I should be in control of your orgasms and whether or not they are pleasurable or not. How I exert that control is through chastity. Now, if a submissive is obedient then a Chastity Device isn’t necessary all the time. However, during initial training, I prefer to use one. My favorites for day in, day out usage are either CB-3000 or The Curve. However, I do enjoy putting a little slut in this one, Locking Chastity Belt with Plug, when having them do “housework” or to show them off at parties, if they’ve been good. LOL

Now when it comes to Sensual Domination Phone Sex that includes milking … I prefer a “hands on” approach, however there is a very good tool that can be utilized even by the submissive himself. That tool would be The Aneros G-Spot Stimulator. The ad for this tool says that it can produce quite an intense orgasm and that is true, however, if used while in a cock-cage, like the CB-3000, well, a submissive can’t exactly get “erect” in that so, it’s more of a “pain/pleasure” sort of situation and it can be quite humiliating for a man, especially the 1st time, to cum with a flaccid penis! LOL I do enjoy that moment so very much because it prepares him for the strap-on training that I enjoy. I love getting a little slut to the point where I can fuck him in his cage until he cums!
But back to Milking … I also think that it’s only right that he consume his own cum. So, as I’d stated earlier, I prefer a more personal ritual that includes me using my fingers to anally stimulate while he holds or positions his cock into a cup or bowl so that he can then eat up his cum for me as proof of his obedience to me and to really show what an utter slut he is as well.

Chastity, milking, and tease & denial are practices that I find standard for any submissive/slave of mine. I fully expect a sub of mine not to cum without my express consent. And I do not expect him to cum in any other way then the way I direct. However, I am not cruel, hardly, I do enjoy allowing my pets enjoyable orgasms. If a sub is good and obedient, well then there is a world of possibilities available to him and of course, obeying me insures that my pets will experience intense orgasms when they’re allowed to enjoy their orgasm.

Hope that answers some of your questions, but if you have a more specific question, I welcome your comment here and I will address that specifically.

Also, a good site to look at in relation to Chastity & Milking is this site Chastity

Talk to you soon, pets!

Mistress Violet

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