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Your Mistress and Spanking Phone Sex

As a Phone Sex Mistress have a game that I love to play with naughty little boys. Bad little boys that “think” they want their cocks sucked and worshiped but secretly yearn for me to spank them for being bad little boys!
I recently had an encounter with this type of bad, little boy. It was one of those times that I decided to go out with a couple of friends for some drinks. As per usual, several men indicated that they’d like to “get to know me better”. Men can be so silly sometimes vying for my attentions. Well, the ‘lucky one’ this evening said something particularly enticing that indicated he’d be fun to ‘play with’.

“You’re so beautiful. I bet you would look even better down between my thighs.”

When he said that I laughed in his face and walked away but I kept tabs on this particular bad boy throughout the entire evening. Later in the evening, after having bought me several drinks, he approached again for a 2nd try figuring that I might be more receptive, perhaps. However, again, I just laughed in his face and that is when he said exactly what I’d been dying to hear.

“Please, you’re so beautiful. I really would do ANYTHING to get to know you better.”

Violet26And I replied, “Anything? Really? Well, why don’t you come home with me and let’s talk more.” So, I took this particular naughty boy home with me and talked to him a little more. Lulling him into ‘relax mode’ was incredibly easy. All I had to do was give him what he thought that he wanted, me down between his thighs. As he relaxed, I slowly tied up his ankles then came back up and sat on his lap smothering him in my tits giving me the perfect moment to quickly tie up his wrists. Before he was really aware of what had happened to him, I stepped off of him, took a long look at him and his ‘proud’ erect cock, laughed, and walked into the other room. His voice followed me asking, “What do you think that you’re doing tying me up? Get back in here?” along with several expletives.

When he finally became silent, this Phone Sex Mistress walked back into the room dressed to play in my black leather corset, black leather thong, and black thigh-high leather boots with 6″ spiked heels. In one hand I had a leather paddle with the word “SLUT” embedded in it and in the other I held my favorite flogger. The look on his face was priceless! Almost immediately he began to try to tell me ‘what for’ but after a couple of ‘stings’ from my flogger he was silent with a much better attitude. And that is when the real fun began … LOL!

And if you want to know what kind of naughty little girls I love to spank .. for 2 girl phone sex, why don’t you check out our main phone sex blog! Such succulent little treats with a creamy, white and deep, dark tushies just aching for a spanking!

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Jamie P ~ What a gross little nasty slut!

This little slut will do ANYTHING for my attention. He wants to be my human ‘toilet’ so he can drink my piss and eat my shit. He begs to tongue my ass and sniff it as well. He’s even offered to be a ‘toilet’ for a my parties servicing all my friends.

He will give my feet and toes a bath with his nasty tongue and loves to stick his head in my sweaty smelly armpit and sniff it while I spit down his throat. And if I let the nasty little bugger, he’d adore sucking the snot out of my nose! What a disgusting little slut, don’t you think?!?

I’m sure that he’d do just about anything that I wanted him to do, just to be my little nasty slut! I’m sure that he’d lap up his own sperm from his little doggie dish and wag his rear end with a nice doggie butt plug in it too!

Oh what fun!

So, commited to being my slut … this nasty boy wants to suck the toe jam from between my toes. He WANTS a funnel in his mouth so that I can piss down his throat and he won’t miss a drop as well as shit there too and shove it down his throat!

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