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Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Consider this Sensual Domination Phone Sex scenario. You’re a submissive male looking to be dominated but you don’t like an extreme amount of pain. Your fantasies center around exposure, some humiliation, and of course, being used as a slut. In the deepest recesses of your mind, you want to be¬†objectified and used like a slut by not one, but many women and even some men.

In this particular Sensual Domination Phone Sex fantasy, you will play my submissive boyfriend. In everything we do together, I am the one in charge and you like it that way. I tell you to jump and you say, how high. This evening, I tell you to strip naked and then I bind your wrists and ankles. You hear the doorbell ring as I’m tying the blindfold securely over your eyes. Then I leave you alone to get the door. In the bedroom blind and naked, you hear muted voices. You can just make out that it’s more than one person. Your nervous but incredibly aroused. You have no idea what is going to happen, but it thrills you to know that you might be exposed to other people.

06The Exhibitionism Phone Sex portion of the evening is about to begin. You hear the door to the bedroom open and instantly become alert to all sounds and smells. I say nothing to you, but you can smell my sweet perfume. Without a sound, I attach a collar and leash to your neck and lead you slowly out into the living room. You can hear that there are other people in the room even though they’re not saying anything. You can smell other perfumes and you assume it’s all women. Then I gently push you down on your knees. You cock is sticking straight out and dripping pre-cum. I introduce you to the assembled group and you hear murmurs of appreciation which arouses you even more. You sense movement all around you and jump a bit when somebody touches you and you realize that it’s not me. There are soft hands caressing your face, shoulders, back, ass, and then lightly stroking your cock. There are several hands touching you in various places but not enough in the place that you really want, the area that is aching for attention.

Then you feel my hot breath on the back of your neck and my breasts with hard nipples pressed against your back. I whisper in your ear, “They’re looking for a good show. If you put on a good show, I’ll take off your blindfold and let you cum. Will you be a good boy?”¬† Eagerly, you reply, “Yes! Oh please, Yes!” Staying close behind you I tilt your head upwards and you can sense the other people withdrawing except for directly in front of you. Something soft and smooth brushes against your lips. I tell you to open your mouth and you obey. Then you feel that soft, smoothness being pushed into your mouth and you realize that it’s a cock. I whisper in your ear again, “Remember, if you’re a good boy … ” What do you do? I think you know what you’d do for me and all those other women watching. Why don’t you give me a call and tell me what you’d do for us and I’ll tell you what you’ll get for being a good boy!

Mistress Violet

February 2019
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