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Sissy Phone Sex

Cum one, cum all for sissy phone sex! I love sissy sluts, but I have a special place in my ‘heart’ for bi-sexual or metro-sexual sissy sluts. “Kelly” is what I would ‘term’ a metro-sexual sissy slut or let’s say it plain shall we, “An Equal Opportunity Slut”. 😉

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830Kelly has discovered a great deal about ‘herself’ under my tutelage. When Kelly and I first began talking several years ago, we talked about how much he wanted to be with a shemale. Gradually, as I got to know Kelly better and better, he admitted that his first ‘love’ had been a man, boy really, and how much he had enjoyed sucking his cock. He loved how being submissive made him feel. At that time, Kelly had strap on phone sex, but he’d sucked cock and been fucked like a slut, a male slut though.

I probed Kelly with more questions and discovered that he had on occasion worn women’s panties but no other female attire. I instilled a naughty thought or two in Kelly’s head when I talked about dressing up ‘Stephanie’ and how submissive that made him feel. Soon, Kelly was getting into wearing thongs, stockings, and ordering “slut dresses” online. Then one day, Kelly walked into a local woman’s lingerie shop and got into an illuminating conversation with a woman that worked at the store.

Now, Kelly is totally into sissy phone sex. He dresses up and plays with his girlfriend. Kelly’s girlfriend uses her strap-on to fuck her like a slut. There is only one thing missing that Kelly really needs … a big, juicy, real cock ( besides her own 😉 ) Kelly’s girlfriend would love to see her suck a nice cock and I believe, even get fucked by it while dressed up like a sexy sissy slut. I’ve seen Kelly suck a cock and take it like a naughty, slutty girl on webcam. Such a hot show! It’s too bad that Kelly’s guy friend didn’t have a bigger cock because that’s what Kelly really needs … a BIG ONE .. maybe even a nice big black cock! 😉 LOL!

Kelly, you need to get ‘on that’ and find yourself a nice, big black cock to suck and have fuck you on cam for Me. That is your mission, if you choose to accept 😉

Talk to you soon,
Mistress Violet

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