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Sissy Phone Sex

Here’s a little taste of sissy phone sex with me, Mistress Violet and one of my little cross dressers. It was one of those hot, humid summer nights in New Orleans and I decided that I wanted to take stephanie out for a stroll. Of course, before we could take our little walk, we needed to get dressed and I had just the right outfits in mind for us both.

My little phone sex sissy slut, stephanie, was only too eager for me to get her all bathed, shaved, dressed, and done up in full makeup, however, had she known what else I had planned for the evening, I don’t think that she would’ve been quite as eager. Even though stephanie is a sincere submissive sissy slut, she is quite shy. So, going out was not something that she would be so eager and excited to do. I picked out a lovely deep purple satin corset and matching satin thong, purple crotch-less fishnet stockings, a very short, snug black skirt, and  black leather slides for stephanie to wear. For Myself, I picked out one of my lace-up leather midi tank-tops, leather thong and garters, black fishnet thigh-highs, short, tight leather mini-skirt, and knee-high leather lace-up platform shit-kicker boots with a 6″ heel. After I had stephanie all bathed, shaved, and lotioned, I got her all set up with a new set of breast forms and then I dressed up my sweet lil girl. Even before she was completely dressed, I noticed that she was quite excited and I asked her, “Will I need to restrain you tonight in your cockcage?” and she blushed, “No, Mistress, please.” So, I proceeded to finish by applying her makeup making sure it was nice but slutty with black eye liner and, of course, hot pink lipstick and styling her long blonde tresses with sweet pipe curls to frame her delicate face. Then I dressed and put the finishing touches on my hair and makeup. I put my hair up into a tight French twist and made sure that my lips were done up flawlessly in a deep ruby red color with a sheen of gloss. Stephanie watched all of this sitting demurely with her legs crossed.


When this phone sex Mistress finished, I turned to stephanie saying, “I have a big surprise for you tonight, my lil pet” and I took out her leather shackles and blindfold. So, she meekly held out her wrists which I shackled and then I tied the leather blindfold into place. The last touch was her leather training collar which I fastened around her neck. I clipped on her leash instructing her to stand, grabbed my toy bag, and proceeded to lead her out of the house. At this point, stephanie seemed to sense that I was not leading her to the dungeon playroom but to the front of the house, “Mistress?” is all she managed before she heard the unmistakable sound of the front door opening and started to balk, “Please Mistress, no, I’m not ready! Please!” I tugged firmly on her leash and calmly but firmly stated, “Yes, my pet, you are ready. Ready to make your debut as my little slut!” and with some trembling and a little more tugging, she gave in to whatever I had in store for her that evening.

After I led stephanie out onto the porch and locked the door, slipping the key into my cleavage, I took off the leash and blindfold. I turned to her and said, “It’s a nice evening for a walk, don’t you think?” and I started down the porch stairs. When I got to the bottom, I turned to find stephanie still standing just outside of the door trembling in fear and excitement.

(to be continued)Look for rest in the next installment … meanwhile, give me a call for your own transformation!

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830

Strap-On Phone Sex

Ms Violet 1-800-574-1830

I love to take the time to turn naughty, little boys into my perfect little sissy-slut maids for some serious Strap-on Phone Sex. I have this sexy sissy that stands 6’2″ with natural long blonde hair. Boy is ‘she’ sweet! I have to tell you about the first time I got ‘her’ all dressed pretty for me and the “world” that it opened up for ‘her’.

The first thing that I did to “transform” sweet little ‘stephanie’ was to take ‘her’ into the shower and bathe her from head to toe. I washed her long beautiful blonde tresses and used sweet smelling body wash and scrubs to get her skin so fresh, smooth and sweet smelling. Then I took my favorite shaving cream and shaved all the pertinent areas; legs, groin, and underarms. Once stephanie was all smooth and smelling delicious, I toweled her off and applied floral lotion so she smelled even more like a girl then ever before.

Then it was time to dress my sweet Phone Sex Sissy. I had decided that the first outfit was going to be something to fit her sweet but naughty nature, so I went with the ‘innocent catholic schoolgirl’ look. I put on some silky white lace-topped thigh-highs, some pretty white silk and lace panties, and a silky lace-edged underwire with breastforms to give her a little something extra. After that it was time for the actual outfit that consisted of a short black pleated skirt with a mild plaid of red and yellow, a demure short-sleeved white button-down blouse, basic black snap bowtie and some low-heeled patent leather mary janes.

After getting stephanie all dressed it was time for the final touches which included doing her hair and makeup. I painted her fingernails with Red Hot, her lips with red lip liner, crimson lip color, and cream and sugar gloss, her eyes with spun silk, hazelnut, and vintage gold eye colors, charcoal eye liner, black mascara, and sunny spice cheek color. Then I took a spiral curling iron to those long blonde tresses giving her some adorable pipe curls that I pulled into to little ponytails with pretty red ribbons.

I wish that I had taken a picture, unfortunately, I did not. Perhaps next time I will so that I can show you all how very pretty she looked. So sweetly sexy! It was a definite overall transformation. She couldn’t believe how pretty and feminine she looked. I knew she had it in her. She just couldn’t contain herself and she started to prance around twirling so her skirt flared and giggling. So very enticing!

And then, this Phone Sex Mistress just had to have her. And, of course, my sweet little naughty girl wanted to be fucked just as much as I wanted to fuck her. I didn’t even tie her up. She pretty much dropped to her knees to suck my strap-on and then I bent her over and gave her what I knew she was craving, a good hard fucking that, eventually, had her cumming hard into those pretty silk panties. What a naughty little girl, I love it!

When am I dressing you up?! 😉

Mistress Violet   1-800-574-1830

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