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Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830Do you have what it takes for 2 girl phone sex and satisfy two assertive, aggressive women? Are you an utterly submissive slut that is willing to be used any way our deviant minds devise? Dying to be teased beyond all things sane and rational?

If you said yes to any or all of the above, you must call me, your phone sex Mistress and one of my sexy dominant girlfriend, Mistress Sabrina. We have a rapport that is beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies. Whether you’re into sensual, seductive tease and denial, hardcore extreme discipline and pain, forced feminization, crossdressing, bondage, small-dick humiliation, strap-on/anal play, or simply a slut that yearns to please, you need to call for the “full-on” dynamic domination duo, Mistress Violet & Mistress Sabrina!

We will turn your world upside down and inside out. You will be enthralled with the first wicked chuckle and addicted from the start. We are truly dominant women that know your place is at our feet and your purpose in life is to service our every whim.

Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

Mistress Sabrina ~ 1-888-500-7551

Want to know more about our 2 girl phone fantasy role playing, check out our newest site at www.2girlsphonesex.com for different fantasy ideas and options! I have a hot fantasy coming up with delicious Dusty!

Forced Fem & Sissy Slut Phone Sex

Making you My little Bitch!
The first step is to get your skin smooth, hairless, and soft. To that end, I will bath you, shave you, and rub sweetly scented lotion all over your body. When I say “all over”, I mean everywhere! I want you smooth and smelling like a girl.
The second step is your lingerie. All pretty girls know that lingerie is key to feeling sexy. It’s like a naughty, little secret we have under whatever we’re wearing. So, I will pick out something suitable for you. Something silky-soft to the touch with plenty of lace. Perhaps a matching pink, underwire bra to go with some hi-cut lacy thongs. Then a pretty pink garter attached to some silky, lace-topped thigh-high stockings. Maybe a silky full-slip too!
The third step is your hair and make-up. As much as I like my little bitches to be “au natural”, that isn’t always feasible. If that is the case, then I have various long-haired wigs in a variety of colors and styles for you. Now, for a pretty face, girls have to pay particular attention to their skin care so they have the softest, smoothest looking face. Pretty girls use facial cleansers, masks, anti-aging products, and moisturizers. Now, for the make-up. If you don’t have a decent canvas, why paint it? Well, I will give you a decent base with foundation and powder. From there, I will add a pretty pink blusher, long false eyelashes, dark eyeliner, sparkly, pink eyeshadow, and thick black mascara. The finally touch is hot, pink lip liner, pink lipstick, and cherry gloss for wet, sexy cocksucking lips!
Now, you’re ready for a super-sexy, short dress and high-heels. I’ve got the perfect one for you. It’s a sexy, sparkly pink cocktail dress with spaghetti straps that barely reaches the tops of your silky thigh-high stockings. With your arms up, I’ll slip it over your head and then zip it up in the back. Then for the very last step, your platform, high-heeled strappy sandals. I know you’re going to teeter-totter a bit in these, but I love the way they make your legs and ass wiggle as you strut around for me.
Now that you’re the perfect girl, I’ll make you My bitch. I’ll slip on my strap-on, grab you, and bend you over the bed. Slide up that pretty dress and pull those lacy thongs to the side. Don’t you feel like a little slut now with your pussy exposed? You want it, don’t you, baby?! Well, I’m just the Mistress to give it to you!
Push my strap-on up to that hot, tight pussy and watch you eagerly push back to take it all! You’re My little bitch now, aren’t you? My little sissy slut that needs to get fucked and I’m going to fuck you good! Pump that tight pussy full of my big strap-on cock! Give it to you good and make you fill that lacy thong full of cum!
Want to be My little bitch? Call Me, slut!

Mistress Violet

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