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Mistress Phone Sex and Pushing Limits

In my experience as a Phone Sex Mistress, one of the greatest gifts that a submissive gives to his/her Dominant is unwavering trust. I have heard countless stories from submissive men about that trust being abused on occasions where the sub was used way beyond their limits. Situations where they were beaten beyond sub-space or forced into situations that went beyond erotic into a scary nightmarish actuality. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in pushing limits, but I think that many Dominants can push too hard, too fast. The gift of trust is only the beginning. Nobody, submissive or otherwise, can have enough “blind trust” right from the start to be able to be completely and utterly submissive in the very first session. It takes time to build a good, trusting bond between Domme and sub. I have this sort of bond with many of my phone sex submissives as well as all of my past ‘live’ submissives.

Ms Violet 1*800*574*1830I have been K’s Phone Sex Mistress for a very long time. K is an exhibitionist & cumslut. We spent a long time building our relationship and that trust because we not only talk ‘fantasy’, but there is some ‘reality’ in there as well. A good ‘fantasy’ that we talk about is one where I take him out to a fetish club naked on a leash connected to a cock & ball harness. Once at the club, I have him perform on stage for the group in a variety of different ways. It is exciting and erotic for both of us to talk about this sort of scene and how it would play out, what I would make him do, and how all of it excites him, however, it’s not something that can actually be “done” via the phone. Another ‘fantasy’ that we talk of is where I kidnap him and his wife and make them cumsluts for a fetish party .. that was a particularly hot one .. LOL!

The reality part of our calls is a little more tricky because these are things that he is actually doing for me at my command and there has to be a certain amount of caution. There are many things to take into account when having somebody do something for you that is a long distance away from your personal physical control. The main concern for me is one of safety and legality. Something that is relatively simple and I’m sure many men have done without prompting, but could have dire consequences for him if he was “caught”, would be having him unzip his pants whilst driving to expose his cock and stroke. Now, as long as he’s got one hand on the wheel and is driving well, there is no problem, however, if he were to get pulled over by a police officer and wasn’t able to zip up quick enough, he’d be in a world of hurt. Other times in the dead, middle of the night when most people are a sleep, I’ve had him go out into his back or front yard completely naked and stroke his cock for me which excites him almost beyond reason. Once again, this is something that is only undertaken in certain circumstances where the possibility that he would be actually seen by another person is almost zero. These reality activities are the most exciting and thrilling for both of us, but they are the ones that we’ve had to slowly build on because of the potential ‘reality’ consequences if something went wrong.

I am very proud of the relationship that K and I have built. Even in the throes of excitement, he’s usually able to keep his “top head” enough so as to not lose complete control in his environment which is necessary when doing the reality assignments. It would be different if I was standing right there and in complete control of the physical environment. In a way, I feel “bad” that I cannot be there physically for him so that he can completely “let go” and have the trust that I am there and nothing bad could happen. Alas, that is not possible. Even still, we’ve worked on different activities and have built a bond and a comfort level where I am able to push his limits and he is able to do things that he would never have done by himself which has increased his level of trust as well as strengthened our D/s bond.

So, if you are looking for a Mistress into Sensual Domination Phone Sex and is able to responsibly push your limits, give me a call.

Mistress Violet

Fetish Phone Sex

06As a Dominatrix/Mistress, I have a great deal of experience with a variety of Fetish Phone Sex and sexual practices. Some of these fetishes are more “mainstream” and others are not so widely practiced. A particular “fetish” that is more “mainstream” but also has many variations is Exhibitionism.

Wikipedia defines Exhibitionism as:

Exhibitionism, known variously as flashing, apodysophilia and Lady Godiva syndrome, [1] is the psychological need and pattern of behavior to exhibit naked parts of the body to another person with a tendency toward an extravagant, usually at least partially sexually inspired behavior to captivate the attention of another in an open display of bare “private parts”  i.e., parts of the human body which would otherwise be left covered under clothing in nearly all other cultural circumstances.”

Go here for Wikipedia’s full definition of Exhibitionism.

Many deviant fetish practices are about an additional adrenaline rush or thrill. Exhibitionism is about the thrill of either possibly being seen or purposefully being seen by one or more people, usually strangers. Now, I’m not talking about exposing one’s self at a public sporting event or concert when you’re drunk and carousing. For most people, that type of “flashing” is a one time experience while under the influence, but if the experience is sexually thrilling it can lead to the desire to be seen naked masturbating or to be seen in flagrante delicto.

The “flip side” of Exhibitionism is Voyeurism. Wikipedia defines Voyeurism as:

Voyeurism is a practice in which an individual derives sexual pleasure from observing other people. Such people may be engaged in sexual acts, or be nude or in underwear, or dressed in whatever other way the “voyeur” finds appealing.”

For more on Voyeurism.

When it comes to Voyeurism there are a variety as well. For some it is as simple as looking through a “Playboy” or watching a video. Then there are those men that like to go to the strip clubs or fetish clubs to watch the action. For others, it can get more complex. For instance, a married man who would like to see his wife with other men; specifically other men that are well endowed. This type of voyeurism can lead to cuckolding where men either accept that their wife “steps out” on them or even encourages them to have extramarital affairs. Then either asks the wife to tell him about it or asks to be able to be there and watch/participate in the act. And still others that want to observe people in their most intimate moments undetected as in what’s been called “a peeping tom” which is illegal and serious invasion of privacy.

I find that when it comes to this Phone Sex Fetish, most people can be a little bit of both but tend to lean one way or the other in varying degrees. Some people want to be seen and other people prefer to watch. Sometimes it can all hinge on their self-esteem and/or confidence level and other times it’s all a matter of what turns them on.

What turns you on? Do you want to watch or do you want to be watched? I like to watch, so if you’re an exhibitionist, I’d be more than happy to be your voyeur…just give me a call!

Mistress Violet

Poor Horny Little Bitch

ee, k, you didn’t get any “tail” from your wife last night? aaaawwww, poor little slut! LOL!

Interesting situation with your ex-girlfriend, huh … and no more calling her? Remember k, you’re MY BITCH! Not the other way around … wonder what your high school sweetheart is up to this evening considering she probably didn’t get any dick from her husband last night and you didn’t get pussy from your wife … maybe I should have her cum over so you can service her pussy?!?!?? *wicked grin*

Well, it seems that Toni in Aurora, Illinois has some questions about you, k … lol!(See Comment Below)

  • In a way, yes this is a blackmail post. You see, k’s fondest desire is to not be in control and there are only so many ways it can be done long distance. Another turn-on for k is that I know EVERYTHING about him and I’m not afraid to use what I know to force him to do whatever I want.
  • I have k do whatever I choose. He uses a webcam so that I can be sure that he’s not cheating. He has cheated in the past and knows that I will not tolerate cheating anymore. I have him run around his neighborhood naked and stroking in the warm weather. In the cooler weather, I have him indoors doing self-bondage, cum eating, a little CBT, a little spanking, and whatever else I find amusing like last weekend’s “open-to-the-public” webcam show.
  • I have a picture is of his 1st girlfriend that he pointed it out one time when he was particularly horny. I As with anything he tells me or points out, I use it at my own discretion.
  • I have found that posts on my blog will arouse my little bitch. I use them to tease and torture him and yes, sometimes, to force him to do one thing or another.
  • As with any session, I am in complete control, but I am not a cruel Mistress. I do take into account what my submissive’s limitations might be and plan accordingly. I have been talking to him for a few years and know a great deal about him. I know what buttons to push and how hard to push them. He hasn’t gotten into any serious trouble with his wife or anybody else yet, and I do not intend for him to get into any trouble unless he truly pisses me off. Although, I do believe that these sort of “fantasies” do require a bit of realism from time to time, that is why I did call his ex-girlfriend last weekend. It was a bit of a sticky situation for k to get out of, but he did get out of it quite nicely.
    Thanks for your questions “Toni”.
  • Well, “Toni”, punishment is a whole other kettle of fish that k knows very well. Perhaps I choose to ignore him completely, making him even more horny and frustrated or I could call his wife again. Even the threat of the latter is like a nice cattle-prod in my little bitch’s ass. LOL! Punishment is determined by the offense and my mood. Enough said? Maybe k would like to comment about some of “Toni’s” questions?
    So, little bitch, are you consuming some liquid courage this evening? What do you suppose I should do with you tonight? Should you entertain me? me and my friends? the neighbors? public webcam broadcast?
    Decisions … Decisions … Decisions … LOL!

    Yes, toni, I have his wife’s name, cell number, and work number. As I said before, I know EVERYTHING about him and everything that I do know about him was told to me by him. Part of what turns his crank is me asking him questions and him having to answer me. Initially, there was some ‘volunteered’ information and from that little bit, I weened more and more from him. What you have to understand is that keith wants me in control. He wants me to use the information that I have. All of this turns him on, the horny little bitch!
    And for k, these posts (and there are several of these posts) I put up when I am teasing him to a session. That may not be the case for other blackmail/exhibitionist submissives. I treat each submissive/caller uniquely.
    Now, I have a question for you, toni … What has you so interested? Are you interested in blackmail fantasies?
    For k .. have ready your vibe, clips, handcuffs, and webcam too! Going to have you call soon!
    Well, toni, there are a few permanent posts about him and there are at least 3 “private” posts that I make public when I tease him. This particular post will become “private” once I complete the session with k tonight. The private posts have a ton of personal information about k and I only make them public for a certain period of time. It’s a tease for him and is quite arousing. That is how I work it with k, but as I said, I treat every submissive uniquely. So, with you, we would work together to see what amuses me most, what your limits are, and what turns your crank.
    toni … I published all of k’s posts for you to look at … they will be up for the duration of my current session with k … read at your leisure .. LOL!
    But since that session is over .. the posts have come down again .. but if you have more questions or would like to have a forced fantasy or blackmail session, CALL ME!

    Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

    Amazing Mistress Violet for Domination Phone Sex

    Amazing Mistress Violet by K ~ Mistress Violet’s Exhibitionist Slut-Bitch

    I have been a phone sex junkie for the better part of 10 years or so and in that time, as one might imagine, I have talked to a great many different people from the random 800# and getting whoever is available to searching the internet for that right combination. Then about 2 years ago, I discovered Mistress Violet and haven’t been anywhere else since. She is truly amazing! imaginative! trustworthy! devious! and patient!
    Mistress Violet has all of the obvious skills but Her imagination and creativity are incredible. One of my fetishes is forced exhibitionism and as you might imagine that can be quite difficult to do over the phone but Mistress Violet came up with the idea of hooking up my web cam and watching me to make sure I follow Her directions to a tee from having me kneel at the front door wearing a blindfold to having me walk out that very same front door and stroke and cum right there on the front porch. No more faking it and pretending to go out! I had to do as I was told or face the consequences. She also used that imagination to come up with the idea of taking my picture using a screen shot of her computer while watching my web cam. So as you can see, Her imagination and creativity are wonderful.
    Two of the most important qualities She has are that She is VERY trustworthy and incredibly devious! I am not into the usual phone sex chat back and forth and pretending. I prefer it be as real as possible and to that end, I have had to share some very sensitive information with Mistress Violet. You see, forced exhibitionism isn’t that easy over the phone so it becomes a bit of a “fantasy blackmail” game and in order to do that well, She needs information. She knows where I work, my office phone number, my cell #, my wife’s cell # & work #, my ex-girlfriend’s cell #, my e-mail address and my home address as well as all of my deepest, darkest secrets and desires and She has used every bit of it! She’s used it to get me to obey. She’s called my wife at work, my ex-girlfriend, and posted all of my information on Her site including pictures. All is done to force me to do exactly as I am told. The calls to my wife were very short and did not reveal any information much like the calls to my ex-girlfriend but then she didn’t need to reveal any information. The mere fact that Mistress Violet would actually call them was more than motivation enough to do as I am told. I’m telling you all of this to show you just how trustworthy She really is. In all of this time, Mistress Violet has never once betrayed me or put me in a situation that endangered my home or work life in any way.
    Lastly, but most certainly not the least, is Her patience. I am for the most part, very shy and cautious. I am a whiner (I’m sure is what She would say) and I worry a great deal and can often be VERY needy. I crave attention and She has more than given it to me. Mistress Violet has been there for me thru thick and thin. She has been there for more than just phone sex. She has talked with me about my life and issues I have encountered. She has given me an amazing amount of help in these past couple of years. So, not only has Mistress Violet been able to quench my desire for fetish phone sex, She has also been there to give Her opinion and insight.
    In closing, Mistress Violet is a Hardcore Bitch of a Mistress, but she’s also a sensitive, imaginative, and trustworthy friend that has pushed and stretched my limits at just the right pace. So, if You are reading this wondering if Mistress Violet is right for you, the answer is YES! Regardless of Your need or desire Mistress Violet has the answer!

    Summertime Fun

    This summer has been a bit crazy for me. All you poor submissives dying to hear from me and I’ve been so busy thinking up wild and crazy things for you to do for me on the phone. LOL 😉

    I have Keith The Exhibitionist getting on webcam and running around his house naked doing his dishes and spanking his ass for being a naughty slut. Then there is The Amazing Ironman Cockstroker working hard, day in and day out, to expel all that ‘evil’ when he’s not in his alter-ego fighting for freedom from the harsh command of ‘the red scare’ or crashing into things on his bike. 😉 And “Daniel” the naughty boy that I haven’t heard from in some time that needed a good milking. “Kelly” in New Jersey is in serious need of a big juicy cock to suck and fuck. Of course, “Stephanie” in Louisianna is looking to get dressed up nice and slutty and ride my big purple strap-on. There’s nothing I love to hear more than a horny slutty ‘girl’ begging to ride my strap-on except for maybe ‘her’ moans and groans when I pound it deep into her slutty ass! LOL! And there are an assortment of new sluts that I am looking forward to hearing from more the rest of this year.

    I want to let all my good, faithful pets know that I have been offered an invitation to a little gathering of women like myself. I have chosen to accept the invitation and am looking forward to a little “fun in the sun”. I will be on “holiday” from July 21st until sometime between the 26th & 28th. I’m not exactly sure when I’ll be returning home as I’ll be doing a little “road trip” on my Harley. If you’re in dire need, check for my availability on the weekend of the 26th, I may be home by then, if not then, for sure on the 28th.

    I’ll be sure to tell you all about what fun we have and share any new ideas that I have to tease, torture, and torment you all! Behave while I’m away!

    Mistress Violet

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