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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

One of my favorite activities has to be “tease and denial” coupled with Guided Masturbation Phone Sex. I have to say that the results can be explosive. I have one particular little pet that is a fiend for guided masturbation and lately, I have decided to incorporate some tease and denial into our sessions.

“MS” is actually a naughty boy that still happens to be a virgin. How novel and delightful! Of course, as his Mistress, I am in control of his cock, my cock actually. Our initial sessions centered around Guided Masturbation Phone Sex and various different stroking methods. Now, I’ve taken a slightly different tack with “MS”. Before our last session, I gave him a little assignment. I had instructed him to stroke a specified way without lubrication every hour on the hour for only 5-10 minutes and not to cum. I told him that if he came, then it was over and there would be punishment. Also, while he stroked he was to either be looking at pictures of me or watching some sort of porn. Then, if he’d been a ‘good boy’ and not cum yet, I would allow him to call me and stroke for me.


As it turned out, “MS” was a ‘good boy’, so I allowed him to call me. He admitted that he was incredibly turned on by his assignment (the duration was over the course of approximately 4 hours) and confessed that he’d gotten extremely close to cumming that last hour, but he’d managed not to cum. What a good little slutty boy! Since his cock was already ‘rock hard’ and oozing pre-cum, I knew that I was going to have some fun. I started him out massaging his balls and rubbing on the tip of his cock which I know is highly stimulating to him. Then, I had him stroke the length of the shaft with his left hand while he rubbed his thumb of his right hand back and forth across the tip. To add to his anxiety, I told him to get his cock really wet and slick with his lube, KY Warming Liquid. (I recommend KY Silk or KY Warming for lubrication being that the “Silk” doesn’t contain glycerine so it’s good for lubrication of the cock, vagina, or ass.) Well, that certainly ‘heated’ things up and soon he was ready to explode, however, I was not ready to let him. So, I had him switch his left had back to massaging his balls and instructed him to place the palm of his right hand on the tip of his cock and just press down in a circular motion slowly. Oh, how I delighted in his moaning, “God, that feels so good Mistress!”

When I was satisfied that he couldn’t take more, I told him to apply more lube and stroke rapidly up and down with his left hand on the bottom, right hand on the top in a full grip but with the thumb of his right hand closed so that when he went all the way down on his shaft the tip would be pressed hard against his thumb. He managed to stroke rapidly like this for the final 5 minutes of our session until his cock exploded. Of course, I encouraged him to continue to pump until his balls were drained. So much fun!

Think that you could satisfy me like that? Hhhmm, give me a call  for Guide Masturbation Phone Sex and we’ll see, perhaps!? Maybe if you’re a good little slut like “MS”, I will allow you to lick yourself off me?!?

Mistress Violet


Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

Violet23I have little pets that love Guided Masturbation Phone Sex sessions with me. I love to tell them precisely how to stroke their cocks. Actually, it’s more of a situation where I allow them to stroke “my cock”, LOL!

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex sessions are quite sensual and erotic. I do love to have boys get all naked for me and stroke it! There’s this ‘rush’ being completely clothed having a boy completely naked and begging to stroke his/my cock in front of me. The ‘wicked’ comes out in me when I notice him getting close to orgasm and then have him either stop or change up his stroke breaking his concentration therefore delaying his orgasm. That’s what we call orgasm control. For even a little more pleasure, I have them use different substances for lubrication including ice, warming lotion, ginger-infused oil, or even toothpaste.

There are some basic grips to stroke that are listed on JackinWorld. And there are several different types of  cock stroking, I have noticed. The techniques that have most benefited me, I learned when first reading SM 101 by Jay Wiseman which is a ‘must have’ book for those new to D/s and BDSM. Also, there are several different stroking variations listed on JackinExpert that you may or may not find informative and/or stimulating.

So, with my little Guided Masturbation Phone Sex pet, “MS”, I talk him through just exactly how I want him to touch himself for me. It’s always pleasurable for both of us especially when he fires up his webcam and uses his Fleshlight. He’s becoming quite the slutty boy for me and very soon I’ll be exploring how anal stimulation will really turn him into my slave! Too much fun!
Talk to all you naughty boys soon!

Mistress Violet

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

So, a new IronMan Cockstroker cometh for Guided Masturbation Phone Sex. MH and I have started his training. I’ve got him practicing a couple of basic stroking techniques and we’re doing a little circuit training as well.

The next step, we’re working on with our Guided Masturbation Phone Sex sessions is Orgasm Control. I like to have my boys make ‘my’ cock cum on command. So far, MH is doing well at holding-off his orgasm until I’m ready for him to cum, but I want him to build up his stroking stamina as well.

One of the most entertaining things for me in Guided Masturbation Phone Sex, and for my boys, is increased intensity of the orgasm when I finally let them cum. MH is realizing that the longer we prolong his orgasm, the stronger his orgasm becomes. Are you ready to become the next IronMan Cockstroker, MH?!?

Mistress Violet

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

I love to tell you exactly how I want you to stroke your cock for me. It’s called Guided Masturbation Phone Sex and it’s a very fun and intimate form of Sensual Domination Phone Sex. I know a variety of stroking techniques and I will walk you through each and every one of them. I know that it’s a turn-on for you to give over control of your cock to me.

There is strict Guided Masturbation where I walk you through various strokes using 1 or 2 hands. Also, Guided Masturbation with Sensual Imagery where we can do a Role Play like you’re actually my slave and stroking right in front of me. As our sessions progress, we can do what’s called ‘Circuit Training’ to build up your ‘stroking stamina’ and prolong your orgasm. We could got another direction and work on multiple orgasms by continuing to stroke through your first and perhaps, even your second orgasm. So, you see, there are a variety of ways to go with Guided Masturbation and all of them include Orgasm Control Phone Sex.

As a bonus, I will watch you stroke for me on webcam as well. I love to see my cocks on display and it insures that you’re following my instructions ‘to the letter’. So, if you’re looking for the best in Guided Masturbation …

Call Mistress Violet at 1-800-574-1830!

PS. Here’s a little ‘shout out’ for a few new, up-and-coming Cockstrokers … SM & JL! Let’s see if you can break some stroking records! For more about my personalized Guided Masturbation sessions, read about Ironman Cockstroker here on my blog.

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

As a Mistress, I love to be in control and there’s nothing better than controlling a man’s cock and orgasm via Guided Masturbation Phone Sex.  It’s one of my favorite types of Sensual Domination Phone Sex calls. I know a variety of ways that I will have you stroke for me. Just ask the Ironman Cockstroker! We do a variety of strokes and circuit training too for maximum Orgasm Control! I will take you to the edge of your limits and beyond.

Do you have a webcam? I love to watch! Sure, I’m a voyeur, aren’t you? If you could be right in front of me, on your knees,  and stroking at my command, wouldn’t you love it if I joined you so you could see me play with my tight, wet pussy?

Let’s test your limits of endurance and see about achieving an explosive orgasm! Are you up for the challenge?!

Call Mistress Violet for the best in Guided Masturbation Phone Sex and Orgasm Control!


Do you Deserve to Stroke for Me? Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

Watching you!

Are you looking for an assertive woman that will take control of you and your cock? Does it turn you on to be told how to hold it? How to stroke it? Are you looking for strict guidance only or would you prefer detailed sensual imagery with guidance to put you right in front of Me? Do you want to stroke for a woman watching you on webcam while she tells you what she wants you to do?
Look no further … you have found Me, Mistress Violet!
I have a great deal of experience with guided masturbation. I know several techniques and exactly what I would like you to do for me with the understanding that you are stroking My cock. I am allowing you to touch it in the way that I want it touched. I will decide how you will stroke it for Me and when or even if, My cock will be allowed to cum.
If you’re looking for strictly guided masturbation, I have several ways that you can stroke it for me. I also do circuit training stroking for those that are interested in increasing stamina, prolonging orgasm, and creating more intense orgasms.
If you’re want sensual imagery coupled with guidance, I have a wickedly creative and detailed mind that will paint the perfect picture and you will feel as if you are right here with Me. Not only will I tell you what to do, but you will feel My presence, My breath on the back of your neck, and perhaps even My touch. I can make it as real for you as your mind will allow.
As I enjoy seeing My cocks in action, I am always interested in those that have the courage to perform for me on webcam. I am completely discreet and only take pictures if you desire. I do have many submissives that are thrilled to perform for Me, some prefer anonymity and others are complete exhibitionist sluts. Depending on what you’re comfortable level, terms can be negotiated.

If you are seeking the best in Guided Masturbation …
Call Me, Mistress Violet @ 1-800-574-1830

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

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