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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

I love to tell you exactly how I want you to stroke your cock for me. It’s called Guided Masturbation Phone Sex and it’s a very fun and intimate form of Sensual Domination Phone Sex. I know a variety of stroking techniques and I will walk you through each and every one of them. I know that it’s a turn-on for you to give over control of your cock to me.

There is strict Guided Masturbation where I walk you through various strokes using 1 or 2 hands. Also, Guided Masturbation with Sensual Imagery where we can do a Role Play like you’re actually my slave and stroking right in front of me. As our sessions progress, we can do what’s called ‘Circuit Training’ to build up your ‘stroking stamina’ and prolong your orgasm. We could got another direction and work on multiple orgasms by continuing to stroke through your first and perhaps, even your second orgasm. So, you see, there are a variety of ways to go with Guided Masturbation and all of them include Orgasm Control Phone Sex.

As a bonus, I will watch you stroke for me on webcam as well. I love to see my cocks on display and it insures that you’re following my instructions ‘to the letter’. So, if you’re looking for the best in Guided Masturbation …

Call Mistress Violet at 1-800-574-1830!

PS. Here’s a little ‘shout out’ for a few new, up-and-coming Cockstrokers … SM & JL! Let’s see if you can break some stroking records! For more about my personalized Guided Masturbation sessions, read about Ironman Cockstroker here on my blog.

Super Bitch Mistress for Phone Sex Series 2

And now for the second installment in the Super Bitch Mistress vs. The IronMan Cockstroker. This part shows how the IronMan needs the Super Bitch Mistress to rid him of all his evil .. Read on ..

[11:56] Super Bitch Mistress: and who calls whom to have her tell him how to stroke his dick?

[11:56] IronManCockStroker: ooooooo

[11:56] IronManCockStroker: 🙂

[11:56] IronManCockStroker: fun fun 🙂

[11:56] Super Bitch Mistress: because somebody obviously doesn’t know how to stroke his own cock by his lonesome 😛

[11:56] IronManCockStroker: ouch

[11:57] Super Bitch Mistress: Ha ha!

[11:57] Super Bitch Mistress: Gotcha!

[11:57] IronManCockStroker: just because my real head doesn’t have much blood flowing to it anymore

[11:57] IronManCockStroker: logic …failing…. can’t…compute

[11:57] Super Bitch Mistress: Does it ever?!? 😛

[11:57] IronManCockStroker: has less than normal

[11:58] IronManCockStroker: you forget…whilst arguing, i’ve been looking at porn for about the past hour

[11:58] Super Bitch Mistress: lol

[11:59] Super Bitch Mistress: and yet you have the brain clarity to remind me … on huh

[11:59] IronManCockStroker: ?

[11:59] IronManCockStroker: remind you of what?

[11:59] Super Bitch Mistress: indeed

[11:59] IronManCockStroker: so confused

[11:59] Super Bitch Mistress: I think you’re about to puke .. watch out 😛

[12:00] Super Bitch Mistress: uh oh .. the little head is going to puke

[12:00] IronManCockStroker: no…still haven’t started ….still just rubbin’…lol

[12:00] Super Bitch Mistress: poor thing is just so tired of getting all shook up lol

[12:00] IronManCockStroker: it knows i treat it well

[12:00] IronManCockStroker: don’t ya buddy????

[12:01] Super Bitch Mistress: but you make it throw up so often and for no real purpose .. he thinks he’s aneorexic

[12:01] Super Bitch Mistress: lol

[12:01] IronManCockStroker: lol

[12:01] IronManCockStroker: Hey! You contributed to that as well

[12:01] Super Bitch Mistress: poor little starving member

[12:01] Super Bitch Mistress: lmao

[12:01] IronManCockStroker: not like You’re innocent in this

[12:01] Super Bitch Mistress: Oh, I’m far from innocent period 😛

[12:02] Super Bitch Mistress: guilty and loving it!

[12:02] IronManCockStroker: and fyi…he’s telling me to thank You for all those times You did make him puke

[12:02] Super Bitch Mistress: LOL

[12:02] Super Bitch Mistress: he’s a sick little puppy

[12:02] Super Bitch Mistress: LMAO

[12:02] IronManCockStroker: nah….just infected with a case of riggamortis

[12:02] Super Bitch Mistress: oh .. better yet … a dead puppy

[12:03] Super Bitch Mistress: lol

[12:03] IronManCockStroker: no…he’s alive

[12:03] IronManCockStroker: look…you can see a pulse

[12:03] Super Bitch Mistress: Oh .. so he’s a vampire .. I get it

[12:03] Super Bitch Mistress: LOL

[12:03] Super Bitch Mistress: Sucks the life out of you … to puke for Me 😛

[12:04] IronManCockStroker: well he’d rather BE sucked than to suck

[12:04] Super Bitch Mistress: lol

[12:04] IronManCockStroker: but funny thing is..the more he pukes for You, the better i feel 🙂

[12:04] Super Bitch Mistress: Sucking all the evil out of you

[12:04] Super Bitch Mistress: lol

[12:04] IronManCockStroker: there we go

[12:04] IronManCockStroker: lol

[12:04] Super Bitch Mistress: and puking it up for the betterment of mankind in general

[12:05] IronManCockStroker: damn skippy

[12:05] IronManCockStroker: 😀

[12:05] IronManCockStroker: but not yet

[12:05] IronManCockStroker: lol

[12:06] IronManCockStroker: still haven’t really “started”

[12:06] IronManCockStroker: lol

[12:07] Super Bitch Mistress: Indeed

[12:07] Super Bitch Mistress: Just getting him revved up and sucking the evil .. gotta fill him up with evil first before he can puke it out 😛

[12:08] IronManCockStroker: there ya go

[12:08] IronManCockStroker: nice way of lookin’ at it

[12:08] Super Bitch Mistress: and you’re just such a humanitarian that you want him to suck as much evil out of you as possible each time .. so you take your time with it and do it right 😛

[12:08] IronManCockStroker: he’s startin’ to get antsy though

[12:09] Super Bitch Mistress: it’s the evil entering him .. I’m sure that’s what makes him ‘antsy’

Stay tuned for more!

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