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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

One of my favorite activities has to be “tease and denial” coupled with Guided Masturbation Phone Sex. I have to say that the results can be explosive. I have one particular little pet that is a fiend for guided masturbation and lately, I have decided to incorporate some tease and denial into our sessions.

“MS” is actually a naughty boy that still happens to be a virgin. How novel and delightful! Of course, as his Mistress, I am in control of his cock, my cock actually. Our initial sessions centered around Guided Masturbation Phone Sex and various different stroking methods. Now, I’ve taken a slightly different tack with “MS”. Before our last session, I gave him a little assignment. I had instructed him to stroke a specified way without lubrication every hour on the hour for only 5-10 minutes and not to cum. I told him that if he came, then it was over and there would be punishment. Also, while he stroked he was to either be looking at pictures of me or watching some sort of porn. Then, if he’d been a ‘good boy’ and not cum yet, I would allow him to call me and stroke for me.


As it turned out, “MS” was a ‘good boy’, so I allowed him to call me. He admitted that he was incredibly turned on by his assignment (the duration was over the course of approximately 4 hours) and confessed that he’d gotten extremely close to cumming that last hour, but he’d managed not to cum. What a good little slutty boy! Since his cock was already ‘rock hard’ and oozing pre-cum, I knew that I was going to have some fun. I started him out massaging his balls and rubbing on the tip of his cock which I know is highly stimulating to him. Then, I had him stroke the length of the shaft with his left hand while he rubbed his thumb of his right hand back and forth across the tip. To add to his anxiety, I told him to get his cock really wet and slick with his lube, KY Warming Liquid. (I recommend KY Silk or KY Warming for lubrication being that the “Silk” doesn’t contain glycerine so it’s good for lubrication of the cock, vagina, or ass.) Well, that certainly ‘heated’ things up and soon he was ready to explode, however, I was not ready to let him. So, I had him switch his left had back to massaging his balls and instructed him to place the palm of his right hand on the tip of his cock and just press down in a circular motion slowly. Oh, how I delighted in his moaning, “God, that feels so good Mistress!”

When I was satisfied that he couldn’t take more, I told him to apply more lube and stroke rapidly up and down with his left hand on the bottom, right hand on the top in a full grip but with the thumb of his right hand closed so that when he went all the way down on his shaft the tip would be pressed hard against his thumb. He managed to stroke rapidly like this for the final 5 minutes of our session until his cock exploded. Of course, I encouraged him to continue to pump until his balls were drained. So much fun!

Think that you could satisfy me like that? Hhhmm, give me a callĀ  for Guide Masturbation Phone Sex and we’ll see, perhaps!? Maybe if you’re a good little slut like “MS”, I will allow you to lick yourself off me?!?

Mistress Violet


Sex Toys

I get questions all the time about various different kinds of sex toys and I have written about some previously.
This is a broad term that can encompass everything from lubrication to dildos to vibrators to handcuffs to sex swings. There are quite a variety of toys/tools that people can use to enhance thier own or each other’s sexual pleasure. Wikipedia has a good broad definition for a sex toy. Another site that is has some nice sex toys more specifically geared towards D/s and BDSM is Extreme Restraints. There are several items on Extreme Restraints.com that I either own or want to own in the future although I have yet to purchase anything directly from them. I have been blessed with good slaves that make me exactly what I want to my specifications and, locally, I have an adult store that will special order for me direct from the manufacturers. Except for my favorite “strap-on”, my Feeldoe I purchased online directly from the creators.

Depending on your particular interests, there are different “toys” that I could or would recommend, however, there is one in particular that I think all “phone sex” callers should have “on hand” and that would be KY Silk or Ultra Silk. For the price, it’s worth it whether you’re using it to stroke your cock or to lubricate your ass for toy of some sort. Please note that with any “anal lubrication” you want to steer clear of anything with glycerine in it and the least expensive option is the Ultra or Silk by KY. The orignial KY Jelly does have glycerine in it and it is not meant for the body “internally” but only externally.

If you’re looking for a particular sex toy recommendation or question, leave a comment or send an email to me, Mistress Violet at Violet@SexyMsViolet.com

Talk to you soon … Mistress Violet

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