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Bondage & Humiliation Phone Sex with Mistress Violet

Sexy Ms Violet ~ 1 800 574 1830

Bondage Phone Sex isn’t easy, but it can be done depending on your commitment to the experience. Don is very committed to making the experience as realistic as possible. He has many toys and tools for an effective session which include:  gags, hoods, clothespins, nipple nooses, corsets, tights/stockings, panties, chastity devices, cuffs, timer locks, butt plugs, and more. We had a serious, progressive session last week that was very entertaining.

The first phase of the session involved Humiliation Phone Sex too. I had Don put on the chastity belt, shibari liner(a corset liner that itches in all the right ways), nubby butt plug, lace thong, sports bra lined with sandpaper, control top pantyhose, and spandex tank top. Over the top of all that, he was allowed to put on his regular clothes. His assignment was to go out and purchase a chemise and panty set at Kohl’s department store. Then, go to the drugstore to purchase KY warming lotion. Can you imagine the discomfort and humiliation? I certainly enjoyed thinking about his shopping trip as I was taking mine.

Once Don completed his shopping assignment, he followed instructions to the letter and called me, his Phone Sex Mistress for the next phase. The second phase was all about being restrained.  We used a sponge gag, shibari corset, warming lotion, ginger root, inflatable butt plug, chastity panty, his new lace chemise and g-string, shibari bra liner, posture collar, and sponge gag soaked in urine. I had him cuff his ankles together and then cuff his wrists to the rings on his collar after climbing into a roof carrier to simulate a “coffin” sort of experience. Do you think that you could handle that for almost two hours? And there were two more phases to go.

Does the thought of being restrained and tormented for the pleasure of a sexy woman like me turn you on? How committed are you to real, but safe play? Call your Phone Sex Mistress and let’s play today!

Mistress Violet

Sensual CBT Phone Sex

For this Sensual Phone Sex session, the first thing he had to do was ‘earn’ the privilege. He told me that all he had to offer were his “services”, but why would I need the “services” of a high school English teacher? I considered his request for a session and decided to give him a chance.

He arrived for his possible Sensual CBT Phone Sex session promptly, a good beginning. I had a cute, little outfit laid out for him: see-thru pink teddy with matching see-thru pink thong, black garter with lace-topped thigh-highs, and a pair of 3″ black slides. Wordlessly, he stripped and donned his “uniform” for the evening. Then I told him what “services” I required of him as “tribute” for the session he craved. I showed him to the linen closet where I had all my cleaning supplies and told him that he would be dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, doing dishes, cleaning litter boxes, and taking out the trash. At the last, he looked up at me and said, “The trash, Mistress? In this outfit?” and I said, “Yes, do you have a problem with that?” Blushing, he replied, “No, Mistress, no problem” and I left him to do what was required, telling him to report to me in my office once he’d completed his tasks so I could inspect his “work”. His time was limited so we both knew that if he was to get the session he so desperately wanted, he would have to work fast and be efficient. Approximately an hour later, he presented himself to me all flushed and sweaty. I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only had he done all the tasks but he’d done them quite well. He would receive his “reward”.

Ms Violet 1-800-574-1830I had him wait patiently while I turned into the Phone Sex Mistress he so desperately desired and worked so hard for too. I put on my black leather corset, thigh-fishnet stockings, and spike-heeled platform pumps. I returned and the stunned look on his face was priceless. Then, I took him into my dungeon where I’d setup all that would be needed for the session. I had him kneel. Part of his reward was to have the honor of worshiping my legs and pussy.  So, I had hot wax warming ordered him to first buff, wash, and wax my legs with my legs spread and my pussy right in front of his face. After seeing that he handled that well, I told him to do the same to my pussy. Also, if he was a “good boy” for the next part of the session, he’d be allowed to finish the session by worshiping my freshly waxed, smooth pussy with his tongue.

I strapped him to my “torture table” with his wrists together above his head, his legs spread and dangling off the bottom edge of the table. I strapped his ankles to the legs and fitted a strap around his waist to prevent any undo jerking around. Then I lit a candle. He’d told me that pain turned him on but I could already see that he was aroused. I pulled off his panties and pulled down the teddy to reveal his hard nipples and hard cock. Then I proceeded with the first part of the torture, ice and wax play. I went from nipple to nipple, down to his balls and tip of his cock as he shivered, partly due to the chill but mostly in excitement. When I noticed that I had sufficient wax pooling in the candle, I picked it up and started to drop wax on all the spots that I’d rubbed with the ice. After I’d coated his nipples, cock head, and balls with sweetly scented wax, I moved onto the next part of the session.

I picked up my leather crop and flogger. Alternating between the crop and the flogger, I snapped and slapped all the wax off his body. His grunts and howls were music to my ears and I couldn’t help myself, I began to verbally taunt him as well.

“You’ve been a very naughty boy, haven’t you?”

“Yes! Mistress!”

“You’re a horny naughty boy, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

As I taunted him, I was vigorously using my crop on the head of his cock. Slapping his cock, up and down until my crop was a blur and he was sweating and begging to cum. Then I stopped. I unstrapped him and helped him sit up.

“Are you ready to worship my pretty pussy?”

“Oh YES, please Mistress!”

I had him get down on his knees in front of me. Then I sat back on the edge of the table. Grabbing him by the hair, I shoved his face in between my thighs to my dripping wet pussy.

“Lick it like a good little slut and I’ll let you cum!”

Well, I let him cum and he licked up everything like a good little slut including his own explosion like a cum-eating slut!

A little CBT for you too? 😉 LOL!

Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

Mistress Phone Sex and Pushing Limits

In my experience as a Phone Sex Mistress, one of the greatest gifts that a submissive gives to his/her Dominant is unwavering trust. I have heard countless stories from submissive men about that trust being abused on occasions where the sub was used way beyond their limits. Situations where they were beaten beyond sub-space or forced into situations that went beyond erotic into a scary nightmarish actuality. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in pushing limits, but I think that many Dominants can push too hard, too fast. The gift of trust is only the beginning. Nobody, submissive or otherwise, can have enough “blind trust” right from the start to be able to be completely and utterly submissive in the very first session. It takes time to build a good, trusting bond between Domme and sub. I have this sort of bond with many of my phone sex submissives as well as all of my past ‘live’ submissives.

Ms Violet 1*800*574*1830I have been K’s Phone Sex Mistress for a very long time. K is an exhibitionist & cumslut. We spent a long time building our relationship and that trust because we not only talk ‘fantasy’, but there is some ‘reality’ in there as well. A good ‘fantasy’ that we talk about is one where I take him out to a fetish club naked on a leash connected to a cock & ball harness. Once at the club, I have him perform on stage for the group in a variety of different ways. It is exciting and erotic for both of us to talk about this sort of scene and how it would play out, what I would make him do, and how all of it excites him, however, it’s not something that can actually be “done” via the phone. Another ‘fantasy’ that we talk of is where I kidnap him and his wife and make them cumsluts for a fetish party .. that was a particularly hot one .. LOL!

The reality part of our calls is a little more tricky because these are things that he is actually doing for me at my command and there has to be a certain amount of caution. There are many things to take into account when having somebody do something for you that is a long distance away from your personal physical control. The main concern for me is one of safety and legality. Something that is relatively simple and I’m sure many men have done without prompting, but could have dire consequences for him if he was “caught”, would be having him unzip his pants whilst driving to expose his cock and stroke. Now, as long as he’s got one hand on the wheel and is driving well, there is no problem, however, if he were to get pulled over by a police officer and wasn’t able to zip up quick enough, he’d be in a world of hurt. Other times in the dead, middle of the night when most people are a sleep, I’ve had him go out into his back or front yard completely naked and stroke his cock for me which excites him almost beyond reason. Once again, this is something that is only undertaken in certain circumstances where the possibility that he would be actually seen by another person is almost zero. These reality activities are the most exciting and thrilling for both of us, but they are the ones that we’ve had to slowly build on because of the potential ‘reality’ consequences if something went wrong.

I am very proud of the relationship that K and I have built. Even in the throes of excitement, he’s usually able to keep his “top head” enough so as to not lose complete control in his environment which is necessary when doing the reality assignments. It would be different if I was standing right there and in complete control of the physical environment. In a way, I feel “bad” that I cannot be there physically for him so that he can completely “let go” and have the trust that I am there and nothing bad could happen. Alas, that is not possible. Even still, we’ve worked on different activities and have built a bond and a comfort level where I am able to push his limits and he is able to do things that he would never have done by himself which has increased his level of trust as well as strengthened our D/s bond.

So, if you are looking for a Mistress into Sensual Domination Phone Sex and is able to responsibly push your limits, give me a call.

Mistress Violet

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Consider this Sensual Domination Phone Sex scenario. You’re a submissive male looking to be dominated but you don’t like an extreme amount of pain. Your fantasies center around exposure, some humiliation, and of course, being used as a slut. In the deepest recesses of your mind, you want to be objectified and used like a slut by not one, but many women and even some men.

In this particular Sensual Domination Phone Sex fantasy, you will play my submissive boyfriend. In everything we do together, I am the one in charge and you like it that way. I tell you to jump and you say, how high. This evening, I tell you to strip naked and then I bind your wrists and ankles. You hear the doorbell ring as I’m tying the blindfold securely over your eyes. Then I leave you alone to get the door. In the bedroom blind and naked, you hear muted voices. You can just make out that it’s more than one person. Your nervous but incredibly aroused. You have no idea what is going to happen, but it thrills you to know that you might be exposed to other people.

06The Exhibitionism Phone Sex portion of the evening is about to begin. You hear the door to the bedroom open and instantly become alert to all sounds and smells. I say nothing to you, but you can smell my sweet perfume. Without a sound, I attach a collar and leash to your neck and lead you slowly out into the living room. You can hear that there are other people in the room even though they’re not saying anything. You can smell other perfumes and you assume it’s all women. Then I gently push you down on your knees. You cock is sticking straight out and dripping pre-cum. I introduce you to the assembled group and you hear murmurs of appreciation which arouses you even more. You sense movement all around you and jump a bit when somebody touches you and you realize that it’s not me. There are soft hands caressing your face, shoulders, back, ass, and then lightly stroking your cock. There are several hands touching you in various places but not enough in the place that you really want, the area that is aching for attention.

Then you feel my hot breath on the back of your neck and my breasts with hard nipples pressed against your back. I whisper in your ear, “They’re looking for a good show. If you put on a good show, I’ll take off your blindfold and let you cum. Will you be a good boy?”  Eagerly, you reply, “Yes! Oh please, Yes!” Staying close behind you I tilt your head upwards and you can sense the other people withdrawing except for directly in front of you. Something soft and smooth brushes against your lips. I tell you to open your mouth and you obey. Then you feel that soft, smoothness being pushed into your mouth and you realize that it’s a cock. I whisper in your ear again, “Remember, if you’re a good boy … ” What do you do? I think you know what you’d do for me and all those other women watching. Why don’t you give me a call and tell me what you’d do for us and I’ll tell you what you’ll get for being a good boy!

Mistress Violet

Sissy Phone Sex

Cum one, cum all for sissy phone sex! I love sissy sluts, but I have a special place in my ‘heart’ for bi-sexual or metro-sexual sissy sluts. “Kelly” is what I would ‘term’ a metro-sexual sissy slut or let’s say it plain shall we, “An Equal Opportunity Slut”. 😉

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830Kelly has discovered a great deal about ‘herself’ under my tutelage. When Kelly and I first began talking several years ago, we talked about how much he wanted to be with a shemale. Gradually, as I got to know Kelly better and better, he admitted that his first ‘love’ had been a man, boy really, and how much he had enjoyed sucking his cock. He loved how being submissive made him feel. At that time, Kelly had strap on phone sex, but he’d sucked cock and been fucked like a slut, a male slut though.

I probed Kelly with more questions and discovered that he had on occasion worn women’s panties but no other female attire. I instilled a naughty thought or two in Kelly’s head when I talked about dressing up ‘Stephanie’ and how submissive that made him feel. Soon, Kelly was getting into wearing thongs, stockings, and ordering “slut dresses” online. Then one day, Kelly walked into a local woman’s lingerie shop and got into an illuminating conversation with a woman that worked at the store.

Now, Kelly is totally into sissy phone sex. He dresses up and plays with his girlfriend. Kelly’s girlfriend uses her strap-on to fuck her like a slut. There is only one thing missing that Kelly really needs … a big, juicy, real cock ( besides her own 😉 ) Kelly’s girlfriend would love to see her suck a nice cock and I believe, even get fucked by it while dressed up like a sexy sissy slut. I’ve seen Kelly suck a cock and take it like a naughty, slutty girl on webcam. Such a hot show! It’s too bad that Kelly’s guy friend didn’t have a bigger cock because that’s what Kelly really needs … a BIG ONE .. maybe even a nice big black cock! 😉 LOL!

Kelly, you need to get ‘on that’ and find yourself a nice, big black cock to suck and have fuck you on cam for Me. That is your mission, if you choose to accept 😉

Talk to you soon,
Mistress Violet

Mistress Phone Sex

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830Do you have what it takes for 2 girl phone sex and satisfy two assertive, aggressive women? Are you an utterly submissive slut that is willing to be used any way our deviant minds devise? Dying to be teased beyond all things sane and rational?

If you said yes to any or all of the above, you must call me, your phone sex Mistress and one of my sexy dominant girlfriend, Mistress Sabrina. We have a rapport that is beyond your wildest dreams and fantasies. Whether you’re into sensual, seductive tease and denial, hardcore extreme discipline and pain, forced feminization, crossdressing, bondage, small-dick humiliation, strap-on/anal play, or simply a slut that yearns to please, you need to call for the “full-on” dynamic domination duo, Mistress Violet & Mistress Sabrina!

We will turn your world upside down and inside out. You will be enthralled with the first wicked chuckle and addicted from the start. We are truly dominant women that know your place is at our feet and your purpose in life is to service our every whim.

Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

Mistress Sabrina ~ 1-888-500-7551

Want to know more about our 2 girl phone fantasy role playing, check out our newest site at www.2girlsphonesex.com for different fantasy ideas and options! I have a hot fantasy coming up with delicious Dusty!

Phone Sex Mistress Update

Sexy Ms Violet 1*800*574*1830Well, your Phone Sex Mistress had a nice, quiet, and relaxing New Year’s ever this year. I just kicked back and had a night all to myself with a good bottle of wine, some delicious shrimp scampi and soothing jazz on the stereo. The only thing that might’ve made it just a touch better would’ve been if Santa had dropped off a sexy submissive slut to feed me the shrimp.

However, as fate would have it … a gift for your Phone Sex Mistress arrived New Year’s day. Can you imagine my surprise when my doorbell rang  and on my front porch stood a very sexy, young man dressed in a white t-shirt and tight jeans with a bow around his neck, lovely! I’d never met him before but he was so deliciously cute with that bow, I couldn’t resist! Now, I’m sure it was a little gift from one of my friends but the tag attached to the bow read, “To: Mistress Violet to celebrate 2014” and no matter how much I spanked, flogged , or whipped the sexy little present he never told me either. Such stamina, he almost wore me right out. It’s a good thing that he was excellent at massage and had a naughty little tongue. I couldn’t help but reward him, he took one hell of a ‘lickin’ and begged for more.

What more could a Domme ask for except maybe more toys from my favorite store?!? ExtremeRestraints.com Take a look at some of the fun toys they have to use on naughty little sluts! I just love their floggers and paddles for some serious Spanking Phone Sex. Also, I wouldn’t mind some new bondage furniture either!

Mistress Violet

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

blkdrsviolet-1I had a fun Sensual Domination Phone Sex session the other day that I wanted to share. It was a little fantasy about what it might be like to really meet me in person. There’s this semi-exclusive club that I enjoy, but it’s not for just anybody. It’s not quite a fetish club, but if you look in the right places, you can see or participate in some very kinky things.

Well, for this little Tease and Denial Phone Sex fantasy, I was dressed up in sparkly black dress. Under the top I was wearing a satin corset that pushed my ample breasts up and out and it clung to my hips then fell to the floor with slits up to my hips on both sides. I noticed him watching me and I knew what he was thinking. He wanted me in the worst possible way, but I was going to make him work for it just like every man should. After buying me drinks, dinner, and some polite chit-chat, I decided to cut to the chase.

In this Sensual Domination Phone Sex session, I had him rock-hard for quite some time before we even left the club. I’m very good with my feet and had been giving him a foot job under table. I couldn’t help but laugh when he got up to pay the bill with a nice, fat boner leading the way all the way out to the car and back to my place. I let him know over dinner that he could have everything that he saw but it would have to be my way. Well, what man in that situation would do anything but agree? Wouldn’t you like to know what I had planned for him? I love bondage and I spent quite awhile teasing him with more than just my body! Give me a call and I can tell you all about what I’d do with you once I had you in my dungeon!

Mistress Violet

Sissy Phone Sex

Watching you!

Sexy Ms Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

I couldn’t help but laugh today when one of my little sissy phone sex sluts called me and told me that his ‘girlfriend’ of 6 months had put him in a ‘cock cage’. It’s most likely either a CB6000 or some variation. Poor little daniel woke up to find that his cock was encased in a plastic cage and his girlfriend had already left for her business trip and she won’t be returning for yet another week (it’s been 3 days since she left, LOL!)

Apparently, the night before she was to leave on her business trip they had a little “party” where he drank a little too much, perhaps with her insistence, and awoke from his drunken stupor the next morning in quite a fix. From his obvious distress, I would say that this was an unexpected event, being locked up in a cock cage with cute little brass locks! However, she was kind enough to leave him with an aneros to use on himself. So, after 3 days of not being able to stroke his cock, he called his Phone Sex Mistress, me, to help him with at little “release”. According to him, he was unaware of the fact that she had a cock cage for him. When I asked him if she was a “mistress” he had said that he wasn’t sure, but that she was more ‘dominating’ then he had realized … LOL! Well, apparently the little slut has hooked-up with just the right kind of woman that he needs. So, he contacted me to help him through ‘milking’ himself because she wasn’t answering his calls, how delightfully devious of her, I must say.

In this Sissy Phone Sex session, we did achieve the desired results and he did find them pleasurable. What I’m wondering and I told him to let me know, is whether or not this increases or decreases his personal ‘level’ of horniness because it can go either way. I’ve found that consistent milking when a ‘pet’ is caged will help them stay focused on other things besides their cocks but it can either increase their horniness over all to the point where it is necessary to “let them out” for a good non-stop ‘wanking session’ or it can take all desire for ‘stroking’ away, almost completely. And I’m just curious to see which way it takes poor little daniel!

Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

One of my favorite activities has to be “tease and denial” coupled with Guided Masturbation Phone Sex. I have to say that the results can be explosive. I have one particular little pet that is a fiend for guided masturbation and lately, I have decided to incorporate some tease and denial into our sessions.

“MS” is actually a naughty boy that still happens to be a virgin. How novel and delightful! Of course, as his Mistress, I am in control of his cock, my cock actually. Our initial sessions centered around Guided Masturbation Phone Sex and various different stroking methods. Now, I’ve taken a slightly different tack with “MS”. Before our last session, I gave him a little assignment. I had instructed him to stroke a specified way without lubrication every hour on the hour for only 5-10 minutes and not to cum. I told him that if he came, then it was over and there would be punishment. Also, while he stroked he was to either be looking at pictures of me or watching some sort of porn. Then, if he’d been a ‘good boy’ and not cum yet, I would allow him to call me and stroke for me.


As it turned out, “MS” was a ‘good boy’, so I allowed him to call me. He admitted that he was incredibly turned on by his assignment (the duration was over the course of approximately 4 hours) and confessed that he’d gotten extremely close to cumming that last hour, but he’d managed not to cum. What a good little slutty boy! Since his cock was already ‘rock hard’ and oozing pre-cum, I knew that I was going to have some fun. I started him out massaging his balls and rubbing on the tip of his cock which I know is highly stimulating to him. Then, I had him stroke the length of the shaft with his left hand while he rubbed his thumb of his right hand back and forth across the tip. To add to his anxiety, I told him to get his cock really wet and slick with his lube, KY Warming Liquid. (I recommend KY Silk or KY Warming for lubrication being that the “Silk” doesn’t contain glycerine so it’s good for lubrication of the cock, vagina, or ass.) Well, that certainly ‘heated’ things up and soon he was ready to explode, however, I was not ready to let him. So, I had him switch his left had back to massaging his balls and instructed him to place the palm of his right hand on the tip of his cock and just press down in a circular motion slowly. Oh, how I delighted in his moaning, “God, that feels so good Mistress!”

When I was satisfied that he couldn’t take more, I told him to apply more lube and stroke rapidly up and down with his left hand on the bottom, right hand on the top in a full grip but with the thumb of his right hand closed so that when he went all the way down on his shaft the tip would be pressed hard against his thumb. He managed to stroke rapidly like this for the final 5 minutes of our session until his cock exploded. Of course, I encouraged him to continue to pump until his balls were drained. So much fun!

Think that you could satisfy me like that? Hhhmm, give me a call  for Guide Masturbation Phone Sex and we’ll see, perhaps!? Maybe if you’re a good little slut like “MS”, I will allow you to lick yourself off me?!?

Mistress Violet


A Question for Your Phone Sex Mistress

Watching you!

Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830


Interesting question from a submissive for a Phone Sex Mistress

Mistress Violet,

Hello. I read some of your blog. I loved reading about “figging” and would love to experience it sometime. I have a question for you. Have you ever heard of a Mistress using jalapeno or habanero peppers on a sub’s ass (“pussy”)? If so, do you recommend it?

Hello pet, as a Phone Sex Mistress, I have heard of a lot of different activities and am experienced in almost as many. I have heard of using jalapeno or habenero peppers on a submissive’s ass or rubbing the pepper on an anal plug intended for the sub’s ass. I have also heard of using the seeds that are in either type of pepper for urethra insertions.

As for this Phone Sex Mistress, these activities are not something I am willing to do with an inexperienced submissive over the phone. I would try it with a sub that has experience with figging, at least, and even then I don’t believe that I would recommend using a seed as a urethra insertion because it seems too risky.

I would most likely use the pepper to lubricate an anal plug as opposed to ‘peeling a pepper’ and inserting the pepper itself into a sub’s anus. Unlike ginger root which is a fibrous root, peppers are hollow and ‘flimsy’ for lack of a better term and I think that could raise issues and it’s not something that I would want to ‘dig out’ of a sub’s ass. As for some sort of urethra insertion, I wouldn’t be opposed to doing something like a Q-tip dipped in jalapeno juice, but not the seed. Using a seed just seems a little too dangerous.

Hope that answers your question, pet. I look forward to a fun-filled anal figging session with you and then perhaps a ‘peppering’ as well.

Ms Violet

Sissy Phone Sex

Violet25For some hot Sissy Phone Sex, I love turning boys into pretty little girls! I just love the way that it turns them into such little sluts. Whether it’s ‘in person’ or during a phone session. I always enjoy my ‘little girlie sluts’!

The Wikipedia definition of “Feminization”

Feminization can be the practice, especially in female dominance, of switching the gender role of a male submissive.It is usually achieved through cross-dressing, where the male is dressed in female attire. There are many degrees of Feminization, from just wearing female undergarments to being fully dressed in female attire.

For the full description, check here Wikipedia Feminization

Sissy Phone Sex has to be one of my favorite activities. It’s just so naughty, sexy and exciting for me having a boy dressed-up pretty in women’s undergarments and outer garments. And there are two different ways that this activity will “excite” a male submissive. It either excites him how sexy he feels in woman’s lingere and he will quickly find out what most women know, that a woman’s undergarments feel soft and caress the skin in such a way that it is sexually stimulating. Or the humiliation of being in a female’s undergarments can be stimulating for a male submissive who gets excited by being subjugated and humiliated. And perhaps, for some submissives it’s a combination of both of these feelings and sensations along with being called a ‘naughty little slutty girl’! I just adore it when they prance around all sissified begging to suck and fuck! Not to mention the feminine moans, groans, and giggles when I take “my cock” (strap on) to their sexy little ‘man-pussies’! Quite delightful!

Now the distinction between just feminization and forced feminization, I believe, coincides with how the garments sexually stimulate the submissive. When you’re dealing with a submissive that feels sexy and slutty in ‘girl clothes’, that is just straight feminization. If you are dealing with a submissive that is stimulated by humiliation, that would be forced feminization. However, I believe that you can start out with your sub being stimulated by the humiliation. Eventually they can also become stimulated by the garments and the freedom to be naughty in them as well.

That should answer the question about my feelings on Sissy Phone Sex, panty boys, and crossdressing. Keep those questions rolling you naughty little subs, I’m having a ball letting you get a glimpse inside my wickedly creative and twisted brain!

Mistress Violet

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