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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

One of my favorite activities has to be “tease and denial” coupled with Guided Masturbation Phone Sex. I have to say that the results can be explosive. I have one particular little pet that is a fiend for guided masturbation and lately, I have decided to incorporate some tease and denial into our sessions.

“MS” is actually a naughty boy that still happens to be a virgin. How novel and delightful! Of course, as his Mistress, I am in control of his cock, my cock actually. Our initial sessions centered around Guided Masturbation Phone Sex and various different stroking methods. Now, I’ve taken a slightly different tack with “MS”. Before our last session, I gave him a little assignment. I had instructed him to stroke a specified way without lubrication every hour on the hour for only 5-10 minutes and not to cum. I told him that if he came, then it was over and there would be punishment. Also, while he stroked he was to either be looking at pictures of me or watching some sort of porn. Then, if he’d been a ‘good boy’ and not cum yet, I would allow him to call me and stroke for me.


As it turned out, “MS” was a ‘good boy’, so I allowed him to call me. He admitted that he was incredibly turned on by his assignment (the duration was over the course of approximately 4 hours) and confessed that he’d gotten extremely close to cumming that last hour, but he’d managed not to cum. What a good little slutty boy! Since his cock was already ‘rock hard’ and oozing pre-cum, I knew that I was going to have some fun. I started him out massaging his balls and rubbing on the tip of his cock which I know is highly stimulating to him. Then, I had him stroke the length of the shaft with his left hand while he rubbed his thumb of his right hand back and forth across the tip. To add to his anxiety, I told him to get his cock really wet and slick with his lube, KY Warming Liquid. (I recommend KY Silk or KY Warming for lubrication being that the “Silk” doesn’t contain glycerine so it’s good for lubrication of the cock, vagina, or ass.) Well, that certainly ‘heated’ things up and soon he was ready to explode, however, I was not ready to let him. So, I had him switch his left had back to massaging his balls and instructed him to place the palm of his right hand on the tip of his cock and just press down in a circular motion slowly. Oh, how I delighted in his moaning, “God, that feels so good Mistress!”

When I was satisfied that he couldn’t take more, I told him to apply more lube and stroke rapidly up and down with his left hand on the bottom, right hand on the top in a full grip but with the thumb of his right hand closed so that when he went all the way down on his shaft the tip would be pressed hard against his thumb. He managed to stroke rapidly like this for the final 5 minutes of our session until his cock exploded. Of course, I encouraged him to continue to pump until his balls were drained. So much fun!

Think that you could satisfy me like that? Hhhmm, give me a call  for Guide Masturbation Phone Sex and we’ll see, perhaps!? Maybe if you’re a good little slut like “MS”, I will allow you to lick yourself off me?!?

Mistress Violet


Naughty Sluts Play on Webcam …

I love to watch naughty boys play on webcam for me while we’re having our phone sex domination sessions. The only thing that could be more fun would be a live “in person” session. Recently, two of my naughty boys had the occasion to play on the phone and webcam.

The most recent was today. “MS” or The IronMan Cockstroker did a naughty little striptease for me. Then we had ourselves a “stroke show” on cam. He was laid back on his bed with his legs spread stroking that “Iron Love Prong”. 😉 LOL We did a little circuit training and there were a few particular strokes that really made him wiggle around on the bed. Then the big finale … a huge fountain of cum!
Way to go, IronMan, the unstoppable cockstroker!

Another little cam slut of mine is so sexually deprived, but apparently it’s an epidemic in his particular city. He pointed out this article in his city’s newspaper that cited a “Men’s Health” magazine survey stating,

“(his city) ranked at the very bottom of the current issue of the magazine’s survey of most sexually satisfied cities in America.”

No wonder he’s so damn horny living in a city ranked dead last in that particular survey. Poor little slut! LOL! He loves to be tied up, on exhibition, and sexually tortured. I’ve developed a new sort of exhibition/torture for my little bitch. I have him turn on his cam, cue up some hot porn, tie his balls to his chair, put the key to his handcuffs on his desk, and then cuff his wrist together behind the back of the chair. Oh, and I forgot the last thing, he has this cock ring with a vibrating egg on it. It was so fun to hear him moan and groan while he wiggles and begs to be allowed to stroke it. All the while we’re talking and he’s watching this hot porn. In order for him to be able to stroke off though he has to get my permission and turn that chair with that his balls are tied to, turned around to get the key to unlock the cuffs. That’s certainly fun to watch!

I’d love to get me a few more bold little sluts like these guys. So, all horny little exhibitionist cam sluts, give me a call!

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