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Phone Sex Mistress Update

Sexy Ms Violet 1*800*574*1830Well, your Phone Sex Mistress had a nice, quiet, and relaxing New Year’s ever this year. I just kicked back and had a night all to myself with a good bottle of wine, some delicious shrimp scampi and soothing jazz on the stereo. The only thing that might’ve made it just a touch better would’ve been if Santa had dropped off a sexy submissive slut to feed me the shrimp.

However, as fate would have it … a gift for your Phone Sex Mistress arrived New Year’s day. Can you imagine my surprise when my doorbell rangĀ  and on my front porch stood a very sexy, young man dressed in a white t-shirt and tight jeans with a bow around his neck, lovely! I’d never met him before but he was so deliciously cute with that bow, I couldn’t resist! Now, I’m sure it was a little gift from one of my friends but the tag attached to the bow read, “To: Mistress Violet to celebrate 2014” and no matter how much I spanked, flogged , or whipped the sexy little present he never told me either. Such stamina, he almost wore me right out. It’s a good thing that he was excellent at massage and had a naughty little tongue. I couldn’t help but reward him, he took one hell of a ‘lickin’ and begged for more.

What more could a Domme ask for except maybe more toys from my favorite store?!? ExtremeRestraints.com Take a look at some of the fun toys they have to use on naughty little sluts! I just love their floggers and paddles for some serious Spanking Phone Sex. Also, I wouldn’t mind some new bondage furniture either!

Mistress Violet

Hello & Happy New Year

Hello sluts! I’ve had so many things going the beginning of this year. It’s been crazy! Perhaps, I need to take on a new ‘sissy slut’ maid to help with my domestic duties being that I’m so busy with ‘live’ and phone sessions.

Also, I’m considering moving to a new house, condo, or apartment, so I’ve been sorting, discarding, and packing my things. I’ve only been at this place for a little over 2 years and it’s amazing how much “junk” a person can accumulate in that short time span. I generally like to lead a ‘minimalist’ type of existence, yet I’ve found so many things that are not necessary. It makes me wonder what I was thinking when I purchased this or that and for what reason?!

Now, just because I have several domestic things going on right now does not mean that I don’t have a desire to have some phone sex sessions on the phone with you. Actually, phone sessions are a welcome diversion and catharsis. I’m sure that some of you painsluts would enjoy a session when I’m just about at my ‘wit’s ends’ with this organizational stuff I have going on right now.

I did have a lovely ‘live’ distraction this past Monday evening. One of my naughty, bi-sexual sissy sluts came over to relieve my stress. He pranced around my house in a little silky g-string from Victoria’s Secret, a pair of my 4″ leather slides and nothing else. He was being so naughty and slutty that I just couldn’t help but get out my strap-on, bend him over the back of the couch with one hand wrapped around his neck and the other on his hip so I could plunge deep into his asshole and fuck him like the little slut deserved. What a great stress reliever! There’s nothing like fucking a slut to relieve stress!

Talk to you on the phone soon!

Mistress Violet

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