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Domination Phone Sex Mistress

Mistress Violet 1-800-571-1830My creative, dirty mind can twist any kind of kinky domination phone sex fantasy you might have in mind. I’m a no taboos lady, so bring me anything your perverted mind can muster up because I have absolutely no limits when it comes to our calls!

Kinky phone sex Mistress call can include almost anything from BDSM, corporal punishment, sissy training, CBT, tease and denial, guided masturbation and so much more. I’ve had a lot of experience with all sorts of fantasies and fetishes. Let me tease you a bit with a kinky, little erotic story to wet your whistle.

I met Todd at the party of a mutual friend. My first impression of him was that he was a bit of a wimp. I frequently speak my mind, so I said, “You don’t work out much, do you? If you did, you’d look great. Right now, I bet that even I could take you.” By the conflicting emotions that flitted over his face, I could tell he didn’t know what to think. Maybe he thought that I was crazy or grandstanding because he managed to stammer back, “Oh yeah? What’s the stakes for this bet?”

Mistress Violet 1-800-574-1830Even though he stammered, I was impressed that he managed a comeback. I slowly eyed him up and down and said, “How’s sensual domination phone sex session grab you? If I win, I get to do anything with you that I want. If you win, you can do anything you want with me.” When he didn’t reply, I said, “Look, I’m not too much of a sadist. I won’t hurt you, but maybe a little ‘slap & tickle’. I only want to defeat you, restrain you, and strip you naked so I can get a look at that wimpy little body of yours.’Oh there it was, the look of male ego and overconfidence. I could almost read his thoughts, “Does this chick really think she can take me? I got her beat. This is too good an offer to refuse!’ Then the last glimpse that he tried to hide, but I could clearly see his arousal at wrestling with a woman, being overpowered, and at her mercy.

Of course, he took my challenge as it was a win-win situation for him no matter what the outcome. We didn’t go at it right there at the party, but the stage was set. I didn’t want to public but only private humiliation. I let him sweat it a bit, giving him time to think about it; fantasize.

Want to hear more … check back in a few and read the rest!

Mistress Violet

Humiliation Phone Sex

He told me that he’d always craved Humiliation Phone Sex ever since he had been humiliated by a woman for premature ejaculation and a small penis. We chatted for a bit and the terms were set. We set up a role play where I was his sexy boss and I found out that he harbored lust-filled thoughts about me and that he had a secret stash of femdom porn in his desk. The game was on!

For a little extra fun with this new Phone Sex Sissy, I insisted that he give me all the particulars about his wife and his actual boss. Sometimes it’s necessary to use a little blackmail to insure that a naughty submissive stays in line. Of course, at the start, he begged me not to tell his boss or his wife about his kinky fantasies. I assured him that it would remain our secret so long as he was an obedient slave. I had him turn on his webcam and strip for me. Then I had him put on a pair of lacy, pink panties he’d managed to steal from his boss. Just the act of doing this on webcam for me had his little penis hard and dripping pre-cum. I was only getting started.

Violet21From this point, I knew that he was putty in my most capable hands. We began with Spanking Phone Sex. I had him bend over the table with his ass in the air and he picked up his newly purchased paddle and began to spank himself, but not hard enough for my tastes. I insisted he pull down those pretty panties, but only from behind. I wanted so see how red his ass cheeks could get. He began to paddle again, harder and more vigorously. Finally, once his ass cheeks were a bright, angry red, I decided that it was time for the big fat dildo.

I had him get down on his knees and show me how he’d worship my strap-on cock if I had been standing in front of him. I teased him and told him what a pretty sissy he was with that dildo in his mouth. I could see him down on his knees servicing not only my strap-on but perhaps servicing a number of real cocks as I fucked his little bitch-ass with my strap-on. This comment alone almost made him cum as he imagined sucking each one of his male co-workers’ cocks while his sexy boss fucked him with her strap-on.

Well, what would you do? Do you think you could hold-off until I allowed you to cum or do you think that you’d just squirt off in those pink, lacy panties while fucking yourself on webcam for me? Call me and let’s find out!

Mistress Violet

Christmas Story (part 5)

“Well now, in order to make sure that you know exactly what you would have to do to me, you will need to go through the ordeal yourself, don’t you think? And I will require your full co-operation to make this a worthwhile experience!” Mr. Santa didn’t need a lot of time to think about her suggestion, order? First, her proposal, considering his present position, seemed to make perfect sense to him. And in the solitude of the North Pole, he knew next to nothing about this delightfully kinky lifestyle that had conjured all those envy-driven wishes. Second, if he was completely honest, Mrs. Santa had adopted the arctic climate of the North Pole, becoming cold and more frigid towards his advances for the last couple of decades. Even more recently, Mr. Santa had started to wonder if there was something going on behind the closed workshop doors. He could not understand why Mrs. Santa was so crazy about those battery operated buzzing candy sticks the elves seemed to be barely able to keep in ample supply or why his wife had to personally “quality check” about every tenth piece in a batch. However, the last incentive Mr. Santa needed was the fact that he was being “forced” to make this decision between Violet’s ample bosom, with her erotic feminine scent and the welcoming warmth radiating from the fire (or was it from her hot, gorgeous body?) compared to the freezing icy cold and the stench of the reindeer outside. So it was a split second decision that had him in complete agreement with her assessment!

“What a wise decision.” Violet whispered into his ear, “I will show you what a horrible fate those men had to endure and then you can judge for yourself what you think a suitable punishment would be for a naughty girl like me.”

Once again, Violet gently runs her fingers through white curly tresses and then down his cheek, lightly dragging her fingernails through the curling white tendrils on his chest. “Well, if you truly are Saint Nick, why didn’t you bring me any presents?” Mr. Santa blushes, “Well, no, since you were a bad, naughty girl and I was, no still am, intending to punish you there are no presents for you this year.”

“Oh come now, somehow I have the feeling that you are rather embarrassed to not have a present for me now. I am not that bad after all, am I?” Mr. Santa is only able to nod his head, wondering momentarily, why he is sitting completely naked on a fake fur blanket at the feet of a divine but truly naughty Lady who is caressing his chest and is so deftly making him feel like a loser for not having a present for her. There is that moment that he knows something is going wrong, but, God, it felt so right!

With the tinkle of a “silver bell” laugh, Violet says, “Hhhmmm, so, you didn’t bring me anything. I will allow you to be my present. I am sure you are feeling much better now, right?” Mr. Santa eagerly nods, unsure what his feelings are exactly, but he is simply happy that she seems to be less disappointed now that he had agreed to be her present. “I want my present to look nice, you know, I like to have something to play with, to unwrap. Why don’t you go and get me one of the red bows on the Christmas tree, now!” So, Mr. Santa scampers to his feet to bring a red bow from the tastefully decorated tree. He is just about to resume his place on the blanket in front of her when she stops him, “No, just a moment, hand me the bow and just stand there, right in front of me.” Violet sits up and undoes the ribbon, then looking up from the ribbon in her hands right in front of her face is the twitching half-erect cock of Mr. Santa. She looks up into his disbelieving eyes looking down at her and she seductively licks her blood red lips, reaches out, and affectionately she fondles his balls and gives his cock a few quick pumps to harden it further so that she can then wrap up his now almost fully erect member, tying the ribbon into an elaborate bow once again, the dangling ends tickling his ball sac.

Mr. Santa cannot help himself and he shivers, it would have been such a long time since he had had that sort of attention. He was only very rarely on the “wish list” of the girls nowadays. They always wanted those young, bronzed, chiseled studs and he was a pale, pot-bellied old man. Strange though it seemed, Violet did not even notice or care. Then before he could quite comprehend the situation, a totally new sensation coursed through his loins he looked back down, just in time to see his cock engulfed by Violet’s open mouth. It was brief, barely a nibble between her velvety red lips, no more. He sighed, forgetting EVERYTHING except that sensation on his cock, until she threw back her head and laughed, “Mr. Santa, huh? Good lord, look at you! You are just as naive and gullible as the rest the men that visit me! Just a slight tease, the briefest bit of attention to your cocks and your brains leak out your ears, well, I don’t blame you. That is just the way it is and now you see for yourself that men like you need a naughty girl like me for those dark desires to be fulfilled.” Once Violet finishes, she notices Mr. Santa’s face drop in utter frustration with the disappointment of a little boy who had just been given the greatest slice of heaven, a lighted Christmas tree with the bicycle he so desperately wanted only to be told it was not for him but for some other child. Somewhere in the deepest, most secret part of her heart she felt the slightest sensation of remorse and regret. Poor Mr. Santa was after all, most likely just as lonely as she was this evening and he didn’t seem to be a bad guy, perhaps a tad bit weird, but not bad.

(to be continued)

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