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Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Consider this Sensual Domination Phone Sex scenario. You’re a submissive male looking to be dominated but you don’t like an extreme amount of pain. Your fantasies center around exposure, some humiliation, and of course, being used as a slut. In the deepest recesses of your mind, you want to be objectified and used like a slut by not one, but many women and even some men.

In this particular Sensual Domination Phone Sex fantasy, you will play my submissive boyfriend. In everything we do together, I am the one in charge and you like it that way. I tell you to jump and you say, how high. This evening, I tell you to strip naked and then I bind your wrists and ankles. You hear the doorbell ring as I’m tying the blindfold securely over your eyes. Then I leave you alone to get the door. In the bedroom blind and naked, you hear muted voices. You can just make out that it’s more than one person. Your nervous but incredibly aroused. You have no idea what is going to happen, but it thrills you to know that you might be exposed to other people.

06The Exhibitionism Phone Sex portion of the evening is about to begin. You hear the door to the bedroom open and instantly become alert to all sounds and smells. I say nothing to you, but you can smell my sweet perfume. Without a sound, I attach a collar and leash to your neck and lead you slowly out into the living room. You can hear that there are other people in the room even though they’re not saying anything. You can smell other perfumes and you assume it’s all women. Then I gently push you down on your knees. You cock is sticking straight out and dripping pre-cum. I introduce you to the assembled group and you hear murmurs of appreciation which arouses you even more. You sense movement all around you and jump a bit when somebody touches you and you realize that it’s not me. There are soft hands caressing your face, shoulders, back, ass, and then lightly stroking your cock. There are several hands touching you in various places but not enough in the place that you really want, the area that is aching for attention.

Then you feel my hot breath on the back of your neck and my breasts with hard nipples pressed against your back. I whisper in your ear, “They’re looking for a good show. If you put on a good show, I’ll take off your blindfold and let you cum. Will you be a good boy?”  Eagerly, you reply, “Yes! Oh please, Yes!” Staying close behind you I tilt your head upwards and you can sense the other people withdrawing except for directly in front of you. Something soft and smooth brushes against your lips. I tell you to open your mouth and you obey. Then you feel that soft, smoothness being pushed into your mouth and you realize that it’s a cock. I whisper in your ear again, “Remember, if you’re a good boy … ” What do you do? I think you know what you’d do for me and all those other women watching. Why don’t you give me a call and tell me what you’d do for us and I’ll tell you what you’ll get for being a good boy!

Mistress Violet

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

blkdrsviolet-1I had a fun Sensual Domination Phone Sex session the other day that I wanted to share. It was a little fantasy about what it might be like to really meet me in person. There’s this semi-exclusive club that I enjoy, but it’s not for just anybody. It’s not quite a fetish club, but if you look in the right places, you can see or participate in some very kinky things.

Well, for this little Tease and Denial Phone Sex fantasy, I was dressed up in sparkly black dress. Under the top I was wearing a satin corset that pushed my ample breasts up and out and it clung to my hips then fell to the floor with slits up to my hips on both sides. I noticed him watching me and I knew what he was thinking. He wanted me in the worst possible way, but I was going to make him work for it just like every man should. After buying me drinks, dinner, and some polite chit-chat, I decided to cut to the chase.

In this Sensual Domination Phone Sex session, I had him rock-hard for quite some time before we even left the club. I’m very good with my feet and had been giving him a foot job under table. I couldn’t help but laugh when he got up to pay the bill with a nice, fat boner leading the way all the way out to the car and back to my place. I let him know over dinner that he could have everything that he saw but it would have to be my way. Well, what man in that situation would do anything but agree? Wouldn’t you like to know what I had planned for him? I love bondage and I spent quite awhile teasing him with more than just my body! Give me a call and I can tell you all about what I’d do with you once I had you in my dungeon!

Mistress Violet

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Violet7Are you interested in Sensual Domination Phone Sex? Have you ever considered chastity and prostate milking? I’ve been asked by several submissives if I believe in and practice chastity and milking. Yes, I do believe in chastity and milking. I absolutely adore controlling a man’s cock, sexual urges, and orgasm. Men are such absolute sluts. I have adored teasing boys/men for as long as I can remember. One of my favorite ways to ‘tease’ is orally. I love to get a man to almost the point of cumming and then back it down. And that practice goes ‘hand in hand’ with chastity and milking.

For this type of Sensual Domination Phone Sex, I firmly believe that I should be in control of your orgasms and whether or not they are pleasurable or not. How I exert that control is through chastity. Now, if a submissive is obedient then a Chastity Device isn’t necessary all the time. However, during initial training, I prefer to use one. My favorites for day in, day out usage are either CB-3000 or The Curve. However, I do enjoy putting a little slut in this one, Locking Chastity Belt with Plug, when having them do “housework” or to show them off at parties, if they’ve been good. LOL

Now when it comes to Sensual Domination Phone Sex that includes milking … I prefer a “hands on” approach, however there is a very good tool that can be utilized even by the submissive himself. That tool would be The Aneros G-Spot Stimulator. The ad for this tool says that it can produce quite an intense orgasm and that is true, however, if used while in a cock-cage, like the CB-3000, well, a submissive can’t exactly get “erect” in that so, it’s more of a “pain/pleasure” sort of situation and it can be quite humiliating for a man, especially the 1st time, to cum with a flaccid penis! LOL I do enjoy that moment so very much because it prepares him for the strap-on training that I enjoy. I love getting a little slut to the point where I can fuck him in his cage until he cums!
But back to Milking … I also think that it’s only right that he consume his own cum. So, as I’d stated earlier, I prefer a more personal ritual that includes me using my fingers to anally stimulate while he holds or positions his cock into a cup or bowl so that he can then eat up his cum for me as proof of his obedience to me and to really show what an utter slut he is as well.

Chastity, milking, and tease & denial are practices that I find standard for any submissive/slave of mine. I fully expect a sub of mine not to cum without my express consent. And I do not expect him to cum in any other way then the way I direct. However, I am not cruel, hardly, I do enjoy allowing my pets enjoyable orgasms. If a sub is good and obedient, well then there is a world of possibilities available to him and of course, obeying me insures that my pets will experience intense orgasms when they’re allowed to enjoy their orgasm.

Hope that answers some of your questions, but if you have a more specific question, I welcome your comment here and I will address that specifically.

Also, a good site to look at in relation to Chastity & Milking is this site Chastity

Talk to you soon, pets!

Mistress Violet

Sensual Domination Phone Sex


I had a fun Sensual Domination Phone Sex session with my little sissy ‘stephanie’. He has a fetish for shoes, feet, and legs. I caught him just the other day looking out the kitchen window watching all the pretty girls go in and out of a new restaurant across the street. Of course, because it’s spring, all the girls were either dressed in short shorts or skirts and my little pet’s dick was oh so hard in his panties! He didn’t realize that I was watching him and I caught him grinding up against the kitchen counter. What a naughty little slut!

So, I decided that he needed a Sensual Domination Phone Sex session involving legs and feet, maybe even a sexy pair of very high heels. It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I dressed him up all pretty in pink panties with matching bra. I was dressed in a short skirt pulled up, garters, stockings, and a pair of high heels …
… then I spread my legs wide and had him on his knees with his head resting on my inner thigh while I read some hot erotic stories out loud to him. His hands were restrained behind his back so that he couldn’t “accidentally” rub himself. And about 2 hours later, because he was a good pet, I allowed him to lick my stockinged feet and calves. Then I allowed him to lick on my panties while I stroked his hard cock that had “popped” out of those pink panties. I stroked him with my stockinged feet until he came all over them. And of course, he cleaned up his mess off my pretty feet. What a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon … Don’t you think?!?

Are you ready for your Sensual Domination Phone Sex session? How would you like to spend a slow Sunday afternoon serving your Mistress? Give me a call and let’s find out, shall we?

Mistress Violet   1-800-574-1830

Sissy Phone Sex

I’ve recently had a great deal of fun talking with my new Phone Sex Sissy. CR has a very distinctive sissy role play that I’ve found quite stimulating. In the role play, I am his dominant, yet caring Mommy and he is my young son. I come home early one day to find him dressed-up as a little girl and masturbating to “Daddies and Their Sissies” pornography. I’m not too surprised because I’d been noticing that my young son wasn’t developing like ‘normal’ boys his age, but he’d been developing more like little girls his age.

After I observe him for a few minutes, I confront him. This is where Humiliation Phone Sex comes into our role play because he’s terribly embarrassed being caught by his mother dressed like a girl and masturbating to ‘sissy porn’. He tries to explain away the situation as something normal having to do with his theater club, but I force him to admit the truth. When he finally admits the truth, I firmly, yet in a caring manner, encourage my young son that his only option is to become a sissy for a proper ‘daddy’. I help completely transform him into the prettiest sissy and bring him to his new ‘daddy’.

Playing with sissy boys on the phone is part of what I consider Sensual Domination Phone Sex. I find it quite enjoyable and sissy boys really bring out the assertive, sensual dominant in me. Wouldn’t you like to be one of my little sissies?!?

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Do you need a strong, assertive woman to take control of you in the bedroom? If yes, then you’re looking for a woman like me that is into Sensual Domination Phone Sex. Why don’t we start with one of my favorite activities, Guided Masturbation Phone Sex. I have several stroking techniques that I want to walk you through. Let’s figure out which stroke drives you crazy.

If you have a webcam, I would love to see what you’ve got! Doesn’t the idea of me watching your stroke your cock really turn you on? I know that it’s a turn-on for me. If you don’t have a webcam, that’s okay because I have a wickedly creative imagination. I can set the scene for us to play. We can do anything and everything from strict instruction to a creative fantasy.

Maybe your favorite part of masturbation is not the actual orgasm but the pleasure in the stroking. If that is you want, then let’s add-in some Orgasm Control Phone Sex to prolong your ejaculation. I have a variety of ways from certain ways to stroke to cock bondage that prolong your orgasm.

Call Mistress Violet @ 1-800-574-1830

Sensual Domination Phone Sex

Recently, I had a guy ask about Sensual Domination. He wanted to know what that meant and what types of activities it included. I believe that most of the phone sex domination sessions that I have tend to be Sensual Domination.
The Dictionary.com definition of Sensual & Dominate

1. pertaining to, inclined to, or preoccupied with the gratification of the senses or appetites; carnal; fleshly.
2. lacking in moral restraints; lewd or unchaste.
3. arousing or exciting the senses or appetites.
4. worldly; materialistic; irreligious.
5. of or pertaining to the senses or physical sensation; sensory.
6. pertaining to the philosophical doctrine of sensationalism.

Dominate–verb (used with object)
1. to rule over; govern; control.
2. to tower above; overlook; overshadow: A tall pine dominated the landscape.
3. to predominate, permeate, or characterize.
4. Mathematics. (of a series, vector, etc.) to have terms or components greater in absolute value than the corresponding terms or components of a given series, vector, etc.
5. Linguistics. (of a node in a tree diagram) to be connected with (a subordinate node) either directly by a single downward branch or indirectly by a sequence of downward branches.
–verb (used without object)
6. to rule; exercise control; predominate.
7. to occupy a commanding or elevated position.

I agree with definitions 1 & 3 when it comes to Sensual and definitions 1 when it comes to Dominate. So, my personal definition of Sensual Domination would be: Ruling or controlling the arousal of the carnal senses. Further, I believe that Sensual Domination is something that can be practiced whether or not you’re into BDSM. It can include pain, but it doesn’t have to include it. It’s generally much more sexually oriented than strict Sadio-Masochistic activities.
The activities that I would include in Sensual Domination would be almost any or all of the activities that I do over the phone. It all depends on what arouses your carnal senses. Some people are aroused by the contrast between pain and pleasure. For example, some men like to have their balls slapped and then caressed lightly because it stimulates them and amplifies the feel of the caress. For other men, the pain detracts, overwhelms, and potentially numbs the sensations.
If you’re new to D/s (Dominant/submissive) play, just asking for Sensual Domination isn’t giving me much to work with in a phone session. I need to know what you fantasize about when you think about having a woman dominate you. I need to know if pain arouses you and then I will test your limits to see how much or how little it takes. Perhaps, you can have your ass spanked for hours and enjoy it, but a slight graze of my nails to your balls will completely turn you off. Maybe, being “forced” to put on a pair of woman’s panties humiliates you but also mentally allows you to be taken by a woman. Maybe pain doesn’t arouse you at all and your fantasy is just to have a woman be the aggressor in bed, perhaps simply being “the one on top” or something as simple as being restrained on the bed while I do a sexy striptease, not allowing you to touch me or yourself. I would consider all of this in the realm of Sensual Domination.
Hope that answers your question.

Mistress Violet

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