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Naughty Boys, Their Toys, & Fetish Fantasies – Phone Sex

Are you looking for something new, different in phone sex? Do you fantasize about a Dominant woman taking control and making you … fuck your ass with a dildo? stroke your cock precisely as she tells you? being teased and not allowed to cum? being humiliated for having a tiny cock? being punished with nipple clamps and spanked? having your cock and balls tortured in a variety of ways? being a slut cuckold husband while your wife is fucked by a big, black cock? forced to be feminine and be a sissy slut?
I love a variety of sensual to hardcore Domination Scenarios. I love naughty boys that want to explore their BDSM fantasies and kinky fetishes especially if they’re willing to get the toys to actually do it. I will talk you through a variety of activities. We can use role-play scenarios or it can be more instructional.
If you’re looking for some fun toys to use I would suggest a few of my favorite sites:

For BDSM Toys that include a lot of fetish equipment – Extreme Restraints
For a good pussy for Guided Masturbation – Fleshlight
For CD and sissy clothing – CrossDresser USA or Sissy Heaven

So get your toys, naughty boys!
Call Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830 , to play out all those hot BDSM and fetish phone sex fantasies!

Naughty Sluts Play on Webcam …

I love to watch naughty boys play on webcam for me while we’re having our phone sex domination sessions. The only thing that could be more fun would be a live “in person” session. Recently, two of my naughty boys had the occasion to play on the phone and webcam.

The most recent was today. “MS” or The IronMan Cockstroker did a naughty little striptease for me. Then we had ourselves a “stroke show” on cam. He was laid back on his bed with his legs spread stroking that “Iron Love Prong”. 😉 LOL We did a little circuit training and there were a few particular strokes that really made him wiggle around on the bed. Then the big finale … a huge fountain of cum!
Way to go, IronMan, the unstoppable cockstroker!

Another little cam slut of mine is so sexually deprived, but apparently it’s an epidemic in his particular city. He pointed out this article in his city’s newspaper that cited a “Men’s Health” magazine survey stating,

“(his city) ranked at the very bottom of the current issue of the magazine’s survey of most sexually satisfied cities in America.”

No wonder he’s so damn horny living in a city ranked dead last in that particular survey. Poor little slut! LOL! He loves to be tied up, on exhibition, and sexually tortured. I’ve developed a new sort of exhibition/torture for my little bitch. I have him turn on his cam, cue up some hot porn, tie his balls to his chair, put the key to his handcuffs on his desk, and then cuff his wrist together behind the back of the chair. Oh, and I forgot the last thing, he has this cock ring with a vibrating egg on it. It was so fun to hear him moan and groan while he wiggles and begs to be allowed to stroke it. All the while we’re talking and he’s watching this hot porn. In order for him to be able to stroke off though he has to get my permission and turn that chair with that his balls are tied to, turned around to get the key to unlock the cuffs. That’s certainly fun to watch!

I’d love to get me a few more bold little sluts like these guys. So, all horny little exhibitionist cam sluts, give me a call!

Sex Toys

I get questions all the time about various different kinds of sex toys and I have written about some previously.
This is a broad term that can encompass everything from lubrication to dildos to vibrators to handcuffs to sex swings. There are quite a variety of toys/tools that people can use to enhance thier own or each other’s sexual pleasure. Wikipedia has a good broad definition for a sex toy. Another site that is has some nice sex toys more specifically geared towards D/s and BDSM is Extreme Restraints. There are several items on Extreme Restraints.com that I either own or want to own in the future although I have yet to purchase anything directly from them. I have been blessed with good slaves that make me exactly what I want to my specifications and, locally, I have an adult store that will special order for me direct from the manufacturers. Except for my favorite “strap-on”, my Feeldoe I purchased online directly from the creators.

Depending on your particular interests, there are different “toys” that I could or would recommend, however, there is one in particular that I think all “phone sex” callers should have “on hand” and that would be KY Silk or Ultra Silk. For the price, it’s worth it whether you’re using it to stroke your cock or to lubricate your ass for toy of some sort. Please note that with any “anal lubrication” you want to steer clear of anything with glycerine in it and the least expensive option is the Ultra or Silk by KY. The orignial KY Jelly does have glycerine in it and it is not meant for the body “internally” but only externally.

If you’re looking for a particular sex toy recommendation or question, leave a comment or send an email to me, Mistress Violet at Violet@SexyMsViolet.com

Talk to you soon … Mistress Violet

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