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Your Mistress and Spanking Phone Sex

As a Phone Sex Mistress have a game that I love to play with naughty little boys. Bad little boys that “think” they want their cocks sucked and worshiped but secretly yearn for me to spank them for being bad little boys!
I recently had an encounter with this type of bad, little boy. It was one of those times that I decided to go out with a couple of friends for some drinks. As per usual, several men indicated that they’d like to “get to know me better”. Men can be so silly sometimes vying for my attentions. Well, the ‘lucky one’ this evening said something particularly enticing that indicated he’d be fun to ‘play with’.

“You’re so beautiful. I bet you would look even better down between my thighs.”

When he said that I laughed in his face and walked away but I kept tabs on this particular bad boy throughout the entire evening. Later in the evening, after having bought me several drinks, he approached again for a 2nd try figuring that I might be more receptive, perhaps. However, again, I just laughed in his face and that is when he said exactly what I’d been dying to hear.

“Please, you’re so beautiful. I really would do ANYTHING to get to know you better.”

Violet26And I replied, “Anything? Really? Well, why don’t you come home with me and let’s talk more.” So, I took this particular naughty boy home with me and talked to him a little more. Lulling him into ‘relax mode’ was incredibly easy. All I had to do was give him what he thought that he wanted, me down between his thighs. As he relaxed, I slowly tied up his ankles then came back up and sat on his lap smothering him in my tits giving me the perfect moment to quickly tie up his wrists. Before he was really aware of what had happened to him, I stepped off of him, took a long look at him and his ‘proud’ erect cock, laughed, and walked into the other room. His voice followed me asking, “What do you think that you’re doing tying me up? Get back in here?” along with several expletives.

When he finally became silent, this Phone Sex Mistress walked back into the room dressed to play in my black leather corset, black leather thong, and black thigh-high leather boots with 6″ spiked heels. In one hand I had a leather paddle with the word “SLUT” embedded in it and in the other I held my favorite flogger. The look on his face was priceless! Almost immediately he began to try to tell me ‘what for’ but after a couple of ‘stings’ from my flogger he was silent with a much better attitude. And that is when the real fun began … LOL!

And if you want to know what kind of naughty little girls I love to spank .. for 2 girl phone sex, why don’t you check out our main phone sex blog! Such succulent little treats with a creamy, white and deep, dark tushies just aching for a spanking!

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Spanking Phone Sex – Erotic Story cont.

He’d always wanted Spanking Phone Sex, but he’d never been fortunate enough to find a woman that could somehow sense what he needed without him saying anything. He knew that he could never ask a woman to do it. So, he thrust his ass even higher, hoping she would notice and smack him again.

She did and said, “Dirty, horny slut likes it doesn’t he? I wonder what else this red-assed slut would like? I know! Beg me to spank you. Beg me to lay my leather whip across your skin. Beg me to caress your skin with hard brutal lashes. BEG ME, NOW!!!”

“Please Mistress, whip me again, whip me hard. I need to feel the sting of leather on my ass.”

The precum began to flow freely from his cock the more she spanked him. It was driving him crazy and he wanted to cum. He knew that he would cum soon if she continued and she must’ve know too because suddenly it stopped. Still, his sore red-ass throbbed as if she was still spanking it.

He ached to feel her leather again, but then he felt light small touches on his ass. It took him a moment to realizing that she was kissing and lightly rubbing his red, throbbing ass cheeks for Anal Phone Sex. Then she was pulling his ass cheeks apart and surprisingly, her tongue was on his ass hole, flicking softly. OMG! How did she know? Again, something he always wanted but never had.

She continued to knead and pull his cheeks apart, tonguing his hole over and over again. His cock was aching, throbbing and needing a release. He moaned deep and low, “Please Mistress, let me cum. Let me cum all over your beautiful breasts.”

Her wonderful tongue was quickly withdrawn from his ass leaving him feeling empty and wanting more. He must have said something wrong.

“Please don’t, please come back it was so nice.”

To be finished … soon …

Mistress Violet  1-800-574-1830

Forced Fantasy Phone Sex – Erotic Story

Here’s an interesting idea for a hot Forced Fantasy Phone Sex call …

It’d been a long day and all he wanted was a shower. As stood in the shower and slowly lathered himself up, he felt the stress of the day leave his body. He heard a noise but dismissed it. A thunderstorm had been threatening all day. To confirm his thought, suddenly, the whole bathroom lit up with a crash. Yes, it’s only a storm he told himself.

As he continued to lather-up, he became aroused. It’d been so long since he’d seen any action. Suddenly, the lights went out leaving him in total darkness. “Just my luck!” he thought ruefully, the storm must have knocked out the power. He blindly stumbled from the shower looking for a flashlight or candle.

He sensed movement to his right and froze in terror. In an instant, a blade was pressed against his throat and a deep, but distinctly feminine voice said, Don’t move or you’ll regret it!”

“What do you want?” he asked, “I’ve nothing of any value in the house, my wallet is downstairs. Please, take it and leave me alone.”

“I’m not here for your money.” She stated, as she forcefully spun him around, shoved him into his desk chair, and deftly tied him to the chair.

As he tried to plead, she slapped him across the cheek, hard, and said, “Don’t speak!”

Scared out of his mind, he did as he was told. Not even questioning when he heard the sound of her undressing. In the brief flashes of lightening, he could make out her naked, sexy silhouette. What on earth was going to happen? Who was this gorgeous maniac and what did she want from him? Then a blindfold was slipped over his eyes.

As he heard matches struck and knew candles were being lite, he realized that he was completely naked and exposed for Humiliation Phone Sex. And strangely, he was still erect from his ministrations in the shower, maybe even more aroused. Then he felt her hands on him, applying some sort of oil. First on his chest, then his legs, and suddenly, on his painfully hard cock.

Without warning, he felt her nails dig into his thighs, scratching all the down to his knees. He couldn’t stop the moan of painful pleasure from escaping his lips. Out of nowhere, a hand connected with his cheek in a ringing slap. “You naughty, dirty boy! You’re getting all worked-up by a stranger and you like me hurting you. Don’t you?!” she said and laughed. Then another slap across his cheek and at the same time, he felt something cool and smooth placed around the base of his hard, cock.

“Now listen carefully my little slut. You will do exactly as I say and no questions. Otherwise you may not live to regret it.” She stated.

He felt her straddled him in the chair and nearly went insane with desire as he felt her obviously large breasts pressed against his face and her smooth pussy rub against his restrained cock. How much time passed? He didn’t know as he was lost in a fog of desire, desperate to cum. She pushed her erect nipples into his mouth and told him to suck. He gratefully did as he was told with relish. Then without warning she got off him.

Still in a fog, he did nothing as she released him from the chair. With his hands still bound behind him she pulled him to his feet and pushed him over the bed.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp stink to his ass cheek and he was shocked out of his fog.

“Ow that hurt!”

Then a flurry of spanks rained down on his bare ass as she said, “Quiet, you dirty, horny bitch! I know you like it! I know you want it! I bet your cock has never been this hard in your life! Look at that pre-cum!”

“Who was this woman? How could she know that he secretly desired to be used and abused like this by a beautiful woman? How could this sexy stranger know how much he longed for Spanking Phone Sex?” He thought as she continued to pummel his tender ass.

To be Continued …

Violet  1-800-574-1830

Watch Ms Violet’s Horny Bitch Tonight!

Tonight … on webcam … after some serious workouts … k, my horny little bitch will be put through his paces in guided masturbation with some light CBT and spanking. I will keep you posted as to the exact time, if you’d like to watch too! The more that watch, the more fun we can have!
Anybody have some naughty ideas for k this evening?
What should he spank himself with .. hand? spatula? wooden spoon? or …. ?
Tied up for CBT? Those clips for his nipples & balls?
Will you be watching tonight, toni?
A spatula it is! Cuffs & Blindfold too!
Of course .. the more, the merrier!

Thank you to Ms. Justine & toni for tuning into the webcam and thank you to Ms. Natalie for co-domme on the phone and cam!

Didn’t you just love to see him lick it up?!?!

Ms Violet

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