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Mistress Phone Sex and Pushing Limits

In my experience as a Phone Sex Mistress, one of the greatest gifts that a submissive gives to his/her Dominant is unwavering trust. I have heard countless stories from submissive men about that trust being abused on occasions where the sub was used way beyond their limits. Situations where they were beaten beyond sub-space or forced into situations that went beyond erotic into a scary nightmarish actuality. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in pushing limits, but I think that many Dominants can push too hard, too fast. The gift of trust is only the beginning. Nobody, submissive or otherwise, can have enough “blind trust” right from the start to be able to be completely and utterly submissive in the very first session. It takes time to build a good, trusting bond between Domme and sub. I have this sort of bond with many of my phone sex submissives as well as all of my past ‘live’ submissives.

Ms Violet 1*800*574*1830I have been K’s Phone Sex Mistress for a very long time. K is an exhibitionist & cumslut. We spent a long time building our relationship and that trust because we not only talk ‘fantasy’, but there is some ‘reality’ in there as well. A good ‘fantasy’ that we talk about is one where I take him out to a fetish club naked on a leash connected to a cock & ball harness. Once at the club, I have him perform on stage for the group in a variety of different ways. It is exciting and erotic for both of us to talk about this sort of scene and how it would play out, what I would make him do, and how all of it excites him, however, it’s not something that can actually be “done” via the phone. Another ‘fantasy’ that we talk of is where I kidnap him and his wife and make them cumsluts for a fetish party .. that was a particularly hot one .. LOL!

The reality part of our calls is a little more tricky because these are things that he is actually doing for me at my command and there has to be a certain amount of caution. There are many things to take into account when having somebody do something for you that is a long distance away from your personal physical control. The main concern for me is one of safety and legality. Something that is relatively simple and I’m sure many men have done without prompting, but could have dire consequences for him if he was “caught”, would be having him unzip his pants whilst driving to expose his cock and stroke. Now, as long as he’s got one hand on the wheel and is driving well, there is no problem, however, if he were to get pulled over by a police officer and wasn’t able to zip up quick enough, he’d be in a world of hurt. Other times in the dead, middle of the night when most people are a sleep, I’ve had him go out into his back or front yard completely naked and stroke his cock for me which excites him almost beyond reason. Once again, this is something that is only undertaken in certain circumstances where the possibility that he would be actually seen by another person is almost zero. These reality activities are the most exciting and thrilling for both of us, but they are the ones that we’ve had to slowly build on because of the potential ‘reality’ consequences if something went wrong.

I am very proud of the relationship that K and I have built. Even in the throes of excitement, he’s usually able to keep his “top head” enough so as to not lose complete control in his environment which is necessary when doing the reality assignments. It would be different if I was standing right there and in complete control of the physical environment. In a way, I feel “bad” that I cannot be there physically for him so that he can completely “let go” and have the trust that I am there and nothing bad could happen. Alas, that is not possible. Even still, we’ve worked on different activities and have built a bond and a comfort level where I am able to push his limits and he is able to do things that he would never have done by himself which has increased his level of trust as well as strengthened our D/s bond.

So, if you are looking for a Mistress into Sensual Domination Phone Sex and is able to responsibly push your limits, give me a call.

Mistress Violet

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