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Phone Sex Mistress

Violet22Have you been missing posts from your Phone Sex Mistress? Aw, poor babies! I’ve been here, but I just haven’t been keeping all of you posted. That’s going to change. I’m back and ready to keep you updated on a much more regular basis.

For those of you that are new and seeking a Phone Sex Mistress, please take the time to peruse my blog to see about compatibility and if you might be interested in a session. As an overview, I am quite familiar with all manner of BDSM activities and am not only experienced on the phone, but ‘real time’ as well. However, I am not currently taking new submissives for  ‘real time’ sessions, so please don’t ask. Phone sessions can be limiting with some activities for safety reasons, but a lot can be achieved with mutual cooperation and creativity.

If you’ve taken the time to look around, you know that I am interested in activities that range from sensual to hardcore. Some of my phone specialties include but are not limited to:  Guided Masturbation, Feminization, Anal or Strap On Play, Spanking, CBT, Exhibitionism, Limited Blackmail, Chastity, Cock and/or Orgasm Control, Limited Bondage, Humiliation, Crossdressing/Sissies, Tease and Denial and BDSM role play. Our sessions can be strictly fantasy or more often, a role play combined with actual activities. The content of our sessions will be determined in the beginning and I encourage you to message me on either yahoo or aim for the opportunity to have a brief chat prior to our session.

Lastly, as a Phone Sex Mistress, I ask that you approach me with respect with your requests. I am open to all new ideas and activities, within reason. As a Dominatrix, I do not tend to do your ‘standard’ phone sex calls, but I am not opposed to fantasy scenarios as long as they’re along the lines of me being in control. I have and do sessions that are not exactly ‘strict BDSM’ but I am not your standard “phone girl” and generally, I am not one that is interested in your standard ‘suck and fuck’ type of calls. So, if you’re up for it, call me, Mistress Violet!

Mistress Violet   1-800-574-1830

2 Girl Phone Sex

Are you looking for a kinky 2 Girl Phone Sex session? Look no further because you’ve found it! I’m Mistress Violet, a wicked Dominatrix and here’s one of my sexy girlfriends, Alicia! We had a particularly fun time the other night with MH.

I own MH’s cock and he can only cum with my permission. That’s called Orgasm Control and I love to be in control! Alicia is a good cocksucker and we had a lot of fun doing Tease and Denial Phone Sex with MH. At first, I let her tease his cock, but soon I was pushing her head down on it and really making her take it.

Soon, I got out my toys for some Strap-On Phone Sex on MH’s tight ass while Alicia was fucking his cock with her throat. We were working him over really good, but I still wouldn’t let him cum, at least, not yet. I love to have a little slut like MH beg to cum. When MH started begging to cum and Alicia was begging for his cum, I decided it was time.

Are you looking to have a good time with two sexy women? Are you looking for a Domme and a sub or would you like two Dominant women to really work you over good? Alicia loves to play both ways! Give us a call and get just what you deserve!

Mistress Violet   1-800-574-1830

Alicia   1-866-846-5050

Christmas Story (part 7)

As Violet look at Mr. Santa sprawled on his back naked on her bed, a mischievous spark lit her eyes. He lay there expectantly looking at her, his once fluffy white beard now sticky with her sweet nectar. Indeed, Violet mused, he is going to get my special treatment, if anybody deserves it, he certainly earned it! Before he could react to her sudden assault, Mr. Santa found himself securely tied to the bed posts.

Violet pressed a lasting kiss onto his lips slick with the taste of her sweet pussy and then began to rub her lithe body all over his body. She was pressing her hardened nipples against his chest when she let out a moan, or was it his moan? Violet licked and teased her way down his body to the red big bow which sat prominently amidst a patch of white silky curls reminding her of the red and white fur trimmed attire he had been wearing earlier, Santa Claus, yes indeed!

She felt him wiggle and struggle futilely under her expert ministrations, his impressive cock twitching impatiently and clearly showing a tell-tale gleam of precum. Violet looked up into his eyes acknowledging the fact that he was straining in his bonds to watch her every move. Secure in the knowledge that he could see her but do nothing to stop or hasten her, she deliberately, slowly and enticingly parted her full ruby lips and gave them a final lick making them shine and gleam. Then, swiftly her tongue darted to lick the tip of his throbbing cock to get a taste of his special elixir.

Surprisingly enough, she loved it. Usually Violet disliked giving head and rare was the treat to those that experienced her expertise at it. However, this time for one reason or another, she loved it. Perhaps it was the taste of his creamy liquid which reminded her of the icing on a Christmas cookie or it’s slightly spicy scent of cinnamon and saffron. No matter, Violet lapped up more of his offering and soon was sliding his cock into her mouth sucking almost eagerly on the head of his erection. She began to take more and more of his shaft into her warm, wet mouth until she felt the red ribbon tickle her nose. The ribbon had rather efficiently fulfilled the task of a cock ring preventing him from coming and prolonging his heavenly torture. Looking up from her yummy feast, she giggled. Then with a slightly mocking wink asked him, “Do you think you have been a good boy and deserve the present of a bad naughty girl?”

(to be continued)

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