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Sissy Phone Sex

Watching you!

Sexy Ms Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

I couldn’t help but laugh today when one of my little sissy phone sex sluts called me and told me that his ‘girlfriend’ of 6 months had put him in a ‘cock cage’. It’s most likely either a CB6000 or some variation. Poor little daniel woke up to find that his cock was encased in a plastic cage and his girlfriend had already left for her business trip and she won’t be returning for yet another week (it’s been 3 days since she left, LOL!)

Apparently, the night before she was to leave on her business trip they had a little “party” where he drank a little too much, perhaps with her insistence, and awoke from his drunken stupor the next morning in quite a fix. From his obvious distress, I would say that this was an unexpected event, being locked up in a cock cage with cute little brass locks! However, she was kind enough to leave him with an aneros to use on himself. So, after 3 days of not being able to stroke his cock, he called his Phone Sex Mistress, me, to help him with at little “release”. According to him, he was unaware of the fact that she had a cock cage for him. When I asked him if she was a “mistress” he had said that he wasn’t sure, but that she was more ‘dominating’ then he had realized … LOL! Well, apparently the little slut has hooked-up with just the right kind of woman that he needs. So, he contacted me to help him through ‘milking’ himself because she wasn’t answering his calls, how delightfully devious of her, I must say.

In this Sissy Phone Sex session, we did achieve the desired results and he did find them pleasurable. What I’m wondering and I told him to let me know, is whether or not this increases or decreases his personal ‘level’ of horniness because it can go either way. I’ve found that consistent milking when a ‘pet’ is caged will help them stay focused on other things besides their cocks but it can either increase their horniness over all to the point where it is necessary to “let them out” for a good non-stop ‘wanking session’ or it can take all desire for ‘stroking’ away, almost completely. And I’m just curious to see which way it takes poor little daniel!

Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830

A Question for Your Phone Sex Mistress

Watching you!

Mistress Violet ~ 1-800-574-1830


Interesting question from a submissive for a Phone Sex Mistress

Mistress Violet,

Hello. I read some of your blog. I loved reading about “figging” and would love to experience it sometime. I have a question for you. Have you ever heard of a Mistress using jalapeno or habanero peppers on a sub’s ass (“pussy”)? If so, do you recommend it?

Hello pet, as a Phone Sex Mistress, I have heard of a lot of different activities and am experienced in almost as many. I have heard of using jalapeno or habenero peppers on a submissive’s ass or rubbing the pepper on an anal plug intended for the sub’s ass. I have also heard of using the seeds that are in either type of pepper for urethra insertions.

As for this Phone Sex Mistress, these activities are not something I am willing to do with an inexperienced submissive over the phone. I would try it with a sub that has experience with figging, at least, and even then I don’t believe that I would recommend using a seed as a urethra insertion because it seems too risky.

I would most likely use the pepper to lubricate an anal plug as opposed to ‘peeling a pepper’ and inserting the pepper itself into a sub’s anus. Unlike ginger root which is a fibrous root, peppers are hollow and ‘flimsy’ for lack of a better term and I think that could raise issues and it’s not something that I would want to ‘dig out’ of a sub’s ass. As for some sort of urethra insertion, I wouldn’t be opposed to doing something like a Q-tip dipped in jalapeno juice, but not the seed. Using a seed just seems a little too dangerous.

Hope that answers your question, pet. I look forward to a fun-filled anal figging session with you and then perhaps a ‘peppering’ as well.

Ms Violet

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

Violet23I have little pets that love Guided Masturbation Phone Sex sessions with me. I love to tell them precisely how to stroke their cocks. Actually, it’s more of a situation where I allow them to stroke “my cock”, LOL!

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex sessions are quite sensual and erotic. I do love to have boys get all naked for me and stroke it! There’s this ‘rush’ being completely clothed having a boy completely naked and begging to stroke his/my cock in front of me. The ‘wicked’ comes out in me when I notice him getting close to orgasm and then have him either stop or change up his stroke breaking his concentration therefore delaying his orgasm. That’s what we call orgasm control. For even a little more pleasure, I have them use different substances for lubrication including ice, warming lotion, ginger-infused oil, or even toothpaste.

There are some basic grips to stroke that are listed on JackinWorld. And there are several different types of  cock stroking, I have noticed. The techniques that have most benefited me, I learned when first reading SM 101 by Jay Wiseman which is a ‘must have’ book for those new to D/s and BDSM. Also, there are several different stroking variations listed on JackinExpert that you may or may not find informative and/or stimulating.

So, with my little Guided Masturbation Phone Sex pet, “MS”, I talk him through just exactly how I want him to touch himself for me. It’s always pleasurable for both of us especially when he fires up his webcam and uses his Fleshlight. He’s becoming quite the slutty boy for me and very soon I’ll be exploring how anal stimulation will really turn him into my slave! Too much fun!
Talk to all you naughty boys soon!

Mistress Violet

Sissy Phone Sex

Are you a Phone Sex Sissy looking for a sexy Mistress to serve? I love to dress submissive sissies. I love the way they look when they’re dressed in frilly, lacy teddies with garters and thigh-high stockings. There’s a total transformation physically and mentally.

It’s such fun turning a man into a pretty Phone Sex Sissy. It really brings out my sensual dominant side. It’s so hot turning men into girlie-sluts. I love to tie-up my little sissies and fuck them with my strap-on. It’s such a turn-on making them moan and groan like a girl while I fuck them. We can even take it a step further and invite one of my well-hung studs over to play too. Let’s see what a good cock sucking slut you can be for me!

Are you a Phone Sex Sissy in need of a sensually dominant Mistress? Wouldn’t you love to be my little girlie-slut? I know you want to feel my strap-on in your tight pussy. Don’t you want to be my little sissy?

Mistress Violet

CBT Phone Sex

Are you looking for the perfect balance of pain and pleasure? Let’s try some CBT Phone Sex(Cock and Ball Torture). Whether it’s only a slap and tickle or serious cock bondage and a paddle, as your Mistress, I will only give what I think you can take.

In our CBT Phone Sex session, I will instruct you in the ways of pain and pleasure. I will have you tie-up your cock and balls like a gift-wrapped present for me. I enjoy squeezing your balls and spanking your cock. I would love to introduce you to the sensations of ice and hot wax. Do you think you can handle it?

Let’s try CBT Phone Sex. Let’s see if you have what it takes to withstand the pain and achieve the pleasure. If pain turns you on, then you must call me!

Mistress Violet

Strap-On Phone Sex

Anal training and Strap-On Phone Sex for naughty sluts is so entertaining. It can be harsh or Sensual Domination Phone Sex. Personally, I prefer it to be sensual, but if a horny, little bitch needs to be ‘raped’, I’m more than happy to do it. Fucking a boy with my strap-on can really force him to submit.

Strap-On Phone Sex can be painful and humiliating or sensual and pleasurable. It all depends on what I think the submissive needs or deserves. What type of strap-on slut are you? Do you need the pain and humiliation or are you a slut for Anal Phone Sex pleasure?

Strap-On Phone Sex is one of my favorite activities. I thoroughly enjoy training a naughty, little slut’s ass for my favorite strap-on. I enjoy using ice, anal beads, and anal vibes to get a little slut’s ass ready. My favorite strap-on is my vibrating Feeldoe. It feels so good vibrating in my pussy as I thrust in and out.

Are you ready for Anal Phone Sex training and Strap-On play? Give me a call that you’ll never regret or forget!

Mistress Violet

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

So, a new IronMan Cockstroker cometh for Guided Masturbation Phone Sex. MH and I have started his training. I’ve got him practicing a couple of basic stroking techniques and we’re doing a little circuit training as well.

The next step, we’re working on with our Guided Masturbation Phone Sex sessions is Orgasm Control. I like to have my boys make ‘my’ cock cum on command. So far, MH is doing well at holding-off his orgasm until I’m ready for him to cum, but I want him to build up his stroking stamina as well.

One of the most entertaining things for me in Guided Masturbation Phone Sex, and for my boys, is increased intensity of the orgasm when I finally let them cum. MH is realizing that the longer we prolong his orgasm, the stronger his orgasm becomes. Are you ready to become the next IronMan Cockstroker, MH?!?

Mistress Violet

Role Play Phone Sex

I had a very fun Role Play Phone Sex call today with JB. I was the Boss, of course, and he was my assistant and in-training to be my submissive slave. He’d already been treated to one training session and today, out-of-the-blue, I called him into my office for his second session. I wanted it to be a surprise, of course, because I wanted to see if he was still wearing the lacy thong panties I made him put on at the end of the first session.

I had him strip and found that he was a ‘good boy’ because he was still wearing my thong panty. Still, he was going to get some Spanking Phone Sex because I loved the sight of his tight ass in my panties, but I planned on rewarding him in another way. I had JB bend over my desk with his ass high in the air so I could spank those ass cheeks with my bare hand. In between spanks, I ran my finger down the crack of his ass. Then, I reached between his legs to squeeze his cum-filled balls and hard dick in the lacy thong.

After the punishment came the reward. I hopped up onto my desk, spread my legs, grabbed his head and shoved is face into my wet pussy. It was just what my little slut needed. JB devoured my pussy and I squirt down his throat. Next up for my little slut was Strap On Phone Sex because he so desperately needed to be fucked. First, he had to suck it and then I would fuck it! I got up behind him and made him prove how much he needed to be fucked by pushing back onto my big strap on cock. I made him take it, deep and hard, like a good little submissive slut. I fucked him hard until he came in those lacy thong panties.

I can’t wait for the next training session. I’m sure that he can’t wait either!

Mistress Violet

Forced Fantasy Phone Sex

Are you looking for a strong, aggressive woman for Forced Fantasy Phone Sex? You need a Dominant woman like me to take you and make you my bitch. I had a very hot session today with CB. He wanted to be raped like a little slut and made to do nasty, dirty, and perverted things.

So, I gave him the rape and Strap-On Phone Sex that he so desperately desired! I put on my biggest, baddest strap-on. I bent him over and rammed it home, deep, but that wasn’t all! I invited a few of my friends to watch me rape and gape his tender ass, but they didn’t just want to watch. The women were laughing at him and bringing the other guys up to rape his face while I raped his ass with my strap-on. We were having a ‘free for all’ on this little slut!

CB was my little bitch for nasty Domination Phone Sex with serious pain and humiliation. The guys were shooting cum all over him and making him swallow it down. The women were shoving his head down on those cocks or making him tongue-fuck their assholes. The whole time, I was pounding his bitch-ass, making him take my strap-on in his ass, hard and deep.

Would you like to be my next bitch? Do you need your ass fucked or raped? Want me to force you to suck dick, drink piss, and lick ass like the dirty little slut that you are? Of course you do! Call me for the best ass-fucking of your life!

Mistress Violet


Mistress Phone Sex

Are you looking for a Phone Sex Mistress that has ‘real time’ experience? I am that type of Mistress. I have RT experience that translates into intense, creative Domination Phone Sex sessions with you. I am experienced with a wide variety of activities from sensual to hardcore domination and I enjoy it all! However, if you’re looking for a RT session, I suggest that you look elsewhere because my ‘live’ stable is full. I do have room for more Phone Sex Submissives for ‘distance training’.

One of my most recent live sessions included Bondage, Spanking, CBT, Tease and Denial, Exhibitionism, and Humiliation. I had him tied by his balls to my front porch railing in the middle of the night. He was nervous, but extremely excited, especially when he heard the cars driving by. I loved bending him over the railing and spanking his horny, naughty ass.

I had a few of my friends stop by to watch him suck his first cock. It was so humiliating for him because I made him beg for the cock and cum. My girlfriends were laughing and teasing him the whole time. In the end, after all my friends left, I finished things up with some tease and denial using a variety of cock stroking techniques. I let him cum because he’d been a good, little submissive, but I did stroke him ‘beyond cumming’. He was begging me to stop, but I didn’t stop until he was frantically wiggling around and crying.

Do you think that you could endure that sort of intense Tease & Denial Phone Sex? Do you need an experienced Phone Sex Mistress? Give me a call and I’d love to see how you would entertain me.

Mistress Violet

Role Play Phone Sex

I’ve been having some very hot D/s Role Play Phone Sex lately with JB. Of course, I’m the boss and he’s my horny assistant. I’ve known for awhile that he lusts after me but the closest he gets to fucking me is me fucking him for some hard-pounding Strap-On Phone Sex. Would you like to know how it all started? Of course, you do!

It was late on a Friday night and most of the staff had already left for the weekend when I called JB into my office. He shut the door upon entering and came to stand in front of my desk. I’d purposely undid a few of the top buttons of my blouse to give him an eyeful. I stood up from my desk and his eyes were glued to my cleavage as I walked to the door and locked it. I told him that I knew he was lusting after me and I had decided that it was time to give him exactly what he needed. I asked him if he thought about fucking me and he replied, “Oh yes!”

I informed him that now was his chance and told him to strip naked. JB complied immediately. He rapidly stripped down for me as I slowly unbuttoned my blouse. He was all hot, hard, and eager before I even slipped my blouse off. I took off my skirt and then my bra. I was standing in front of him in nothing but a very sexy thong panty. I told him that he was going to be fucked like he’d never been fucked before and then I slipped out of my sexy panties. I tossed my panties at him and told him to smell them. He did, inhaling deeply and rubbing them all over his face. Then I told him to put them on. At first, he only gave me a dumb look, but then he hesitantly stepped into my panties. That was when I told him, “That’s about as close as your cock is going to get to my pussy.” and he looked at me with confusion on his face.

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Blackmail Phone Sex

I love doing Blackmail Phone Sex with keith. He needs to be tortured and teased, even going so far as a little Humiliation Phone Sex. I like to make him beg. I like to reveal sorted details about his fantasies and fetishes. It drives him crazy when I post certain pictures and make him beg me to take them down while he’s begging me to allow him to cum.

He does just what I tell him to do. He’s my horny little bitch!

I have a new little blackmail slut … Oh greg, where is your assignment? I was suppose to get an email a week ago and still no email … naughty boy!

Hopefully, this will prompt some action. You have 24 hours to get your assignment done before I post more pictures and whatnot. I play ‘for keeps’. I wonder how many hits I could get if I posted your very ‘search engine friendly’ name. . . . . hhhhmmmmm?

Now is time for some serious Domination Phone Sex

Mistress Violet

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